M1X MacBook Pro & AirPods 3 Apple Event Preview – The Final Details!

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Apple’s ‘Unleashed’ Event is officially set for October 18th. We expect to see the all-new MacBook Pro lineup and maybe AirPods 3. Here’s everything we know before the Event!

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  1. “Help them cot custs” 😁

  2. Love thomas the tank engine, but for an event as big as this I think you should have went for Union Pacific's Big BOy 4-8-8-4 steam engine. Nice report.

  3. Are we gonna be getting a new Mac mini??

  4. Is it just me or does this thing look like hot garbage

  5. No females on your hype train there, Brian…

  6. I want colored Mac books like the new iMacs

  7. 5G 🙂

  8. Rafał Maliszewski

    If u gonna call it unleashed remove all the restrictions from my iPad Pro give me FCPX etc. otherwise yawn.

  9. Live stream will be a focus point, more USB-C ports, Ecamm Live will be a featured product.

  10. It’s obvious that "unleashed" means Apple will announce a robot dog with built-in Siri.

  11. Never buy the first generation 💻

  12. Listen, this means that we are making the full transition to M1 silicon hahaha. And the M1X IS GOING TO BE SUPER FAST. SUPER FREAKING "make intel make several cringey ads after the event" FAST

  13. Roller Coaster Psycho

    I will be so pissed tomorrow if they cut the Touch Bar, but I don’t think they are letting it cause the current M1 MacBook

  14. I am excited for the Apple Event. I am ready for the new MacBook Pros. I am interested in the AirPods 3. Blessings on your day.

  15. Future is coming

  16. I’m excited!!!! Apple FINALLY take my money!

  17. I bought the MacBook Pro 13inch M1 and I use Adobe. Rendering of a 30min Premier Pro video h264, 4k, with 4 transition was 2.5hrs! 😲. Are you kidding me?! My PC, takes about 20-30min. What am I missing? So disappointed as everything stated it was fast, NOT! Adobe claims the native works with the new M1. Help me, pls? Many say wait for M1X….

  18. Can’t wait 👌

  19. How’s the specs line up in terms of gaming? Cause it sounds pretty good.

  20. I really have a feeling that they will announce something that nobody is expecting. Just like the m1 mac mini, nobody was expecting it.

  21. Apple will separate you from your cash, faster than ever.

  22. They call it M2x and the Macbook Air 2022 will be the M2.

  23. Potato Chip Pro

  24. The a12x chip was better than the a13, it doesn't matter. It makes a distinction between the classes of chips.

  25. Steve’s channel

    i bought my wife the iphone 7s plus a few months after the 8 came out because it was a good deal. I never told her the model. A year later she said she had the 8 and someone was like, no that is older. Was in big trouble, she text me and i didnt lie and i said i never said it was a 8. i just gave it to you as a present…never do this.

  26. I’m just gonna throw this out there: A 5g MacBook Pro.

  27. I didn't realize there's supposed to be a mag safe charging port, separate from the USB4 port. If the renders pictured here that include the 6 ports AND the 7th: headphone jack are correct, I will actually be very happy.

  28. M1xPro

  29. I'm already underwhelmed 😏

  30. (One More Thing: Apple Car) I'm calling my shot!

  31. Everyone ignores the M1 being made on a 5nm process despite every other chip being on the 7nm tsmc process at best.

  32. I think a notch would be a no go

  33. I-Mac………….

  34. Touch screen on a laptop is garbage will ruin the screen

  35. I don’t need or want the New MacBook Pro however you have done a pretty good job on selling it to me.

  36. If the touch bar goes away that's enough for me to trade up from an M1 MacBook Pro, I hate it as much as The Verge.

  37. I want to upgrade my 2018 iPad Pro but I guess that will be saved for the Spring.

  38. Honestly I just came here caz I knew this where the hypetrain boarding at 🤣

  39. The problem with MagSafe is the charger itself. It wears away too quickly and costs a lot to replace. USB C is just a simple cable swap if necessary

  40. Sorry but you need to explain better and inform your audience that display mini led is a LCD display.
    LCD display in 2021 is like using a horse instead your car.
    I will wait until apple offers a decent display for truly colors contrast like the iphone screen.

  41. I think it’ll be M2, from a marketing standpoint it sounds new and better than M1X which just sounds like a reworked M1

  42. All waiting only AirPod 3

  43. It would be funny if the whole event was just for an iPad calculator and weather app.