M1 MacBook Air – Long Term Review (2021)

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My long-term experience and review in 2021 of the Apple MacBook Air M1 model.

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  1. Web Developer here. Battery lasts 5-6 hours of intensive use of MS Teams, 10+ Chrome tabs, VS Code with one Node server running and some light Docker work plus Spotify and Whatsapp. Occasionally I will take notes and make screenshots, but other than that very little experience with the office side of things. The performance is excellent, but still a little disappointed about the battery time which I had expected to at least last a whole day of working and coding…definitely needs a charger to get through the day.

  2. I got the MacBook Air with 15 Ram 522 SSD for grad school am torn between the 14” pro for the screen size what do you advice me. Thank you

  3. That macAir looks larger for 13” am I right?

  4. I am literally watching on one rn


  6. If you have 2 grand to blow on an air why not go for the full pro?

  7. Great review, just curious, anyone use their iPhone as a hotspot to connect their MacBook Air to the internet, when traveling? OR a separate portable hotspot device?

  8. This has been 100% helpful for me.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. 4:14 love how he uses a MacBook Pro and tells us it’s an Air

  10. Have the M1 macbook air and prefer it to my friends macbook pro, its a pretty good computer and i really recommend it and it doesnt heat up at all a lot.

  11. It's not ecosystem. It's synchronization. People talk about it as if it was something magical, but it's just a well implemented sync.

  12. Macbook air vs Microsoft surface 4 for a grade 11 student?

  13. Has the ultra wide monitor issue on the M1 software been fixed? I heard that M1 has been having some issues outputting to certain ultra wide monitors.

  14. Knowledge is Power

    Buying one tomorrow for myself…I am so stoked ….can’t wait to get it on my hands

  15. am so bad that there's no much inputs on this almost perfect laptop man am so angry … no mic no other charger cable no eithr net input no usb's inputs … fffffffff

  16. Watching this video in MacBook air – 16GB, 512 SSD 🙂

  17. just ordered this and its arriving tomorrow ! cant wait for it

  18. I love the air for productivity and light editing.

    I used after effects and yeah they’re not the best 😅

  19. does u drain battery in zoom ?

  20. when is apple releasing a new MacBook..hopefully with a touch screen or apple pen capable screen

  21. Why should I get a MacBook over a Microsoft surface laptop?

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