Apple M1 MacBook Air – Long Term User Review

I love this machine! The baseline configuration has its compromises (mainly with storage) but the rest if fantastic for daily productivity tasks. Here’s my 6+ months review of the M1 MacBook Air 2020.

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    Thank you for this. Nicely done. Instant Sub.

  2. why music?

  3. Hello. Does anyone know which USB Hub he uses? Thanks.

  4. Man we need a budget mac lol for 16 gb it will be 2 lakh lmaO

  5. 2:48 Which hub is that? Looking for single usb c plug like that

  6. Are u from America ? Dmitry Novoselov sounds like Ukrainian,Russian, or Belorussian name ( i'm from UA so i noticed it) кстати после того как я это заметил, мне начал ещё и акцент слышатся, хотя у тебя его почти нет

  7. Great video. Would love to know what monitor your using there with the MacBook Air.

  8. Amazing review thank you

  9. I don’t have to buy one because I will be getting one next year from school

  10. I WILL BUYYYYY!!!🍉🍉🍉

  11. I think as no longer being in the professional production world if I had a need for a laptop it would be the Apple MacBook Air with 16GB memory with 1TB storage. Well worth the price. Have payed more for a laptop many years ago when I had a need for it to do my job at the time.

    Loved the "Air" ever since Steve pulled it out of the Interoffice , String and Button, Brown Kraft, 10 x 13 Envelope.

  12. 3:58 hold up, how do you know that if macOs doesnt show read/write speeds ? xD

  13. I just bought this laptop as my first one.

  14. M Tamim Feerdaus

    How about Acer Swift X
    Ryzen 7 5800U with a dedicated GPU 3050ti, 16 Gigs RAM and 512 Gigs SSD, is it worth to buy compare to M1 macbook air?

  15. I just bought one. I'm looking into accessories before it arrives

  16. It was really helpful..thanks

  17. Toshi Ken Millevo

    Great review! 🙂

  18. Hi there ….i got my new macbook M1 then now i cannot update software completely(Internet problem …but my wifi is ok)..please help…thank u.

  19. The macbook air is by far far far, the best laptop ! Still!

  20. hello,
    i am having a trouble with m1 macbook 2020, there is a small black bug that pops out from the screen and dies out there( black dot remains).
    I have changed the screen with the help of my insurance, well there is another bug discovered today. This
    is driving me crazy, review on it.

  21. Какой хороший английский, как поставлена речь! Слушать очень приятно

  22. Imagine getting a heart 🧡

  23. Running docker/Kubernetes on an M1 Mac sucks. It's very slow as most images are X86_64.

  24. Why do you guys always assume that people would definitely be editing videos or doing creative stuff?

  25. Liberty Lockdown

    the air really is an amazing value

  26. Do what hub did you have the MacBook plugged into? Was it going from computer to hub with the external monitor also plugged into the hub?

  27. why is the return key different on the keyboard. Does the 2020 MacBook Air and the 2021 M1 have the same key placement?

  28. Great content man… Super smooth and classy editing. Would you mind revealing the Battery health after almost a year of usage? I heard this computer is great when it comes to power consumption, but does the battery age well over time? Thx

  29. Sean Lichtenstein

    Thank you for this review, and for specifically reviewing the base model and running specific tests with it, opposed to just normal benchmarks. Benchmarks can be great tools, but it is the day-to-day operation with specific workflows that I think are really what will help people decide on wether or not they should buy a device. I was a long time critic of Apple's base configs and choices like storage, CPU cores/clock speed or ram DIMMS. I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets, I guess we can call it "Component FOMO"? I think it is natural to always want the best or something, and to be a little scared of buying something like a base model and think it is going to be garbage, which is often not the case, and I think this is especially evident with Apple computers. As I mentioned I was a long time critic of their configs, and charging $200 to double ram speeds. As far back as I can remember, I was a fan of Apple and their design aesthetic but I never pulled the trigger because I knew if I specced out a machine it would cost an arm and a leg.

    Then, in 2016, I got the chance to pickup a 2011(yes, 2011) MacBook Pro and it was such a workhorse for me. Throough 2019 it was my main work machine until it started chugging along for some reason, and even a clean MacOS install would help. I reapplied thermal paste and cleaned the heatpipes but for whatever reason I could not get the speeds I was used to. So it was time to upgrade.

    I just recently had the chance to pickup a base model M1 Macbook Air for a KILLER price and it was too good to pass up. I'm patiently waiting for it to arrive and it is good to know any of the specific tasks I'm going to be throwing at it will be a breeze. Thanks Dmitry!

  30. If your blade is still under warranty you should probably have them check out that hissing oh, I've never had a laptop that had that problem!

  31. What do you think of MacBook Air screen cracking reported ?

  32. Do you know if the iCloud email system is secure? I ask because I want to use only Apple for emails, twitter, instagram and online banking due to frgeetting password and email addresses on other email providers etc… Does anyone have the same problem as me?

  33. What about the M1 Pro?

  34. Edu Nuñez Davila

    I’ve been using my M1 and so far the only problem is related to my RAM (8 RAM), i’m getting I’m out of memory and i only use trina related to terminal, pero then m1 es amazing..

  35. May I know whats the monitor used in the video! Thanks!

  36. Fun fact: MacBook showed in this video is not M1. Look at ENTER key its not MacBook air keyboard layout

  37. Giorgi Shavliashvili

    I got my brand new 16/256 GB version for 1015 bucks including everything and I am happy with that. 256GB is the storage that I have on my iPhone and yes, it's funny but I plan to use NVMe SSD and enclosure as an external storage. It's really fast to work in a real time.

  38. So, for college and some here and there chat in discord w/the boys, the base model is perfect right?

  39. Hence you can use a displaylink hub and have more monitors on the MacBook Air, I use myself a Dell D6000 hub, And I can have 3 external monitors plus the built in monitor. Also you can use the Dell D3100.

  40. Sidharth Kaushik

    I just do not agree, about the review. If you want to talk about the base model M1 Air, please do that, giving so much tempting information, but derogating might also affect many people, and it is not a comparison.
    I seriously disagree.

  41. Great video. Very informative. Thank you!

  42. Contacto Coderlouis1

    Con la ayuda de 👆⬆️pude desbloquear el teléfono de mi socio sin demora.

  43. After searching. This is the best pc within the price range

  44. Thanks a lot

  45. what kind of accent is that