✨🌱 macbook air m1 (space gray) unboxing | accessories + case decoration 💻

hey everyone! 💌

in this video i unboxed the macbook air m1 2020! i got the space gray color and decided to make an asmr kind of, relaxing video 🙂 i also unboxed accessories, did a case decoration and a quick set-up. thank you for joining me, enjoy the video 🌿

my wallpaper:

the case + accessories:

the drawing app:

 macbook air m1:

🎶 music by pair piano:

// my channel’s instagram:

// for business – [email protected]

00:00 – 00:12 intro
00:13 – 03:09 unboxing the macbook
03:10 – 04:21 setting up
04:22 – 06:21 setting the wallpaper
06:22 – 09:15 unboxing accessories
09:16 – 10:01 decorating the case
10:02 – 10:12 outro

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  1. (turkish subtitles are now available for my turkish viewers.
    merhaba, artık sağ üstten türkçe altyazılara ulaşabilirsiniz. <3)

    hey guys! 👋🏻  
    firstly i wanted to thank you all for over 15k subscribers.. you guys are amazing! secondly since i uploaded an ipad unboxing video lately, i wanted to explain that this is my sister’s macbook. she saved her own money for it and we’re both very grateful for these products. thank you all for reading, have a good day! 💘

    edit: i’ve been getting comments about the screen protector and other silicone accessories, that they might damage the macbook. thanks a lot for informing me, i won’t be using them anymore! 🙂

  2. I’m here bc I’m getting a MacBook Air in gold and 300 dollars in 6 days for my birthday 😜😜😜

  3. I loved 😍🇧🇷

  4. Hello, Congratulations, What is the name of the app you use to make the wallpapers? . Thanks

  5. Okay guys so should I go with the iPad 12.9 inch or should I get a whole MacBook I’m so CONFUSED😩

  6. I’m super excited to get this computer for Christmas this year!

  7. Toleen’s invite

    From which store did you buy the firewall?

  8. Lol I’m more excited to take off the packaging than to use the damn thing

  9. i actually ordered this in silver, cannot wait to get it! i can finally make videos again

  10. Angeles Appenheimer

    i got mines yesterday cause my husband surprised me but the thing is that i search for spotify and it’s not on the app store. i saw that you have it but for me i don’t.

  11. Adıma niye baktınki zaten

    türksün işte kandırmaya çalışma bizi

  12. how is she not screaming 😭
    I'd be screaming on top of my lungs while unboxing

  13. we invite you to the category "you will never have it, but you are watching this video"

  14. excited to get mine tomorrowwwww

  15. its calming and somehow fun to watch people living your dreams also congrats I'm going to try to save up as much as I can to at least help buy one its always been a dream so I hope I can do it and I know it will take a lot but I'm not giving up

  16. mine is being shipped already, msuper excited :> wanna do a unboxinga lso 😭😭😭

  17. Mükemmel ve rahatlatıcı bir video olmuş

  18. i loooove seeing what accessories people get with their MacBooks! i got the M1 pro a few weeks ago and i couldn't be happier, you inspired me to get a case! i got it in purple to match my phone >.<
    also apparently you have to take off the keyboard cover before closing your laptop? do you do it? i don't :3

  19. omg that silicone keyboard cover 🤣

  20. what an eye-pleasing aesthetic video! not like the others that are super edited it hurts my eyes lol

  21. stoopid username

    hiya , do you think this would be useful for highschool students as well as college students in the future?

  22. hey where is the glass from the striped black and white one?

  23. aww mê quá mà không có tiền mua😻😍

  24. Me having yeh volume to 100% to listen ☺️ TAHT ONE STUPID LOUD AS HECK AD.

  25. Is it worth it? I'm thinking if I should sell my current laptop to buy that because I'm done with windows and all its bugs

  26. She is living my dream life! Literally your videos are my favorite to watch <3

  27. i think you should have put the stickers on the laptop and put the case on top, so the stickers dont wear out. but either way it looks cute!

  28. i think the default wallpaper looks nice

  29. 😍🥺

  30. Jeanyver Novelin

    does the mac case cause overheating??

  31. who liked the wallpaper? becouse i didnt it was not that good