How to use Zoom's Virtual Backgrounds

The Virtual Background feature allows you to display an image or video as your background during a Zoom Meeting. In this video, we will cover how to enable and use this feature as well as how to customize your own backgrounds. The following will be covered:

▪️ Enabling Virtual Backgrounds 0:12
▪️ Configuring Virtual Backgrounds – preferred settings 0:36
▪️ How to use Virtual Backgrounds 1:57
▪️ Adjusting Virtual Backgrounds during meetings/webinars 2:22

🧠 Learn more about this here:

▪️ Virtual Background ➡️
▪️ System requirements for Virtual Background ➡️
▪️ Video Tutorials ➡️

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  1. Please provide a link for me to have a up-to-date virtual background

  2. I selected a background but my own image was gone, please help to recover my own image

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  4. best jwellery collection kanchan saini

    Can we use virtual background in phone and computer

  5. i use my phone

  6. هينيانو باسهود



  8. Zoom's help sent me here when I asked the bot how to blur my background. Nothing in this video helps me do that.

  9. Please double-check the specifications of your device to ensure that you're able to run our Virtual Background feature. This feature requires Android 8.0 or higher and a processor with 8 or more cores. Supported processors include Qualcomm 835, Samsung Exynos 9810 and Huawei Kirin 980.
    Here is the full list of our system requirements for mobile devices to use this feature as well.

  10. Thanh Hằng Hoàng

    How can I use Virtual Background in my Samsung's smartphone?

  11. Avinash Kumar Singh Rajput

    i use zoom app but virtual background option is not giving in my smartphone what should i do

  12. I just entered this video and was surprised android was not mentioned. I'm an Android user.

  13. It's amazing how a feature like this has helped millions of people who are working from home.

  14. In zoom I want to change my photo while stopping video

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    which version will be there for this option. pls i need it…

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  17. where is desktop client , pls show me , tqvm

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  20. I need background in my phone

  21. F. Apollo M. Arenas

    You did not show how to pick your virtual background which made this tutorial not helpful at all.

  22. My background option is missing so can you tell

  23. Nền ảo cài trên điện thoại samsung được không ạ

  24. no entendi nada

  25. Hi there! You can do it on your phone by following the instructions at the bottom of this page:

  26. In phone plzs

  27. How to change zoom background in phone. I am using my phone that's why.

  28. I will never spend money again with them. Such a rip off had one meeting under an hour and had me and one other person was expecting more and no one else showed. Zoom is charging the $15 for the month and the customer service rep. Said there were 4 people in the meeting lol such a lair.


    Kenapa ditempat ku gak ada bakgron

  30. venkadesh veluchamy

    super bro

  31. On my phone it's not work

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  34. thanks zoom

  35. So if you want to have a video background, how do you do it?

  36. Are there requirements for MacBook Air Big Sur 11.6

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    How can we do it in mobile phone 📱 is it same

  38. This did not tell me how to delete a previously uploaded virtual background photo.

  39. My zoom cannot be change to the video background, there is only one image option:( (I'm using window 10 btw)