Showbiz Pizza Place 1980's Commercials

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  1. Sousuke Kairyuu


  2. Just imagine living in 1980 and then 7 years later 1987

  3. 2:29 da fuck why am I watching a copy of a chuck e cheese commercial
    In fact most of these are copy's of chuck e cheese ads

  4. I love how this is similar to fan made fnaf advertisements

  5. I remember popping my showbiz cherry. It was kinda like my first acid trip without actually doing acid.

  6. …….. and the pizza was better….. There I SAID IT!!

  7. Man?!?! We all had our birthday parties there. Man?!?! I miss those days

  8. In 1980’s is fun for me to play in Chuck E. Cheese

  9. E2qNX8btraQ3zRD6J7fc

    I had more fun at Showbiz than at chuckEcheese. I was a little younger at Showbiz, so that may be it.

  10. 🪦 rip show biz pizza

  11. The most terrifying memory i have is looking behind the curtain. And they're all just staring 👁👁

  12. I still have my gorilla doll from when was a kid…

  13. I miss the 80’s

  14. That kid going down the slide looks like it could be used in a movie trailer

  15. I would be scared of them even without FNAF

  16. why is mitzi in a pink outfit?

  17. Me: Plays FnaF
    Also me: "Phew, that was creepy. At least it's not in real lif-"
    Showbiz Pizza: "OH, HELLO THERE!"

  18. God I wish I could’ve gone here

  19. Still AWESOME AF

  20. They used to have a ShowBiz Pizza in Phoenix off of 35th avenue and northern

  21. Colin Bradfield

    Some of my fondest memories as a child were spent at showbiz pizza before the rat Chuck E. Cheese came along

  22. I think the animatronics were jumpy and not smooth. When you combine that and the humanoid facial features (mostly the bug eyes and the huge teeth) of the animals, the animatronics dipped down into the uncanny valley for a lot of people. Creepy…

    I just watched Beverly Hills Cop III again, and they had dinosaur animatronics at the amusement park in that movie that were also pretty jumpy. I remember similarly jumpy robo-dinos at a museum exhibit around the same time as that movie.

    Apparently Jurassic Park played a huge part in smoothing out the movements to help get animatronics out of the valley.

  23. Where a kid can be a kid

  24. Supa COLORADO strikes FC

    Pizza pizza 😊;-)

  25. Crepy

  26. Come for the pizza & stay for the fun! 😆💚✌

  27. This is so creepy

  28. Did they just rip off the Chuck E Cheese theme song?

  29. *'•°[Sally Splits ]°•'*

    the commercial of showbiz pizza place with chuck e it’s because of the concept unification of the rock afire explosion to Munch’s make believe band

  30. 1p Jeff to go aka the richkid

    Chuck E. Cheese

  31. I cant think of a name

    I have an old showbiz pizza token that I found in a box-

  32. Would anyone stay overnight???

  33. DatBoiIsReadyInc2022

    4:32 They stole a Sandwich From Arby's 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. They saw turn this into a horror Movie to see the darker side of the restaurant

  35. Leah Siberian husky

    Omg there so scary…

  36. I do remember at Showbiz when your pizza was ready your number would come up on the monitor. Then Pac-Man would come and eat the number.

  37. OK, So I never saw Uncle Klunk at the Showbiz I always went to .
    Thank God, that thing looked pretty scary.