Mere Falak Ka Tu Hai Sitara – Showbiz (Unplugged)

This is a very touching song from the Movie “Showbiz” called – Mere Falak Ka Tu Hai Sitara. The music video is from the movie itself and the song is the unplugged version because its better. Enjoy!

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  2. heart touching


  4. @xxxdevdasixxx You Welcome 🙂

  5. @joselitomarjarino Thank you!

  6. Beautiful song! Singer too technical!

  7. @Hunni649
    it's been sung by KK….he is amongst best singers of todays' era….do listen duniya ne dil thoda from the same's a wonderful song too and sung by KK….he puts in so much of feel in every song of his..

  8. soo good love it touching …

  9. I Wrote On The Door
    Of Heart“Please Do Not Enter”….
    Love Came Smiling…And Said…” Sorry I Am Illiterate”

  10. kunhava kolappuram


  11. Mrs Kisspurepoison

    sooo nice songgg : ) love it

  12. Mrs Kisspurepoison

    sooo nice songgg : ) love it

  13. I like this song

  14. nyc song

  15. COpy oF AraBic sOng ..


  16. woow nice song

  17. nice song

  18. the music doesnt match the song

  19. <3<3<3 lovin it!

  20. what a load of bollywood shit

  21. But Bollywood have had a lots of Copy over the years, all from songs, scenes to the whole script. I don´t get it, an whole film industry making this without any shame.

    Now don´t get me wrong out there, I am big fan of all kinde of Cinema all over the world, I watch all kinde of film and listen to all kind of music, and I must say that I never seen so much copy things like in Bollywood.

    Just saying it like it is 🙂

  22. This is not the first time Bollywood copy Arabic songs , I have heard quite a few.

  23. dedicated to sapna-zikdon

  24. This song is much better than the egyptian song by Amr Diab esp the flute additions. I am sorry not trying to hurt anyone nor taking anything away from Amr Diab. But in music industry, people will tell you over and over there is nothing original, one thing inspires the other. This song is certainly inspired by Amr Diab, but not copied note by note, which is plagiarism.

  25. This song is definitely inspired by the Egyptian song but its not a copy note by note. Indian music directors do copy shamelessly, but this one has not copied just improvised on the Amr Diab's song We Maloh. I would forgive the music director, because he did a good job using his ingenuity (adding flute + ending notes) by making it more suited to cinema. Personally I find listening to this song more pleasing than the one by Amr Diab, not taking anything away from him. No one is original

  26. who is singing this song ?
    Shaan or Kay Kay ???

  27. i would lyke to tell u smthing guys.. yes plagiarism is bad.. but look at the other side of it.. in hollywood and other countries artists release one album in abut 2 to 3yrs.. and one album contains abut 7songs.. in bollywood music composer has to compose abut 3films per yr wich means abut 21songs, so there is a lot of stress and out of 21 if 19 are original and 2 are inspired then u cant be that harsh can u.. but yes credit should be given.

  28. this version is reli sad…makes me wanna cry lol

  29. No Problem 🙂