M1X MacBook Pro Leaks Will Melt Your High Performance Mind!

Is M1X the MacBook Pro we’ve all been waiting for?
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New designs. Flat designs. 14- and 16-inch displays. Mini LED displays! M1X Apple Silicon. 2 efficiency cores. 8 performance cores. Up to 32 Graphics cores. Up to 64 GB of RAM, 8TB of SSD. Maybe. Probably… no Touch Bars, but MagSafe, HDMI, and SD Cards.

Right now, I’m going to go through all the most recent reports, and not just recapitulate or regurgitate them for you, but dive into all the little details about what these new MacBooks will actually, really mean for Pros!


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0:00 – M1X MacBook Pro Overview
0:24 – M1X MacBook Pro Rollout
1:12 – M1X MacBook Pro Design
2:22 – M1X MacBook Pro Display
2:43 – M1X MacBook Pro Resolution
3:12 – M1X MacBook Pro & Mini-LED
4:38 – M1X MacBook Pro & 120Hz
5:22 – M1X MacBook Pro & 1080p Webcam
5:59 – M1X MacBook Pro Ports
6:27 – M1X MacBook Pro & Ethernet
6:34 – M1X MacBook Pro & HDMI
7:04 – M1X MacBook Pro & SD Card
7:09 – M1X MacBook Pro & MagSafe
7:29 – M1X MacBook Pro & USB4
9:16 – M1X MacBook Pro & (No) TouchBar
9:56 – M1X MacBook Pro Silicon
10:12 – M1X MacBook Pro & A14 vs A15 IP
11:29 – M1X MacBook Pro CPU
12:14 – M1X MacBook Pro & Low Power Mode
12:31 – M1X MacBook Pro GPU
12:56 – M1X MacBook Pro Neural Engine
13:20 – M1X MacBook Pro & ProRes
14:13 – M1X MacBook Pro & RAM
14:22 – M1X MacBook Pro & SSD
13:32 – More on Apple Silicon


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  1. 🔥 NO ADS + bonus content for less than $15 a YEAR! https://curiositystream.com/reneritchie/
    ⚡ A15 Apple Silicon Deep Dive: https://youtu.be/CMYuCMMrOKk
    🤔 Which Mac are you waiting for?

  2. 3:15 Props to you for pronouncing the name of Kuo Ming Chi correctly. Its not Ming Chi Kuo.

  3. Your channel has been the best on updates of mac and all apple products! Love your channel! Keep up the great work, Rene💫😎

  4. I think wasting space with a gigantic HDMI port is a horrible move. Who cares if you need a thunderbolt to HDMI adapter/dongle for a desktop monitor? Your monitor is plugged into the wall outlet for power and I would much rather just have one cable plugged in into the MacBook with the dongle hidden behind /under my desk with all my external USB/TB4/HDMI devices hooked up to it and then having just that one single cable coming to my MacBook just like I do right now for the 13 inch model. It’s a much cleaner zone and I don’t think very many people complain about the SD slot anymore as it’s been five years now since USB-C has been on MacBooks. Photographers have not been waiting five years to purchase a dongle for this purpose and they all have them. I am wars camera manufacturers are still using this old/antiquated SD card technology rather than just putting a high-speed USB-C port on their cameras.

  5. I loved the Amy Pond reference to Doctor Who!

  6. Say it with me .. Mac Book Pro … Mac BOOK Pro …. not Mac Bookssss Pro. Annoying.

  7. Alexosthebestnet

    mAcBoOkS pRo

  8. Will it run Windows? I'm ready to upgrade if it does.

  9. Maxbook pro?

  10. The true Apple is coming back ! When we are fully in charge of the design of the Mac. We can now open up the lead between the consumer PC, to a true creator machine ! Lead with what the programmer's want, then the creators of true independent content ! All the new fun area's to discover are now accessible !

  11. NaturalBornSkeptic

    "Macbooks Pro" 👏

  12. Rene, I know you're keen to get one of the M1X MacBook Pros, but will you also be looking at the Mac Pro when/if one is actually released?

  13. 8:10 Doesn't PCIe Gen 4 provide more lanes, as of there will be enough to support more I/O with the more capable M1X ?? Unless there are some limitation on ARM, or I'm missing something.

  14. Brett Smith Photography

    I agree about the ports! I like having the option to change them as technology changes over having them locked into one function. Tech is changing so fast it feels like going backward to have an HDMI and SD card slot. Wasted space and will make it not be as usable in the future. MagSafe was always a nice idea, but I’ve never actually had a time where I needed it to keep my computer from falling off a surface. I like the versatility of being able to power from any port or side. This is one rumor I’m hoping will turn out to be wrong, but I don’t know a lot of people seem pretty sure, so I guess I’ll just have to live with whatever Apple does.

  15. touch screen, ssd card reader?

  16. This just means all their devices will have flat edges…right?? I'm looking at you Apple Watch 7.. AGH!

  17. Help me: why does Rene say “MacBooks Pro” instead of MacBook Pros?

  18. 8:30 – would def see HDMI coming back as a pointless move, wouldn't mind an SD card reader however i would much rather them include an extra USB4 port instead.

  19. The Mental Health Toolbox

    Can't wait for Monday! I have been saving my pennies for a year waiting to upgrade my Macbook 2015 air to the MIX 16 inch Pro! ???Question, as a creator (Youtube), how much should I spend on upgraded specs????

  20. Happy with no webcam

  21. Hopefully we’ll get a 2-in-1

  22. LED will be on 16" only and that model will run $2800.00!!! Apple fans jerked around in year 2021!!!!!

  23. The so called efficacy cores are underperforming chips that didn’t make the cut. They can totally do all high performance cores that are able to down clock when not required.

  24. Can we stop with the "MacBooks Pro" nonsense? Plural is MacBook Pros, not MacBooks Pro.

  25. I highly doubt some of these old ports are coming back… also the M1 upgrades seem like a fever dream. Why would Apple downgrade the ports from USB C/thunderbolt 3? They literally do everything, include charging the computer, the transfer rates are unmatched. 8 people total in the US have used an SD card slot in the last decade. More cores and higher refresh rates mean more power draw, which kind of messes up the whole silent, less heat, long battery life idea they had going. I just don’t think most of these things are going to happen to the extreme ya’ll hope they do. But we shall see!!!


    sorry…passionate about this one.

  27. Idk what to get I have the 2019/2020, I think, MacBook Pro, but it’s kinda huge and battery is meh. I wanna get the M1 MacBook Air, is 16 gm of ram ok or should I get 8 with 512 go ssd. I want it for photoshop, illustrator, making music. Or should I just wait for this 14 inch M1X MacBook Pro

    Or just the base model air with 7 core gpu

  28. Can't wait to buy the new Mac mini. Have used them over the years and they are great.

  29. MacsBook Pro? Is that like Surgeons General or Courts Martial? Not sure you can insert an S into the middle of a word to pluralize it. MacBooks Pro would be my vote. 😂😉

  30. Rene, you are my guy for all things Apple. Great job always. Thank you.

  31. LOL…nature hasn't selected the touch-bar for extinction…Apple did…and they want you to falsely believe most people don't want it and will be removed because it cuts into Apple's profit.

  32. I personally didn’t mind the touch bar

  33. Been using M1 mac for the past 2 weeks and if the new macbook don't have a touch bar, that will be a huge disappointment, touch bar is soo useful, it just need to be customized of eachs use case to get the full out of it.

  34. I have to comment on your perfect grammar. "Macbooks Pro" vs. Macbook Pros that most would incorrectly say. Like "Bucketsful" vs. Bucketfulls. Kudos to you for preserving proper English. Obviously a comment from a "Nerd" 🙂

  35. This lad needs 5 Million subs. His content is beautiful. Each is a performance.

  36. Ethernet in the powerbrick on a laptop is a stupid idea. What if you are on the go without the powerbrick and want to hardwire when it’s an option.

  37. Totally agree on the hdmi/SD card. I’m on cfast so I’d far prefer just having 2 usbc on each side. My docking station would fit that too.

  38. Just a quick thought on your concerns about thin/flat design changes— the iPhone 12 actually gained internal volume by pushing the device’s maximum depth to the edges. Makes me think the top edge of the display where the webcam sits will actually be slightly thicker, allowing a larger sensor

  39. It doesn’t make any sense to add SD card or HDMI anymore. Especially now with that EU vote. I hope they just add more usb c ports

  40. Maxbooks pro? What the hell is this guy saying?

  41. Why do you keep saying “macs book pro”… sounds weird.

  42. Lost Gleam Media

    If it still doesn't have a touch screen… Not a high tech, cutting edge product.