Apple MacBook Pro 2021 rumors

Apple has already updated the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch for the holiday season, but we’re still waiting on an update to the Mac lineup. There have been plenty of rumors about a totally redesigned MacBook Pro coming out this fall, and the reliable Mark Gurman at Bloomberg reported in his Power On newsletter that an M1X-powered MacBook Pro will arrive “in the next month.” Apple has typically held Mac-focused events in October or early November; the first M1-based Macs were announced in early November of last year.

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  1. Please use a pop filter and high pass your audio. Every plosive in your dialogue shook my coffee. This is a professional video channel, not somebody's podcast.

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  3. I’m still not convinced these devices are releasing this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see anything new until February given the chip shortage.

  4. In addition to HDMI, I would love to see Apple include a serial port to connect my modem, parallel port for my dot matrix printer, CF card reader for my camera memory card. Oh and MagSafe.

  5. News outlets should be ashamed for publishing “New MacBook Pros are Coming Within the Next Month or So” stories. These same stories have been appearing for months! Embarrassing.

  6. Max Silverstone

    1:30 If we get MagSafe back you would still be able to charge your computer via USB-C ports as well. Now you’d have options.

  7. I came here for the commercials

  8. What. How is usb c charging better than mag safe??????

  9. ENOUGH "rumor" news. Seriously, rumors are just paid lies. Influencers (aka analysts, twitter leakers, etc) get paid by competitors to spread "rumors" that Apple will launch MacBook Pro X, Y and Z features, but in fact it is just LIES to create expectations on consumers. When this expectation is not met, that exact same competitor that paid for that rumor launches similar laptop with X, Y and Z features, so consumer with that expectation, disappointed with Apple, buys the competition laptop because now he wants X, Y and Z features so bad. How stupid you gotta be to fall for rumors????????? Apple has in their R&D department hundreds or thousands of possibilities, ALL sorts of products and techs that WON'T be launched commercially, and some won't even make to marked in the next 10 years. So stopping believing bullshit because apple ordered/manufactured some hundreds of prototypes of of X, Y and Z features to test in their labs.

  10. The World of Swynn

    Can apple please innovate! Give me a Surface Laptop Studio running MacOS PLEASEEEE

  11. Good and simple recap of rumors video.

  12. Forget the colors – Apple sells far fewer of the prosumer line, and maintaining all those SKUs would insure some would always be out of stock and on backorder at each of their stores.

  13. I would like the new macBook pro 2021 to keep Intel processors (11th Gen)

  14. I ordered a custom MacBook Pro 16 and I received notification of a multi week delay to shipping. The other hasn’t even been processed yet and I ordered it nearly a month ago so I’m expecting an announcement very soon..

  15. How about magsafe that fits to your USB-C port? So the cable would have the magnets. Isn’t the purpose to avoid tripping on the cable?

  16. There is nothing in this rumor what wasn't around in March 2021…

  17. What about 120hz?

  18. I don't necessarily miss HDMI because I have a USB c monitor, but I would LOVE magsafe again

  19. Im not sure they will call them pro anymore

  20. If I believed rumours the iPhone would have no notch, the macbooks would have touchscreens and the airpods would be made out of glass!

  21. cant wait for 20FPS gaming.