M1X MacBook Pro October Event UNLEASHED – Why Monday?

So the Apple M1X MacBook Pro Event UNLEASHED is HERE!! But what will we see and for hosting date – Why Monday? Will there be New MacBooks, iMacs, AirPods and a New Mac Mini? Well Today we may have a good answer of what to expect to see!

Today I am going to cover what to expect. It is believed that we will see the New 16 inch and 14 inch MacBook Pro 2021 models, the NEW M1X Mac Mini and the NEW AirPods 3! I want to give you a brief about what we know for these products ahead of the event!

💻 GET THE NEW M1 MACS HERE (Amazon Links)
M1 MacBook Pro:
M1 MacBook Air:
M1 Mac Mini:

iPhone 12 Pro Max:
iPhone 12 Pro:
iPhone 12:
iPhone 12 Mini:

iPad Pro 12.9 (2020):
iPad Pro 11 (2020):
iPad Air:
iPad 8th Generation:
iPad Mini:

Laptop Stand:
Samsung 32” 4K Monitor:
Samsung T5 Portable 1TB SSD:
Aukey USB-C Hub:
Apple Magic Wireless Keyboard:
Apple Magic Mouse 2:
Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock:

Channel Site;

Special thanks for the concepts and footage from;

Matt Talks Tech; Some of these concepts are my own, contact and permission is needed first before any useage.
Mac Tech Master;
Concept Creator;
Furkan Kasap;
Tech Blood;

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  1. Matt Talks Tech

    How Hyped are you for the 'UNLEASHED' Apple Event?

  2. im looking to buy me a new macbook because i never really had a decent pc before. would be insane if i won the giveaway🙏🏽😂 keep up the good work matt!❤️‼️


  4. PinkCouds Rosalina


  5. I plan to to buy a silicone case if I win the iphone😂

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  7. buildermaster07 [LVC]

    14 inch teammmm yeaaaaah

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  9. Amazing

  10. Unleashed

  11. Unleashed 😂

    I was never into apple products, until this year. Since the release of iPhone 13, I told myself that someday I'll upgrade to an iPhone, even if it's the older series. It may require me years to achieve that, but I know it will be worth it.

  12. Not so hyped about the event don't think there will be any innovation i have no plans to buy any Apple products no money

  13. Well we're about to reach the end now, currently I'm not planning to buy anything earlier i hand plans for iPhone 13 not enough money

  14. II'm planning to buy the AirPods 3

  15. The "Unleashed" was the best part of the video, Thanks for the video (and also for making an informative video with a bit of humour 😆)

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  17. LilyxMoate💫💚

    I'm so excited my sister is getting it and we watched the launch event!!

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  19. Katrine Christensen

    Hi Matt, I'm planning on bying a macbook air and iPhone 13, but obviously I won't by a new phone if I win 😂 I hope everyone has a great day, and sorry if my english is bad (it's my second language)

  20. Bro thanks for your support and opportunities giveaway.i love apple iphone but no budget for buy apple

  21. Ismial Delosantos

    Im planning to by a apple.macbook

  22. Congratulations! I hope you reach your goal! And become really famous! Hope I am going to win too!

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  25. Hridoy Abdullah

    Really love your videos and Keep up the goodwork. I am thinking of buying the New M1 Pro Macbook but unfortunately a little short on money 😅

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  27. Isabel Enriquez

    I’m so sad I missed this event since I was at work but I’m hoping to get the new MacBook soon as a graduation gift to myself 🥳

  28. Jefferson Loterte

    Congratulations 🎉 I randomly found this channel and it's a good thing that you was able to give some smile to other. Actually, I want to have laptop or iPad that will be helpful for the mode of learning that we have which is online mode. Thank you and I hope you reach more than 300K subscribers 🥰

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  30. Compare with i9 latest gen 🙂

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    I'll appreciate if i get a new iphone my phone is really slow nowdays :/

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    I am planning to buy a MacBook this year


    I’m planning to buy an iPhone mini


    I’m planning to buy an iPhone mini

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    Good job

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