Tough Choice – M1 Macbook Air vs Macbook Pro (2020)

Hey guys, in this video I’ll be comparing the new M1 MacBook Air and the M1 MacBook Pro. Which is right for you? Watch and find out xx

00:00 Intro
01:13 Performance
02:50 Battery
04:43 Portability
05:11 Microphones
06:40 Speakers
07:42 Screen
08:36 Touch bar

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  1. thank you it helped me decide which one to buy😀

  2. I just bought the MacBook pro for the touch bar tbh. It's such a sexy little gimmick.

  3. Lol I value my time at £10/hour

  4. I am 4 mins in, and already know what to get. Thanks bro 😎

  5. Thanks for the reviews. Which 2020 model would you Recc below? Appreciate the help!
    1. MBA – $1259
    8/8 Core
    16GB unified memory
    1TB SSD1

    2. MBP – $1295
    8/8 Core
    16GB unified memory
    512GB SSD1

  6. The Peoples James

    Thank you!

  7. Kasoka Chibanga

    What’s that colorfully keyboard ⌨️ besides you called?

  8. Quick. To the point. Appreciate the efficiency!

  9. Filip Petranovic

    Honestly, the ONLY reason why you should go for the Pro version is if you are editing videos for hours daily. That is THE ONLY way it would justify spending $300 extra. It's ridiculus that a fan and an extra GPU core costs $300 more, but oh well

  10. Hello there,
    Honestly you review was amazing. I loved how the difference you have explained.
    I was going for the Macbook pro 2020

    but as you mentioned that if you are a hardcore user you should go for Pro but if not. Macbook Air just works perfectly fine.

    Also, touch has not impressed me either. it do have its own good feature. but if you are doing programming. It best to have keys instead of touch bar.

  11. Apple is full of shit….the pro should have SD slot and HDMI for $1K smhh

  12. Going to stick with the Air.
    Great comparison video.

  13. Does the 2 hours extra battery worth the 300 $ more on the pro? In my book kinda yes … and then he says u wont even notice the difference. Lol ok, next review

  14. Mursalin&MuhtasimNYC Shorts

    I don't need a fan I have a fan

  15. Dhanvanth Karthik

    the battery means nothing to me as i would always keep it on charge(even if it's at 100%)

  16. The irony… the MacBook Air has no fan and therefore no air whatsoever 😄

  17. Summary of this video:Macbook pro is the best but please buy macbook air.🤔

  18. the chips are NOT identical, Pro has one extra core enabled for Graphics (8 core vs 7 on Air)

  19. PLEASE HELP! Does this MacBook even exist??
    MacBook Pro 2020 M1 13inch 16gb ram 512ssd (I don’t want the magic keypad thing) I can’t find this MacBook anywhere!!

  20. I’m going to college next year and I want to get one of those and i stuck between those what should I get

  21. this guy values his time at $1,000-$2,000 per hour? LMAO… clown

  22. Are you the one who reads the disclaimer of mutual funds?

  23. 3:37
    ali :" i will need to carry a charger everywhere "
    me: "i have a 30 minute battery in my laptop"


  24. Sounds like a shit.. 6 yr old boy grown up too fast.. apple tells me its good then it is…😂😂
    You are ultra pro max techie .. thank you.

  25. Too late. I bought my mac air before watching you. But still love you bro. You look like professor Ali!

  26. eeeeeee alieeeeeeeeeee

  27. This was legit just to shit on Mac air lol Nice review but damn, sounded like nothing good on the air in your opinion.