Terence Crawford Vs Shawn Porter – LIVE COMMENTARY

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    Porter dad is #1 fan off Crawford 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Yall all fos! Kenny knew just like yall knew what was about to happen! He saw shaenbwas wobbly and he fighting the most dangerous finisher in the sport. But yall wouldnt have cared

  3. How can a brawler such as Porter with a big reach and height disadvantage outbox the supposed pound for pound boxer Terence Crawford? 🤔 Maybe because he isn't as good as advertised?

  4. I told yall Bud Crawford the best in the 🌎in 🥊nobody beats him let's be honest


    Pause at 3:29:25 and that's when bizz knew his money was gone. But we love you bizz

  6. It seems that since Terrence did better against Shawn than Errol means he can beat Errol. How Sway. Manny beat Oscar, Hatton, and Shane worse than Mayweather. Mayweather beat him. Shawn didn’t train properly (according to his daddy) and it was a close fight. Can’t wait till see them fight love.

  7. Without the round 10 Porter is winning in Point. But Bud solved him before 12, good adjustment

  8. @25:20 🔮 💯!! Yup! My question, is that or has that been a problem for Porter? Roy Jones Sr, Jack Mosley…

  9. Holycrapghost Tv

    Look Crawford is just a skill boxer all around..what I love about Crawford wile his fighting he studies his opponent & doesn't waste punches he try his best to make them count .and he is faster then Khan & Presscott.so believe it or not his speed & condition and skill does make him a hell of a Top ranking fighter.he is just good and his a better fighter then alot fighters out there .

  10. Now u saw it talking smack about crawford showbizz

  11. M Jackson the song JAM 🎸

  12. 4:00:49 "If you keep listening to Shawn, and not listening to me, you're not going to be successful". Shawn should have said to himself: "if you keep listening to Kenny, and not listening to Shawn, you are not going to be successful".

  13. HOW YOU SAY: 3:59:37
    BUT THEN SAY: 4:00:20


  14. Showbizz has bias for two fighters in the game one is Tank two is Crawford. If these guys win anything noteworthy he will be quick to catapult them to the top in a heart beat and without question. Showbizz said the same hogwash when Bud beat Kell Brook, that he is the best fighter in the world.

  15. That is the most stupidest shit i ever heard jsut coz he beat porter he is the best welterweight. Porter got dropped and hurt and losses so many times before just this time his father had a lapse of judgement and stop the fight. Crawford getting hits so much like this will be trouble for him if he fights boots or ortiz or even spence.

  16. Crawford gets hit too much. Like to see him against a big puncher like victor ortiz. Kenny lame stoppage of his son. people have have been more hurt than this and still was allowed to fight

  17. Kenny took the whole spotlight!

  18. Crawford was gonna finish Porter. It was over

  19. I wanna see Crawford vs Charlo at 154 if he can’t get the Errol fight next time

  20. U could see the discourage in shawns eyes he was slown down and if left to fight on he would have really gotten hurt.bud had start timing him and he would have gotten knocked down again or even knocked and his dad didnt want him hurt!

  21. bud was clearly losing before the fake stoppage

  22. You peep how much hate Bud gets? Clowns on the chat said some dumb shh like porter was up 6-1 😆😆 clown fans that don't know boxing

  23. For a long time I've said that Kenny Porter should take a back seat and let someone else take charge of his son. It proved itself tonight. Congratulations Bud!

  24. Never Canelo gets koed. He aint chinny.

  25. When the fight was first announced, he said Porter would smash Crawford. I commented and said Crawford would win because styles make fights and he could possibly stop porter. He laughed. He said Crawford didn’t have the resume. He said Crawford beat an old Gamboa even tho Gamboa was undefeated and the favorite in the fight and then he deleted my comments lol and now Crawford is the best welterweight in the world to him. Hindsight is always 20/20. And this guy supposedly knows boxing. Now he’s saying Porter was gassed etc etc etc. always an excuse. Always jumping on the train after it takes off.

  26. Bizz wrong again

  27. Bud has Robinson pivots. He real.

  28. HOOOOWWW SWAY. How is he the best. So excuse resume or accomplishments? And he got caught ducking with bud just like he did with errol. The second knockdown was a one punch a flurry and a push down. …is it the way he beat him must be???

  29. Pops celebrating with Crawford was BS

  30. Stoppage was infuriating! Let him finish on his shield

  31. 💎Stones Tv📺

    Spence goin break every rib in Bud body🤣

  32. Django Skywalker

    Horrible Stoppage is @ 4:00:10

  33. What I tell yall!! Porter as Horn all wrong for Bud. Go to Castaño and do same. Dont waste time with retina man..


  35. I feel Porter would've had a chance if he was fighting more than once a year. Too many of these fighters dont keep their tools sharp.

  36. Man that wasn't a real KO…His father shouldn't have done that..he did it more for spence to see..bs politics

  37. That was bs porter father was paid off, Crawford was losing until the 10th and porter’s father said because preparation wasn’t good???? Crawford’s own corner said he was losing in the corner

  38. “Crawford got wobbled!! He got wobbled!!!
    What you didn’t see it? Y’all didn’t see it?”

    No, Bizz, no we didn’t see it. Lol 😂

    Bizz always reaching when making the wrong prediction. 😂 hope you didn’t lose too much, Bizz.

    Hella fight tho, Porter did waaaay better than I expected. It’s was the Porter’s actual boxing early and midway that made it last.

  39. Spence ran out of the arena before been called out in the ring😂🤫

  40. I can't believe Kenny stopped the fight 😳

  41. Porters footing is what got him knocked down. It's always his foot placement. The first knockdown is feet was squared up. Posture and feet placement.

  42. Crawford P4P #1

  43. Lmao 🤣 with you Man, have you considered Stand Up showbiz?

  44. y'all changed in 5 seconds, you said the fight is over and then, no Kenny what are you doing, when you know, he only had 3 punches left lmmfao

  45. PlayasOnly Gaming254

    BUD #1 #P4P 🐶 💨 🥊🥊

  46. Kenny said he stopped the fight because of Shawn's training! Not even about Shawn getting hit.