M1 MacBook Air Review – 8 Months Later!

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It’s been almost 8 months since I purchased my base model M1 MacBook Air, and I’ve been using it daily ever since. In this review I talk about a few pros and cons that I don’t believe are discussed enough in other videos on Youtube.

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00:00 Introduction
00:35 Fanless Design Pros
02:08 Super Fast Swap Memory
04:23 Sponsor
05:10 Versatility
06:06 Cannot replace SSD
07:27 Hyped performance
08:50 What I’m excited for

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  2. "The fan is never going to kick on.."
    What fan?

  3. Another negative is the camera quality… it’s not really that good for a 2020 release

  4. Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts about the chip.
    A bit TOO overhyped. But i like the sleekness and good battery life.
    Eager to see what intel and amd will do with arm 🙂

  5. Over 4k editing and 3d CAD work? Pretty niche. Benchmarks show it beats all but one laptop chip in existence.

  6. Is this better than a 2017 MacBook pro

  7. Andrew Ash Mystic Herman

    Another benefit of the fanless design is that it doesn’t risk accumulating dust inside the machine. So no need to periodically clean it out.

  8. Should i get the 512gb 8core gpu and 8gb for 1050€
    Or 256gb and 16gb for 1250€ ?
    Ill use it for photo editing/ graphic design and light 1080p editing (like 30sec -5min videos)

  9. I think the hype is warranted, it absolutely is, fast & powerful, never seen anything like it, had zero issues.

  10. Curtis Pazar Jr

    great review!!!

  11. Watching videos like this, but I can't afford one 😂😂😆

  12. Good points man. Thank you.

  13. The reason it has the hype isn’t because it is an objective power house but the fact that in its class nothing compares on battery life, performance, and price

  14. Mouwafi Abdelrahman

    still waiting for CONS !??!?!

  15. Wow, MacOS will use the drive when it runs out of memory?? What a crazy brand new concept that definitely hasn't been around for decades! Apple really is a game changer.

  16. Best apple laptop ever. Got mine for $850 brand new and couldn’t be happier

  17. Have anyone experienced the cracked screen on macbook m1?

  18. Bad time gone Singh

    Subscribed just because you giving very good cons in this video unlike other youtuber.

  19. Gustautas Mačiukas

    What's the wallpaper from the thumbnail?

  20. Hi
    Would you recommend buying 16 gb ram MBA or 16 gb ram MBP for a software developer like me lives in india with hot environment around? I want to make it work for atleast 5-6 years?
    Techstack: Fullstack web developer(Java, Spring Boot, node, vscode, eclipse, intellij, angular js, react, microservices, aws, azure) i also opens say 15-20 tabs once a time on google chrome.

    Please recommend as early as possible


  21. Gregor Umhoefer

    You have any issues with the USB C hub pass through power for the M1 MacBook? I’m considering purchasing an M1, but with the limited ports I’d need to get a hub but wary after hearing the stories of hubs frying peoples’ USB ports.

  22. Germán Fernández

    Does somebody know about an M1 Mac with the SSD degraded by using a lot of swap memory?

  23. Dwight Castillo

    Those light bars behind, I need links for those!!

  24. Always look at Apple refurbished to see if a products is good or bad.

    Just saying if a product is good there won’t be much stock of refurbished macs.

    Since Apple had to remove their reviews page due too many bad reviews by users …..the refurbished page is the best to get a gauge.
    Don’t buy is the word on the street

  25. Nabeel Chaudhry

    LOL the lack of fans would mean you need to use this in an even more well ventilated place so that the heat can escape as it's not being pushed out or cool air pulled in.

  26. Abhinav Srivastav

    Playback Speed 1.75x