Macbook Pro 16 2021 model & 14 inch: Apple October 18 event final leaks roundup

Macbook Pro 16 2021 model & it’s 14 inch version – Here is why this will be a huge update unleashed at Apple October event. Check out Digital Markings Apple October 18 event product roundup video:

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0:00 Introduction part
0:33 MacBook change and the impact of the M1
1:13 New display details: whole new level
2:00 Questionable design decisions = leaked and not
2:52 Black beard promo
3:12 The magic that will bring the power & last minute changes
4:08 Price predictions
4:41 Closure and question for you

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  1. Digital Markings

    Hi friends! Are you planning to buy 14 inch or 16 inch MacBook Pro?
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  2. My expectations are the highest as it can be, especially with the 14 inch MacBook Pro 💻💻💻 I just want to buy it & sell my Intel 13 inch MacBook Pro 💻 at this point in time. To answer your question: it’s yes!!!!! More ports than the two & the performance being out this world 🌎 Sign me up & my pockets aren’t ready for Monday, but at least I can calendar my funds up the right way for this purchase.

  3. I want to buy M1 pro or M1X air , but i don’t know which one. Give me an opinion please.

  4. Ryan Lennox-Bradley

    Selling m1 air
    Buying m1x pro

  5. With no chipssssss then it don’t matter the release date! Lol 😂