October Apple Event & M1X MacBook Pros

Apple is rumored to be hosting an event this month to unveil new MacBook Pro models, a redesigned Mac mini, and third-generation AirPods. While the date of Apple’s rumored October has not yet been confirmed, its timing has started to be narrowed down, giving us a hint at when we could see the event take place.

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  1. flop what is m1x

  2. When was the last time Apple launched a new line of products?

  3. I’m still on a base model 2011 Mac Mini… so keen for the new MacBook Pro!!

  4. Thanks for your review!

  5. in case you don't know yet its 18th oct

  6. No HDMI. No SD card reader.

  7. Any rumors about a new 27 inch iMac replacement? Just got a 24 inch iMac because I was tired of waiting.

  8. What happened to the iMac Pro?

  9. If they release a MacBook Pro with more ports a lot of people are going to be upset, but me! I’ll be glad I waited! Hope you’re right

  10. I love and hate Apple. Not a fanboy but I do prefer their products over the horrors of Frankenstein PC's that always have problems. BUT I have been waiting pre-Covid to buy a new computer. Yeah… I was about to buy the much hyped intel laptop but then the M1 rumors began. So… I waited. Yeah, the M1 is good, but falls short with ports in all the computers that have it, AND the whole thing with "Rosetta" still isn't resolved. I was there when they switched to intel years ago and got BURNED. It's taking waaay too long now. If they don't deliver this October, I'm heading over to Frankenstein or Linux for good.

  11. Any word on Imac 27 inch with M1 chip?

  12. If Mac can hold the Pro version, so do I… Not gona buy intel version. Will update next year!

  13. midnightalchemist2

    What a ridiculous grab bag of rumours pasted together here. There' is NO WAY the new macs will see an HDMI port WTH have you been smoking? Not even going to comment of the idea that 'magsafe' port is coming what the heck is wrong with you?
    This is going to be a pure 'S' type update – same chasis, stick the M1X in. That's Apple's normal product strategy.

  14. WAITING FOR MACBOOK AIR 2021/22 😭😭😭😭

  15. Waiting to own My First Fruit Tech Product!

  16. How do you know what it’s going to be the specs when they have not an any released yet

  17. What about Macbook air?

  18. Sit on your hands man!

  19. when it will be held? I mean the date : )

  20. Waiting fir the new larger high end iMac.

  21. I’ll believe it when I see it

  22. Looking for the 16" Pro. My 6 year old MBk is limping along on 2/3 of the original battery capacity and I flirted with the M1 MacBook but fell for the Pro with MagSafe, HDMI and more horsepower under the hood.

  23. too many people creating "conternt" without content, just like this.

  24. i hope 16GB on ram will be the base configuration on the M1X machines

  25. Osmium Technologies

    Let’s not forget that Apple has released both MacBooks and AirPods as just a website refresh before. There is a possibility that everything that they’d announce in an event could just be a site refresh. It’s highly unlikely, but it’s a non-zero chance, so you might wanna prepare yourself for that

  26. How come all leaked photos look ugly? Did they use spy cameras or something? 2:51

  27. Image-I-Nation Photography

    I would defo welcome a bigger imac like 32”

  28. U also claimed this shit was coming during June.. and that didn’t happen. So…

  29. Been waiting for since this last year 🤣

  30. Looking forward to the new MacBook Pro's

  31. If we look at the pattern in previous years it points to there being no October event this year.

    2020: Tuesday 13 October

    2019: no October event

    2018: Tuesday 30 October

    2017: no October event

    2016: Thursday 27 October

    2015: no October event
    2014: Thursday 16 October


  33. they should have an lg gram 17 style fanless macbook pro m1x thats undervolted. and oh, put soeakers at thr bottom so no dust can go in easily by just settling on the device.

  34. Please update the webcam also, it’s about time

  35. What about the iMac? Although personally I think the 24 inch is the right size for a computer. Anything bigger you might as well use your TV as a monitor.

  36. To quote Shakespeare to be or not to be that is the question 🤔 mines I want one but do you rob a bank just to get un up graded macbook who's got a spare £1000 + laying about apple need to lower there prices that would be a good starting point and give us more memory as well instead of being plain greedy I have noticed quite a few people on hear are dieing to up grade 5/ 10 year old macbooks but all are wanting apple to add in ports and up date cameras yet apple seems to have gone deaf on what there customer wants not exploiting there fans thay need to get the act together why up date anything if what you have is still ok it's just wasting hard earned money.i like most of there technology but again it's way over priced

  37. I dont even have a laptop and need to buy one asap. Guess ill just wait for the new one.

  38. i don’t believe Mag-safe charger but i can pray 🙏

  39. When is it coming out

  40. Been thoroughly impressed with my M1 MBP, can't wait for the M1X!

  41. I have been waiting for 16 months and now when it finally realeases I wont be able to afford it. nice