Why Feroze Khan Left Showbiz Industry After His First Hajj | First Interview After Quit Showbiz|SA2G

Why Feroze Khan Left Showbiz Industry After His First Hajj | First Interview After Quit Showbiz | SA2G | Celeb City

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  1. Mohammad Nadeem


  2. Mashallah sabko hidayat ata kare ameen

  3. Good things feroz Khan

  4. Ai laik feroz khan Allha inhy iman sy mala mal kre

  5. Salam, You are planning to start producing movies now, whats the point you have done hajj and umra then? Hajj and umra means you repent a sin life!
    When there will be an item song or vulgarity in your movies, wil that not be considered a Sin ? A millions of viewers will watch the films globally , leave the sin industry and be a property Tycone with grace of Allah, you will not regret it, hope to get your reply about this sincere advice

  6. MashaAllah, ya ALLAH meri dua qabool kare😭😭😭
    Frm India

  7. Rajveerkaur Sandhu

    best actor

  8. FK 😍❤️

  9. Haider Ali Shah

    As a young you decide to guide people to the right ✅ nice keep it 💯

  10. 🤲🤲👌Love you ❤️❤️

  11. Ma sha Allah amazing so proud of him.

  12. Wow u r such young inspiration 🥰❤.I love u from India.

  13. bhai apki izzat dil mein bahot zyada bad gayi allah hum sab ko emaan ki takat ata farmaye

  14. Stay blesed with the love of Allah..ameen i very much like your change.

  15. Feroz Khan very good allah aap ki hr murad pori kri

  16. Nice and excellent

  17. mashaalah feroz khan ilike ur expereshion 👌👍☺😊💖

  18. Thanku….For …This Amazing…🎉🎉❤️ Darama….,#Khuda Aur Mohabbat ❤️……#Love…Farhad ❤️& Mahi❤️….

  19. 💚💚💚💚You feroze khan vai

  20. Respect for you brother it take guts to take such decisions ❤️❤️❤️

  21. Ya Allah, I watched the award show from Pakistani celebrities, I was shocked 😳 the they dressed like lose and showing their body 😳

  22. Zeeshan Hussain

    Firoz khan is the best actor

  23. I love you sir

  24. Mashallah
    feroz khan is soo great man💝💝👍👍😊😊 very nice

  25. Abdullah Mughal

    Mashaallah Alhamdullilah

  26. Super 😍😍😍🙏❤❤❤

  27. Is this before khuda or muhabbat or after?

  28. Allah ap ko rahy haq main sabit kadam rakhy

  29. Allah ap ko hadayat dy

  30. Khalid Khan Photography

    Very impressive 👏 after watching this video I have deleted the snakevideo and tiktok! Actually I was just used those apps for natural beauty only but not important… thank you

  31. mashallah…………u r an amazing person

  32. Ahsanashraf712 Ahsanashraf712

    MashAllah.. may Allah blesss u ..

  33. Feroz sir love you so much sir

  34. Very nice

  35. Ferooz Khan is a great man