Showbiz Korea _ Actor Ji Chang-wook(지창욱) _ Interview _ Part 1

배우 지창욱 인터뷰

Great to have you with us once again on Exclusive Date! You’ve been waiting long enough for today’s guest! It’s actor ji chang-wook, who captivates everyone with his handsome features. He’s showing action moves as well as sweet romance through a drama these days, so wait no longer! Our date with ji chang-wook begins right now~~~

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  1. I çove you whit all my hearts.

  2. Como eu gostaria de conhece-lo.
    Ou vê!!

  3. Voz linda. Boca e olhos

  4. The K2 is the best role among his series. He is very manly and more handsome in K2…

  5. i'm so in love with him oh my god

  6. Prashansa Sonkar

    Waiting to see him again on Arirang…. Arirang please bring Ji Chang Wook again 🙏🙏

  7. Sooooooo cute…. I'm luv again and again wtf… Hahahaha

  8. I'm really dying hard for him I can give everything he wants even the earth i will give it to him just to see him and hug him

  9. looks like he's falling asleep already lol

  10. Ang hot bwisit 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥

  11. Why So Handsome And Cuteee😍✨💯?

  12. Why do I ship the interviewer and Ji Chang Wook?!

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