*M1*MACBOOK AIR UNBOXING + SET UP 2020! *new M1 chip* (no fan?? silent?)

welcome to my 2020 macbook air with the M1 chip unboxing, set-up, and customization! you all know that I LOVE apple and I LOOOVE doing macbook unboxings for you. YAY for the new apple M1 chip! we unbox and set up my new macbook air 2020. new emoji key? do not disturb key? apple really went hard with this one 😳 #macbookair #macbookunboxing #m1chip

macbook customization with macOS big sur coming tonight or tomorrow!…

MACBOOK AIR UNBOXING + SET UP 2020! *new M1 chip* (no fan?? silent?)

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  1. yayyy!! we are slowly transitioning my channel to become partially an unboxing channel, so you’ll probably be seeing more unboxings in the future! 🙂 thanks for watching! 🤍

  2. My fave tech device is my M1 IPAD PRO

  3. Having 8gb ram is it enough for a student?

  4. Well MacBook but I don’t have it so I want to buy it

  5. Julia you were wearing the same necklace in your MacBook Pro video and this one!

  6. i’m thimkimg about getting one for college but idk

  7. So my Siri went crazy as you were setting up yours 😂 it wasn’t me! It was Julia!

  8. I have been trying so hard to convince my parents to get me a MacBook and I am so desperate 😂

  9. One year ago today 😊

  10. ✨ʜxɴᴇʏxǫᴜᴇᴇɴ💛

    Me sees: Says well its dec- dear Santa

  11. Lol i love when you said “EEEEE”

  12. Abhigyan Bhadra


  13. omg how did you download among us mine doenst let me?!??

  14. I’m buying one soon! Should I get space grey or silver??

  15. getting my new mac book air and iPad air 4 soon i've been in between whether or not i should get the iPhone 13 and iPad air or iPhone 13 and mac book air but then i decided i have an iPhone already so i should just get a new mac book and iPad because my laptop is terrible right now .

  16. You went from a pro to a air?

  17. ok, i’m late but i can’t wait!! i’m getting a macbook for my birthday in 2 months!😁

  18. You have convinced me to buy one 😂💖

  19. Mrudul Gajbhiye

    I'm currently obsessed with my MacBook Air M1 😍also trying your tips to Customise it and it looks fab! Thank you Julia!🌼

  20. LOL, the m1 air has NO fan, wth is an "apple fan"?

  21. Emzy Loves Jenzy Wenzy

    i want one (one day)

  22. When you said hey Siri my IPad reacted!!😂

  23. Hey Julia, I was wondering what colour is your MacBook? And do you recommend that colour? <3

  24. can u get minecraft on it?

  25. im 12 im soo excited i cant wait till it arrives

  26. like because your reaction to the apple sticker and the start up sound and logo 😘

  27. Great video, I recently just bought one but I love how you showed tips like the emoji thing is really cool I didn’t know that. 😊💕

  28. CharliePuth Fan

    OMG I’m getting a MacBook Air 13.3 inch M1 on the 25th and I absolutely cannot WAIT AHHH!!!!

  29. Omg I didn’t know that you could make it look like an iPhone or iPad

  30. me still watching these videos even tho I got the laptop yesterday🥲

  31. I also got one but in Gold color , first i thought about Silver because it looks more professional but then again I always wanted gold one.

  32. I want this so bad but I don’t have Mac money 😂