Review: 2020 MacBook Air – Apple's cheapest laptop! Is it worth $999?

Should you consider the base model 2020 MacBook Air? Is it worth $999?
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The new $999 MacBook Air features a 1.1GHz dual-core CPU, 8GB RAM, 256GB of storage, Intel Iris Plus Graphics, Touch ID, a fixed keyboard, and two Thunderbolt 3 ports. It’s actually quite a decent value for only $999 depending on how you plan on using it. Read full review:

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  1. What do you think about this little guy? Although I'd probably pick the iPad Pro + Magic Keyboard combo over this for casual usage, if you need a traditional desktop running macOS, it's a pretty good deal for just $999. This is Apple's cheapest laptop!

  2. I didn’t buy MacBook Air Bc it’s not 999$ it’s 6,999$

  3. Leo_209_Aquatics

    Would you get this one or the MacBook Pro 13.3 M1 one debating which one

  4. What about usb? Is that obsolete now?

  5. I want to buy a mac book air but i want to know if its good for editing AND graphic design?

  6. Hi, I,m a photo editor and want to buy laptop but I don't like m1 chips , now I buy this or another brand?? It's better than i5 in widows laptop or no??!?

  7. This video didn't age well, The M1 MacBool Air blows aware basically all Intel MacBooks out of the water in performance….

  8. I just bought a brand new MacBook Air M1 base model yesterday for $750 at Best Buy and this completely smokes and destroys ALL Intel MacBook Airs. Intel MacBook Airs are overpriced and underpowered! It's hot garbage. Heck, the M1 MBA even beats the almost $4K 16" MacBook Pro (Intel) on several tests.

  9. tbh i just got this because i needed a laptop for school, still prefer my ipad/ phone

  10. I want it but the no fan is a deal breaker for me

  11. This is so good for gaming and i use it for gaming

  12. it is not worth it… apple is over priced trash that is LITERALLY designed to break!!!

  13. Man that audio is literally soo hard to catch up. So buzzy

  14. Killertiger Gaming

    This is one of the worlds worst computers you can get a pc with specs just as good for 400 dollars this is a scam

  15. Brenda Escamilla

    Does anyone know what model number it is? Just to be clear looking for the Macbook Air 13.3 inch laptop with touch ID. Bought it with Best Buy and waiting to pick it up. I am trying to get a head start on accessories. Help is appreciated!

  16. this was before the m1 oh noooo

  17. Nicholai Yrigollen

    Is this good for college students

  18. $999? Cheap? U sure?

  19. I cant wait to get this i still got the macbook pro 2011 LOL!

  20. The way you wear your watch really conserns me

  21. 1k for those specs is WAAAAY overpriced

  22. Just upgraded from an early 2016 12 inch MacBook Air dual core intel processor to a new 2020 16 gig, 1 TB MacBook Air in Gold! Excited to pick up this beauty tomorrow at the Apple Store! So psyched! Much needed upgrade for grad school! 😀👍🏾👏🏾💃🏾👩🏾‍💻💻🛍🎁💯

  23. I just purchased this today!

  24. What about the BATTERY LIFE? That is the most important factor for me…

  25. The following discounts are available on Apple Products. All purchases to be made from (IND). I will share my student ID.

    Price/Student Price/Cut

    Macbook Air – 92900/83610/4000
    Macbook Pro – 122900 110610/5000
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    iMac Pro – 464900/418410/20000
    Mac Pro – 499900/449910/25000
    Mac Mini – 64900/58410/3000
    iPad Air – 54900/50700/2000
    iPad Pro – 71900/68305/2000

    1. Drop a mail at [email protected] to proceed. *Please email only when you are sure about the purchase.
    2. I will share credentials of my UNiDAYS verified account and give a window of one hour where you can make your purchase. *No modifications can be made once purchase is made.
    3. You are supposed to pay the required amount according to the chart above, to my UPI ID within that one hour after your purchase, failing which I will cancel the order.

  26. Shree Giriraj Jewellers

    Is it good for coding at the begginer level?

  27. I got the iPad Pro + the Logitech keyboard & it works excellently! I’m not too big a fan of macOS so the iPad Pro works great instead! I almost only use the iPad these days instead of my windows laptop.

  28. blackpink is amazing

    this sounds like such a good computer and its my dream computer.. my computer rn is soo laggy but im not aloud to get a new one 🙄

  29. Would this be good for music production please?

  30. Macs are good, especially when you consider safari loading is 40 mins, downloading a movie takes abt 2 hours and the apple mouse should be sold for 3 dollars

  31. I am buying one today😁😁😁

  32. Well It's $1599 in my country , Australia , and I bought it , and costs $1949 if you upgrade the gpu to a 8 core GPU So I cannot believe that it costs $999 or $899