Apple made a BIG mistake – M1 MacBooks Review

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Apple’s new M1-equipped MacBooks have been out for a while now, but there are still many lingering questions.. First among them: Can they really live up to Apple’s promises in real-world use?

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  1. Pranjal Tripathi

    Every apple Macbook air m1 user pls play piano music or any other high pitch volume it will let your speaker buzz the keyboard and ultimately bust apple for their defective design of keyboard.It is requested to all the Macbook air m1 user to complaint to apple about this issue. They are not listening, even my product is under warranty also many other users are reporting this.

  2. 1:56 how did he get 5.5GBs+ PER SECOND

  3. It figures Apple does a laptop better than anything possible when I could be dead any day.

  4. As much as I like the M1, I refuse to buy Apple laptops anymore until they return the MacBook Pro back to it's 2012 state where things were somewhat modular. Just make it thicker, and treat the MacBook Air as the slim model. No reason in making a MacBook Slim and a MacBook Slimmer.

  5. I’m buying a MacBook Air in a few weeks, I’m Lowkey so excited

  6. my MacBook Air can fry an egg

  7. Will Cuthbertson

    I have spent so long looking for a good code/game making laptop and I think it’s got to be MacBook Air 2020
    Edit: I’ve decided the m1 mini

  8. Nathaniel Thomson

    Truly never thought I would do it but I'm finally switching to an Apple ecosystem. Not proud but it's just way better at this point

  9. Waiting to see someone install the M1 chip into a PC

  10. Brightness 2 steps up from minimum is not a usable brightness on the m1 MacBook Pro. In the real world with the brightness at around 75% it gets closer to 8-10 hours of battery life.

  11. Thanks for the reviews. Which 2020 model would you Recc below? Appreciate the help!
    1. MBA – $1259
    8/8 Core
    16GB unified memory
    1TB SSD1

    2. MBP – $1295
    8/8 Core
    16GB unified memory
    512GB SSD1

  12. that cheese touch gaming wallpaper and sticker tho

  13. It’s not compatible with many games and programs

  14. clickbait title. M1 machines are good.

  15. This did not age well

  16. you suffer from too many stats and not really a good review, sorry mister Linus

  17. I honestly do not like the new OS style in the modern macOS. It somehow causes my iMac to start up really slowly, but the only reason I updated was that some apps are no longer supported on Catalina.

    One thing I noticed on Monterey was that the screen savers don't work properly with my favorite pictures (I didn't bother trying out Big Sur).

  18. What he wished for came true in 2021

  19. Apple in the future: M1 Max is 2.5x as fast as M1

  20. the wallpaper

  21. Hoy en día, para programas de edición de videos, photoshop, ilustrador y programas para automatización en RRSS, crees que quede corto con el M1 air o pro 13’3, 8de ram y 512ssd? La de 16 de ram no llega a mi pais… que opinas? Estoy a punto de comprarla pero no se si haga diferencia la air o la pro para lo que la quiero que mencione mas arriba

  22. Evergrande Best real Estate

    Toxic PC Fanbois are going to melt

  23. well, this agesd horribly. They clearly can and will go much, much more powerful

  24. You's the man Linus!

  25. 3 sponsers in one video daym

  26. Fuck me, this guy has put so much advertising that he must be uttering 'sponsored' content while taking a shit.

  27. What about reported memory leaks

  28. I have the MBA M1 and i love how fast it is! Like i can turn it on in litterally under 1 second, open Safari, log in to an online classroom, and open/load multiple PDFs in under 10 seconds while my Brother’s modern pc laptop (Microsoft Surface) takes the same time to just turn on lol.

  29. I cant pirate apple software on apple products.
    Im going back to pc, BUT on AMD.

  30. I've been hearing "choose 16G if you wanna use it more than a couple of years" for at least 6 years now 😂

  31. Could you guys try to do the same battery life test but with Monterey's Low Power Mode turned on?

  32. FlimsyShelf87 YT

    Hahahha how the tables have turned with the M1 Max. They really outdid themselves again

  33. JamesLetsPlayYT

    bruh did linus littterly predict the 14 and 16 inch macbook pro

  34. 13:58 happy to announce that you were completely right and Apple did just drop a 14 in macbook pro with those features.

  35. christopher holbrook

    Can you do a new test with the new 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pro?

  36. Nice clickbait

  37. M1 chip should be able to run windows … not only macos.. imagine m1 processor mac running battlefield 2042 on windows using bootcamp

  38. they just did!

  39. Ok ok I admit, its pretty neat 😒 but can it run windows 😏

  40. Sorry, I'm a computer dum dum. Why does Linus caution against the 8G Unified memory in regards to longevity? I though RAM would only affect processing speed (which is probably a dumb thing to say).

  41. Macs are now so fast that they may be of interest for bitcoin miners. Expect scalpers to buy the entire supply for bitcoin miners. Perhaps I will now be able to buy an Nvidia 3060 graphics card for my PC 🙂

  42. I'm a Debian & Windows 10 user looking at my options for a mobile workstation. I spend most of my time developing desktop apps in C/Cpp, writing small scale embedded C projects, and digitally painting. The MacBook looks like a somewhat viable option, do any of you with similar workloads have a helpful opinion on this?

  43. Linus: “Apple is in trouble: They’re gonna have a hard time topping themselves “
    Apple: lmao M1 Max go brrrrrrrrrrr

  44. Looks like Linus’ wishes came true with the new Macbook Pros with M1 Pro and M1 Max, huh?

  45. Well it looks like Apple one upped themselves!