Apple & Blender Join Forces ahead of M1X MacBook Pro Release!

Apple joins the Blender Project – Coincidental timing?

Apple has joined the Blender Project as a patron member, helping to fund the open source project as well as providing technical assistance for the project too.

I”m iCave Dave

On day one as a Blender Patron already submitted a patch for Blender with Metal support for Blender’s Cycles, meaning that finally the Apple Silicon Macs will be able to use their GPUs for rendering in Blender. So far its all been focused on the CPU performance, so it will be really interesting to see how M1 performs with that enabled. But I can’t help thinking the timing isn’t an accident. Given that we’ll be having new Macs next week with 2-4x the number of GPU cores becoming available with the M1X MacBook Pros and Probably M1X Mac mini, and MAYBE a 24” iMac with M1X too. Performance on those will be pretty awesome I’d guess and I’d love to see Apple do some comparison renders against the competition, or at least whatever the PC market can bring to the table in the event.

Our favourite RenderBoi Apple Tomorrow said this of the update:
“macOS has, almost since the beginning, been a less important supported platform for blender 3D. This was partly due to the fact that Apple used proprietary technology, like Metal, for 3D graphics, and partly because Apple want a Patron in the Blender development fund. With yesterday’s news, the landscape has changed dramatically, and 3D users on the Mac are going to be able to work faster and more efficiently than ever”

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Back in the PowerPC days Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller often had the latest Mac racing against the fastest PC chips they could find on the market in Photoshop actions and the like, so it would be a nice call back to those days too.

Also, we’d mentioned Eve Online adding Apple Silicon support on their test server, and in the past couple of days this was added to the main server making it a part of the full release, and LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS! This is running full screen 4k, High on all the settings. Of course downscaled and compressed for you now by YouTube, but I think you’ll agree that the 8 Core M1 GPU is not struggling with this at all.

These new bits of support right ahead of the event makes me think maybe we’re in for a treat with the new toys!

Final office look around.

Alan Be Unboxings and News
#IcaveAnswers hey do you think apple is going to announce at this unleashed event the apple car apple glasses macbook pros mac mini pros airpods 3 and the m1x apple tv 7nth generation?

Marcin Kowalczyk
#icaveanswers #trickquestion Do You think Apple could ever drop built-in leg for “pro” imac and thus provide VESA-only mount pro-display xdr styles?

Marcin Kowalczyk
#icaveanswers #doubletake any trusted VESA mounts that anchor to the desk that won’t just sag over time and could handle “pro” imac that You’d recommend personally? [yes I have enough of hunching in front of my 2012-imac-tunred-monitor 😛 ]

Janos Vymer
#icaveanswers Question about the m1x. I have heard a lot of rumours. 10 cores, 12 cores or option for 16. The one I heard most in the past month was 10 cores (2e 8p). but I wondered if it isn’t cheaper to stay with the m1 and add 4 performance cores or more. So it would be 4e + 8p. And even on the upgraded model (if there is one) 4 e + 12p.
It just doesn’t make too much sense to me to even reduce the number of e cores. I mean yes you don’t really need them but if you have got them available must be cheaper.
I hope that makes sense especially since I don’t know anything about chip manufacturing xD

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Mikey Copeland
#icaveanswers Hi Dave. Have you seen the new Sky Glass? For me, its what Apple should have done for the Living Room TV years ago!

Team Kinetix
#iCaveAnswers all the online Apple event hype seems focussed on M1X products, do you think there might still be some surprises in store from Cupertino next week? Something easier to keep secret, like software perhaps?

Abdullah Nasir
#icaveanswers Can M1X MacBook’s have compatibilities issues like we see with M1? Some apps were not working fine like Adobe premier pro, After effects etc

 Lit 8
#icaveanswers beats studio buds vs AirPods 3 vs AirPods 2 vs AirPods 1 vs AirPods Pro

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  1. It would be interesting to see some comparison renderings of a Mac-upgraded Blender on the top of the line 16" Macbook Pro VS top of the line Intel and AMD laptops (plugged in and unplugged from their power bricks).

  2. #icaveanswers What is the music used during the iCave Answers segment?

  3. Strategies for this week? They could announce on Monday and start taking orders on Friday or they could start taking orders on Monday or do preorders. My current plan is to order a MacBook Pro 16 but what if they also announce the mini? I was going to get an M1X mini and an M1X MacBook Pro but I would rather do them at two separate times. An M1X could easily replace my Windows desktop which would greatly decrease the power consumption of my desktop going into the future. I think that choosing the configuration will be the easy part unless Apple ties some configuration options together. Like requiring more storage, GPU or RAM if you want more of one particular item. I could see ordering a 64 GB mini if RAM prices aren't insane.

  4. Sander Hoogeland

    @iCaveanswers: and lastly, you are probably going to talk about this anyway, but I hope everything went well with the office redesign.

  5. Sander Hoogeland

    @iCaveanswers: also, what do you think of the rumoured notch on the MacBooks pro? Do you think it might actually be a thing and would you mind it, or maybe even like it if it were a thing.

  6. Sander Hoogeland

    @iCaveanswers: I have not read it myself, but I believe I heard that Mark Gurman said in his newsletter that the design changes on the MacBooks pro will be pretty minor. What do you think this might mean? Are most other leaks wrong? Or are most people making the rumoured changes out to be more spectacular than they actually are? Or could it mean something else?

  7. #iCaveAnswers a NOTCH on the new MacBook Pro?! What are your thoughts? Possible Face ID? Will it put people off? A notch, on a laptop?!?!

  8. #ICaveAnswers – So hoping for HomePod2 at an event this year? The HomePod was way ahead of its time – spatial audio – Dolby ATMOS and superb sound. The Sony HT A9 looks to be a very good product but so much more expensive than 4 HomePods. Apple is making Lossless Audio available but has limited products that support it! We need HomePod2 ASAP! Really don’t want to buy Sony! Apple was the leader but discontinued the product earlier this year. Let’s hope HomePod2 arrives soon so Apple can lead again!

  9. #iCaveAnswers The current 13” M1 MBP with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD costs £1699… so how can we expect the 14” with M1X, mini-led and newly designed form factor to cost around the same? I thus think the new 14” MBP will start at £1999 at least… (but have 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD). Then add £200 for each ram/ssd/gpu increment… maybe more than £200 to upgrade to the 32 gpu core version. Unless the existing M1 Macs get a price cut…?

  10. #iCaveAnswers it’s looking like the M1X with 16GB & 16 GPU cores will outperform the current highest config 16” Intel powered MBP with 32GB & the Radeon 5600M, which was sitting at the top of the ‘creator laptop’ sector along with the cream of the most powerful Windows laptops from Gigabyte, MSi, Dell & Razer etc etc. Which begs the question, will the 32GB, 32 core version be a LOT more powerful than almost anyone’s use case, assuming no gaming is involved? How hardcore a video editor or 3D modeller or multitasker do you have to be to make it worth going for the higher spec model?

  11. Great video and great subject to bring up.

  12. #iCaveAnswers Will there be enough MacBook 14" for consumer and what will Apple do differently for them to sell more MacBook 16"

  13. #iCaveAnswers Possibility of M1X iMac 24" to replace the four port model currently offered at Monday's announcement? Pro Mac mini (2x M1X) in Spring 2022?

  14. You look like Sid from Toy Story

  15. So is there no support for the m1 mac for blender and also how can I get the patch for the apple silicon chip on the website

  16. Fred Werdmölder

    9000!!!💪🏻😃 Congrats, Dave! Waaay to go!😊

  17. NZstealox181196

    You deserve 900k subs, not 9k

  18. #icaveanswers beats pro vs beats studio 3 vs beats solo 3 vs beats solo pro

  19. Personalized Tech-Help

    Since adobe made their 3d suite, I hope apple is backing blender so it does work on metal. Would be a great move for apple to finally support the software behind their lidar equipped fleet. Can’t wait to use 12.9 iPad with the m1x mini:)

  20. Well done, and all the best.

  21. Sáilesh Rachapudi

    But, Can the M1X MacBook Pro run cRYsiS ?? 🤣🤣🤣