Why Rica Walked Away From Showbiz | Toni Talks

It was very nice to do this catch up with Rica. From reminiscing the good old days to sharing realizations from the hardest decision she made in her entire career, this has just been a fun and enlightening talk.

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  1. Hassan Grace Tiamzon

    ❤️❤️❤️ very inspiring message. Glory to God 🙏

  2. Georgia De La Cruz

    I am glad thee is one Toni who is instrumrntal in making publuc the testimonies of people in the industry who turns to our only GOD.

  3. If tito Boy Abunda is the "King of Talk"…Toni Gonzaga is the "Queen of Talk". She's really good at what she's doing. She's natural when it comes to interviewing her guests. Great job Ms. Toni Gonzaga. I love you 😍

  4. I really love this kind of show ♥️♥️🥰

  5. so inspiring story Ms. Rica, Thanks Toni for this. It is really Jesus who can heal and complete us. As one of our church leaders say, worthiness is not flawlessness. The more that we feel we are unworthy, the more that we need Him. He wants us to come unto Him. We cannot do all things for ourselves. Jesus Christ is the only one who can do it for us because He is our Savior. He loves us and knows us personally.

  6. Ngayon ko lang ito napanood,imagine I'm super Fan of Gonzaga Sisters because of their virtues about life and God. I have this sense feelings of Pagiging Proud Kay Rica Paralejo Kase idol ko ito during my teenager years at nakakaproud na Even may struggle siya knowing herself nakita niya Yun Peace Kay God. ❤️

  7. Toni got the right job to interview people who realize that human needs Jesus more than anything else in this world

  8. Hi Toni i request to hear some inspirations story from Wilma Doesnt.

  9. Salamat toni and rica.

  10. Precious Hope Miranda

    Amazing, I can feel it everytime Ma'am Rica speaks in clamness, you know that there is transfomation happened. Every word she speaks it's something like genuine wisdom comming from above and allowing her to learned that all she need is God. A God who will fix her even in messy life and a God who will plan for her life.
    It is quite beautiful when she said that we should not put our life to someones story, just be in our own story on how God prepared it for us because we are unique and special.

  11. Alton Macapagong

    D mo mababago ang sarili mo kundi c Jesus Christ lng ang makapagbago sa buhay ng isang tao. C satanas ay sisirain ang buhay mo. Thank you rica for your good testimony. Thank you Toni for your good show. God 🙏🙏🙏 bless.

  12. Watching today in year 2022. One of the most inspiring Toni Talks ep

  13. Reca's story is very inspiring
    Right! God can fixed everything

  14. Raymar Galinggan

    I needed this interview. God works uniquely, He will give you chances to conquer trials and learn from them.

  15. Ms. Toni c nikki gil sana next mong toni talks. thank u

  16. Inspiring. Got teary eyed.. love it

  17. What a beautiful story!

  18. Omg… Kelan ko lang nalaman na christian na pala si Rica… Super lodi ko siya noon pero nung nag sexy star siya medyo disappointed ako., But now that i know that she's a christian and also knowing that she has deep knowledge of God, I'm so happy for he and I'm blessed from her testimony 😊

  19. Yung umiiyak Ako habang pinapanood ko to.

  20. I'm crying while watching this interview 😍i don't know why😩

  21. I so agreed to this that “Toni Talks” is very healing and pure ❤️🤩✨ deserved to have a million subscribers 😍 I love you Toni Gonzaga

  22. ❤💯

  23. When your in love with God you always mention Him in every conversation.

  24. Wow, amazing story of Gods follower….

  25. Future Historian 💜💕

    Beautiful People with Beautiful Life lessons. Godbless po.

  26. I love the story and the explanation.

  27. Because of this, I subscribed. Keep spreading the works of God🙏🏻❤️ The Word of God is the most important things in life. Don't be afraid. If you seek Him first and everything will be added unto you.

  28. Kudos to Toni for this great interview and congrats to Rica for her bravery in stepping into a real world where God is the center and keep on fighting on the good side, alam mo naman habang buhay tayo hindi tumitigil si Taning. I prayed to God that you and your family will be blessed, safe always away from harm and live a long life.

  29. Rhodora Manalastas

    Wow,But your still Rica Peralijo the popular Artist ..Nice dids Congrats HOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME…🙏

  30. Pwede po ba maam tony si Kylie Padilla po next niyo po i interview? Thank you po God bless💚✨