Macbook Pro M1 Unboxing & Impressions नेपालीमा

This is my unboxing and hands-on review of the new M1 Macbook Pro (late 2020). In this video, I will be talking about its official price and why I decided to get the new Macbook Pro.

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  1. Pranjal Tripathi

    Every apple Macbook air m1 user pls play piano music or any other high pitch volume it will let your speaker buzz the keyboard and ultimately bust apple for their defective design of keyboard.It is requested to all the Macbook air m1 user to complaint to apple about this issue. They are not listening, even my product is under warranty also many other users are reporting this


    Price chai Kati ho

  3. Poor choice of songs 😂

  4. 4:15 Wow

  5. 3d designing tw ramrai sanga hunxa hola hai..🤔

  6. My only concern.. Utorrent chalxa ki chaldaina 😂

  7. Give me that old laptop

  8. Abinash Pradhan

    Haha Jindagi ma bas eti matra success vaeni pugxa.
    Bhari vaera
    Macbook Pro line😂

  9. Came here from ashish yadav dai fb post😂😂😂

  10. watching this on macbook pro 😹

  11. Haah malai yeuta dinu nw

  12. What is the price

  13. Sagun Manandhar

    Follow up video chayo aba, how are the differences and all for power user compared to XPS/Windows

  14. wow

  15. Aani keyboard ra mouse jodnu paryo bhane chai k garni ni??

  16. Can you tell me , what's the difference between MacBook pro & MacBook air ?

  17. Aashree Adhikari

    How much

  18. I'm from Nepal

  19. Legal Study Nepal

    मुख धेरै बङ्गायौ त नानी

  20. copyright lagla hai geet nasunam

  21. How can i play free fire in macbook pro m1 suggest me please
    Laptop keneyo game install garauna 10 wota vanda bade syber computer service center dhai sakyo kai lage na
    Launa suggest garnu tw

  22. Suraj Nagarkoti

    Yesma Microsoft office, power point , excel hunxa kinai and Microsoft office ma preeti font hunxa kinai yeti information paaunu paryo sister yo lina laako tehi vayera

  23. Can we attach magic keyboard and magic mouse in Mac book pro ??

  24. Sir/ Ma'am, being genuinely could you tell me which color is best to buy, Silver or Space grey for macbook air 2020? I am stucked btw this? Your reply will be really appreciated?

  25. geet sundim na rey 😂

  26. Why isn't the review available on the English channel? I can't understand what language what you speaking but still stayed lol

  27. Hello, didi.
    Macbookma "PREETI" font use garna sakinxa ki nai?

  28. Microsoft laptop review pls