Get Him to the Greek (1/11) Movie CLIP – Showbiz Tonight (2010) HD

Get Him to the Greek movie clips:

Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) and Jackie Q (Rose Byrne) go on Showbiz Tonight where they have a very public breakdown.

An ambitious young record company executive attempts to transport an unpredictable rock star to L.A.’s Greek Theatre in time for his hotly anticipated comeback performance in this spin-off of the comedy hit Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) has just landed his dream job in the record industry, and he’s eager to prove his worth. His first assignment: travel to London and escort British rock god Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) to the show that will re-ignite his career. Before he departs, Aaron is warned by his boss Sergio Roma (Sean Combs) to never let Aldous out of his sight, and never underestimate his capacity for mayhem. Immensely talented yet deeply tortured, Aldous hit the bottle hard after his popularity began to wane and his girl walked out on him. Aldous is locked in the midst of an existential crisis, and rues the thought of being accompanied across the pond by an insincere sycophant. Though it seems like siec is the only thing Aldous ever thinks about, his thoughts turn to romance when he discovers that gorgeous model/pop singer Jackie Q (Rose Byrne) will be in Los Angeles at the time of his concert, too. Jackie Q is the love of Aldous’ life, and he’ll do anything and everything to win her heart. With the concert fast approaching and Aaron’s fledgling career on the line, the race is on to get Aldous to the Greek, and ensure the big show goes off without a hitch.

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TM & © Universal (2010)
Cast: Russell Brand, Rose Byrne
Director: Nicholas Stoller
Producers: Judd Apatow, David L. Bushell, Phil Eisen, Jason Segel, Rodney Rothman, Richard Vane
Screenwriters: Jason Segel, Nicholas Stoller

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  1. Do you want me to start drinking again?

  2. youtube staff are airheads

    Entertainment Tonight lol

  3. As soon as Jackie says I'm bored his facial expression kills me lmfao 🤣

  4. “I’ll do lines off her forehead while I’m in her up to my nuts if that’s what you want” 😂😂

  5. Jackie goes off.🤣🤣🤣😍This is such a great scene. "I'm a bit bored…."

  6. Half-Blood Princess

    It says “1/11”; where are the next 10 parts?

  7. Charlie From Starkville, Mississippi

    Rose is almost too pretty for comedy, but she’s too good at it not to be.

  8. Rose is so beautiful. I don’t care that I’m like 15 years younger than her, I would.

  9. She got some pins on her!

  10. U want me to start drinking again is that what u would like?

  11. 10 years…time flies!

  12. Nathan Chandler

    I'll do lines off her forehead whilst im in her up to my nuts!! Greatest line ever in a film surely

  13. Rose Bryne's voice sounds like Jane from IT Crowd here

  14. You'd be coming over fahhr ah congac lataah sweetheart

  15. What in fresh hell is this

  16. Bruce Strathclyde

    ffs I thought this was real XD

  17. I don’t know if she’s trying to put on a British accent or Aussie

  18. lmfao

  19. Underrated movie

  20. Rose Byrne’s voice in this movie is so ridiculously attractive

  21. This was a great movie. I laughed my ass off!!!

  22. ROSE BYRNE!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍
    I'm in love with this perfect woman!!!

  23. I kinda want a cognac now…

  24. Rose is so sexy in this movie

  25. Wait was this an Aldous Snow interview or a Russell Brand interview?

  26. I can tell you that I detest Judd Apatow and his formulaic comedic movies. But somehow, "Get him to the Greek" is one of the funniest films i've ever seen. Even Sean Combs is funny.

  27. Why the pussy? where's her pussy?

  28. She pulled a Brittany spears on that news reporter

  29. Is she doing a russell brand impression?

  30. rose is a dime….

  31. George Washington


  32. Brooke Anderson

  33. Does anyone know who the Interviewer is, in this interview…