MacBook Pro 2021 vs MacBook Air M1 – SPEND or SAVE?

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In this video, I answer the age old question, should you buy a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air? Well this year with all the new fantastic “Pro” hardware… it’s an even more complicated question to answer. This is why I put together a very detailed comparison between the MacBook Pro 2021 models (14″ and 16″) and the beloved MacBook Air M1. I go over product design/hardware differences, portability, performance and productivity while being used in laptop form.

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0:00-0:25: Intro
0:25-5:41: Product Design Differences
5:41-8:18: Portability Comparison
8:18-11:17: Performance (M1 vs M1 Pro/Max)
11:17-14:07: Productivity while in “laptop-mode”
14:07-15:07: Final Thoughts + Outro

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  2. Hi!
    How are you today?

  3. “That sentence was overly complicated for no reason” – Noah.

    Don’t even break the flow of them delivery. Lol 🤔😂

  4. "as sus as that sounds" lmaooo

  5. Got the basemodel of the macbook air M1. It's a beast for the price. I don't see a reason to upgrade for me.

  6. The Reclamation Project

    I dig that monitor mount. Do you have a link for that?

  7. Domingo Santiago

    I went with the MacBook Air, you can find some great deals now. Opted for the 16GB Ram and 8 core GPU and 512GB. Nice sweet spot in affordability.

  8. Pranjal Tripathi

    Every apple Mac book air m1 user pls play piano music or any other high pitch volume it will let your speaker buzz the keyboard and ultimately bust apple for their defective design of keyboard.It is requested to all the Mac book air m1 user to complaint to apple about this issue. They are not listening, even my product is under warranty also many other users are reporting this

  9. Can someone help me decide on which laptop to buy please? I am upgrading from mbp 2012. I am working as a virtual assistant, mostly excel, one drive. Web based apps.. accounting tools probably in the near future for bookeeping. I am thinking of getting the macbook air m1 based model. Would that be enough? Should i just get a macbook pro 13’ or maybe get macbook air m1 with 16gb ram?

  10. B e t a m a l en

  11. I feel like even the MacBook Pro I got coulda been way overpowered had I went with the M1 Max chip. M1 Pro packs more than enough of a punch. I also have a MacBook Air I still use as well sometimes when I just need something super light and small to get out, similar to having an iPad Pro 11 inch.

    Also 16 gigs of unified memory on an iPad Pro didn't have that much of an impact on my work at all. It was just nice having a smaller more portable iPad for drawing wherever I am and honestly, I prefer it now over the larger iPad I got.

  12. christos tsapakis

    Can we have the wallpapers links?

  13. Thoughts on a Mac mini instead of a desktop?

  14. Really depends on what your needs are. I can't spend the 2K on it, but for what I do for work. The Air M1 is perfect, is all web-based. So is just better for me, I just went with the 16gb. Also at work most people use the Air M1 for work, is easy to carry around.

  15. I’m a teacher and ended up going with the 14 inch Macbook Pro. The main thing for me was all of the ports/slots being added back to the PRO and having an HDMI port. Makes life so much easier and with apple education pricing I got it at $1850. I’m paying for it in monthly installments with an apple card so I got some money back as well. I also see it as an investment since I am going to start to look into content creation as well and I can see this laptop lasting me a very long time.

  16. Lord of Fraternity

    Cool channel

  17. "as sus as that sounds" (c) Noah LMFAO!!!!

  18. M1 Air looks slim and sexy… The performance is just insane why spend 2k$ on MacBook pro. Macbook air is way better option

  19. Awesome video. Loved it.

  20. I'm wondering if the 64 GB model will solve my performance threshold for my Girlfriend 🥺

  21. So no thunderbolt port on the air?

  22. Samsung Tab S7 for me….Now, what MAC gonna do about that?

  23. vicuriously paid infoMercials for Apple Juice Piss #😵‍💫⌚️🧠

  24. I would say M1 Air is enough power for most people today and couple of years in the future… Use it for heavy design work all day long without it being warm or slow down compare to the intel mbp 16" even… As a creative Pro I would say… try and think one extra time… Do you want the pro because it says "PRO" or do you really need the extra power?

  25. Toni Mathias-Grumley

    So basically, if you have the money get the 14". If you dont, get the Air. I debated the two and after an hour of deliberation, I got the MacBook 14" I think it was the ports, like HDMI and SD card being added and also the fit and the finish is bad ass! I prefer "chunky" makes me feel like my money is going farther….

  26. Debating hard between three situations:
    1) MBP 14” 10c16c 16GB 1TB – $2400
    2) MBP 14” Base Model – $1800
    3) Used MBAir 8c8c 16GB 1TB – $1250

    I’m leaning towards #2. Any thoughts or opinions?
    Paid Photographer whose workflow consists of 3-4hr editing sessions in Lightroom classic and mass exports. Hobbyist video editor for personal memories with family and friends. AutoCAD (2D only) user for engineering day job looking to try running parallels in rare work from vacation or home emergencies.

  27. Ken88--Information OVERLOAD

    Very simple: if you only have $1,000 you buy MacBook Air, and if you have $2,000 you buy the 14-inch MacBook Pro..there! 5 seconds, easy’re welcome.

  28. Tenacious QinKs RARETV

    I’m no professional but I’m looking to eventually record music, do some filming, and editing for future YouTube vids and I’m debating if getting the pro would be my best bet? I already have an hp for casual research and browsing. Oh and I’m thinking of an iPad Pro just to spoil myself lol any advice?