Apple MacBook Pro 14 inch Release Date and Price – Mini LED Screen & M1X Confirmed!

The LATEST NEW MacBook Pro 14 inch Report shows that an Mini LED Screen & M1X Confirmed inside the upcoming New MacBook from Apple.
I also want to share everything about this New Display & Specs for the NEW M1x MacBook Pro 2021.
We also have other details including the Apple MacBook Pro 14 inch Release Date and Price!

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Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock:

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  1. Will you be getting a NEW 14 or 16 inch MacBook Pro 16 inch M1X this year?

  2. Oops, It's a Game !

    Keep watching your videos even I can't afford this yet lol. Apple is going crazy.

  3. The MacBook Pro are just so OP! Thanks for the effort for giving us quality content!

  4. I wanna buy everything apple is just amazing………..

  5. ipad mini 2021

  6. what is estimate date that 2021 Macbook pro coming out? this year? apple customer service won't tell the date

  7. MacBook Pro 14

  8. A glowing apple logo.

  9. MacBook Air for sure

  10. 🙌 //throws plan to buy M1 MBA to the garbage 🗑//

    MBP14 come to papah

  11. I am now considering a Mac book pro, I am in the market for a new laptop undecided on whether I’d stick with dell or jump to macs.

  12. Definitely the MacBook Pro 16 inch M1X – 14 inch!

  13. I've been dreaming to get a Macbook Pro. And that would be my very 1st Apple Laptop.!
    I am really really really really looking forward for the 2nd Apple Event to launch M1X models.!! 😍😍

  14. Good job Thanks

  15. I am going yo buy M1X MacBook 🤩

  16. Def looking forward to upgrading the now brick-like iphone

  17. Mini LED display is absolutely NOT amazing! the difference is so tiny you must look for it to find it.

  18. How about MacBook air ?

  19. So the led on the keyboard is staying


  21. I am looking forward to getting the MacBook pro 14' as my first MacBook.

  22. Looking forward to the Macbook pro 14”. Still using my 2015 macbook pro… hoping it it hang on till the new release! Awesome video.

  23. iPhone 13 and new MacBook Pro 16”

  24. I'll b4 buying the 14" MacBook Pro in 2021

  25. Jaya khimdung rai

    no touch bar sad .

  26. I’m at University at the moment studying to become a midwife… my current laptop is about 10yrs old and takes 20 mins to start up which is frustrating and makes getting my assessments done efficiently difficult… as a result I would love to buy a MacBook or MacBook Pro but unfortunately as a single studying parent I can’t afford it… but I can dream….

  27. I’m really looking forward to getting the 13” M1 MacBook Pro! But I’m hoping they come out with the 14” soon because I’d rather get a size that’s in between the 13” and 16” to be honest. The 16” is a bit big for me

  28. I'm most definitely getting the new MBP 14 with M1X. I certainly need it. Been without a laptop for quite a while. Doing development on my Linux box until I can get the MBP 14"

  29. I've been doubtful on which pc to purchase to pursue my degree, however, the M1X seems to be my future beast well noting that more Windows apps can be optimized for Mac…

  30. Definitely want an M1X as soon as Windows works on it!

  31. I hoping for a new MacBook Pro

  32. They’ve got an event listed now on their website

  33. Looking to get the MacBook Prp 14 this year so this video was definitely a good watch. Thanks.

  34. Thanks for your time and information! I’m looking forward to getting my first Mac ever! Maybe a new pro?

  35. Apple M1 Chip is another level entirely with fast performance, powerful machine and efficiency energy. That is the reason to move or upgrade to Apple M1 chip system.