Ultimate MacBook Pro GPU Comparison (What no one has shown)

14 Core vs 16 Core vs 24 Core vs 32 Core M1 Pro & M1 Max Graphics Comparison!
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In this review, I’ll cover various aspects of the new 14″ and 16″ MacBook Pros in regards to Graphics performance in benchmarks like Geekbench 5 Metal, GFX Bench, 3D Mark Wildlife extreme Gaming, Video Editing, Blender 3D Rendering with Metal 3.0.1 3.0.1a. Graphics RAW performance, Thermal Throttling, Battery Life, M1 Pro and M1 Max graphics GPU Frequencies, M1 Max wattage, and more!

Timestamps ⬇️
14 vs 16 vs 24 vs 32 core – 00:00
Geekbench 5 CPU – 1:30
Adobe Photo Editing – 2:00
Affinity Photo Benchmark 2:30
Adobe Lightroom Super Resolution – 4:00
GeekBench 5 Metal – 05:50
Performance per GPU Core – 06:16
GFX Bench Aztec Ruins 1440P – 07:06
FPS Per Core for Gaming – 07:39
Max GPU Wattage TDP – 08:01
Blender 3D Rendering Metal Alpha – 08:23
4K Video Editing FCX – 09:35
DaVinci Resolve 17 Denoise – 10:48
4K & 8K ProRES RAW – 11:36
8K Canon RAW to HEVC – 12:45
14″ vs 16″ Thermal Throttling – 13:00
Fan Noise & Heat – 14:36
16″ Battery life Comparison – 16:15
14″ Battery life Comparison – 17:15
Final Verdict! – 17:28

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  1. Which Configuration is best for what YOU do? Let us know below!
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  2. 24core and 64gb memory vs 32core 32gb memory vs 24core and 32 gb for video editing?

  3. please help me!

    I want to buy a computer and R5 but am afraid that the files will not be played in the premier I WANT TO SHHOT canon R5 ON 4K HQ 24.30 AND 4K 60 in CLOG 3 all-I in Premier witout proxy?

    I want to buy MACBOOK MAX 32GB 32C GPU 2TB

    Is it enough to work on files that are R5 – I fix color subtitles and audio titles and I edit 2-3 weekly small clips. Please help me figure out what to buy?

  4. I want to buy FOR VIDEO EDITING MACBOOK MAX 32GB 32C GPU or 64GB 24C GPU -BOTH 2TB What is better to buy

  5. WOW!!! Just WOW…
    This video is everything I ever wanted to know before buying a new MacBook PRO.

  6. Hello. Connectivity of external monitors is important to some people. These Macbook Pro M1 and Max offer that opportunity. Can you test them all and test all the benchmarks of "usage"…how do the external monitors (1, 2, 3, 4) external monitors affect the CPU/GPU/RAM? That could really help decide on which one to buy. This guy did one on the topic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDfN-CAoOtM&t=49s Can you guys try making one for the same topic with also showing the CPU/GPU/RAM impacts from external monitors? Love your channel.

  7. Guess the upcoming Mac Mini or iMac is the machine to get to maximize the 32-core GPU.

  8. Awesome review!! Thanks!!

  9. I am confused by your testing, a little:

    M1 Max and M1 Pro have different clock speeds to the Memory which may/could account for GPU frequency.

    In addition the M1 16” MPB has the High-Performance mode[did that make any difference in the models you tested??], but is that feature just with the Max chipset and not the Pro, MPB16” models only?

    Here is what I have found out:

    M1 MacMini and M1 13" MBP have 8 GPU Cores that seem to max out at 1000 Mhz Clock Speed.

    M1 Max 14” MBP w/ 32 GPU Cores seem to max out at 1000 Mhz Clock Speed.

    In your testing there seems to be a 1300 Mhz Max, Clock Speed.

    In your testing, is there a difference in the Max or Pro GPU Max Clock Speed?

    In your testing is the clock speed tied to whether you have a:

    14 Core GPU

    16 Core GPU

    24 Core GPU

    32 Core GPU


    M1 Pro with the corresponding GPU Count have different “max frequency”?

    M1 Max with the corresponding GPU Count have different “max frequency”?

    … and maybe the limitation is the total clocking capability of that particular SOC can do in combination with the thermal envelope, not just Apple arbitrarily setting a max limit on the frequency of the GPU. Your thoughts? Do you have subsequent test results that are a bit more granular?

  10. Real World Review

    What I am getting from this is RAM doesn't matter when using FCP. Nice

  11. thanks for the insight! really helpful

  12. So base models are quietest with the 16" base model being quiet even at high loads. Got it. So I'm thinking of getting the base model 16" + 32GB. Do you think that extra 16GB of RAM is going to make much of a difference if I don't care about export times in apps? Or just put that $$ towards 4TB instead? I use Xcode simulator, Logic Pro for very light work, some machine learning but do not need GPU since we can use Colab cloud GPU. I will use Blender but more for hobby not pro.

  13. 14 to 16, not to 32. again mistakes guys. what is the problem?

  14. Hey Max, since you are talking about this… Do a Gaming benchmark video comparing the MacBook Pro with Radeon 5600M with M1 Pro and M1 Max. Nobody did that yet.

  15. Thomas Cooke Music

    Hi Max Tech. I’m currently trying to edit a 4k 30 minute sitcom episode on my 2017 Macbook Air… it’s struggling 😅 I’m doing colour corrections (sometimes primary and secondary) on almost every clip, lots of cutting back and forth, I’ve got one or two effects, a LUT applied all the way through, separate dialogue clips that have been edited and synced up (and sometimes they’re stacked), background sounds throughout, some titles and some music every now and again… and I might do a tiny bit of tracking. Which of these new models/configurations would you recommend?

  16. Question: Does a 16" / 16 cores / 32 of RAM perfirm close to a 16" / 24 cores / 32 of RAM in 3D modeling and rendering usign the swap memory? In my mind maybe the one with 16cores will get some swap memory to use if its needed? Kinda curious. Thanks (:

  17. I have a 2021 Oct 16 MacBook Pro 10 CPU 16 GPU 1 TB Memory. I am trying to mine DOGE coin to test the computer. I know it does not paid to do this but I would like to how much of the computer is useful or what the problems are!

  18. With a student discount you can get the 16 inch MacBook Pro Max with 64 GB and one terabyte basically, the biggest and most maxed version out there for $3500. And in this case I feel the screen is just to awesome to go 14” with, honestly might as well get an iPad Pro and use duet or anycase to access your home PC on the go, I now use my iPad inside a sketchboard pro for use with ZBrush and Blender. Actually anyone that has an iPad I would recommend a sketchboard pro to , they’re just awesome!! you’ll have to see the believe

  19. This helped me a lot on deciding which one to buy! Thanks always!

  20. The information was great for I 'am looking for a new laptop

  21. I only use mine for Facebook and watching youtube so I got the 32 core just to make sure it does gooder 😁

  22. Great video. Is 16” M1 pro ( 32gb )1 tb as quiet as the 16” m1 pro (16 gb )1 tb?

  23. This is the info I have been requested for a long time! I think that this is the only channel that does provide this information.
    My plan was to buy the 16 inch with 32GB ram / 2TB SSD / 16 core GPU. I will use the laptop mostly for music production.
    But will probably buy the same 16 inch with 32GB ram, but with 1TB SSD / 24 core GPU. An external NVMe or SSD drive of 2TB will cost me about USD250.

    Btw, this channel deserve 10 millions subscribers!!!!

  24. Sidónio Oliveira

    And music editing ?

  25. Thanks very much, for this guys. very useful video clearing out the M1 pro VS Max lineup.
    If i may though .. and i know you’ve made a couple of videos on that already… but i want to point this out as a suggestion :

    Please do more videos focusing on the stability and ease of usage. I don’t care so much about rendering times, but rather.. how smooth the machine allows me to be while working, either in Logic Pro, or FinalCut / Da Vinci Resolve, Affinity Photo/Design, Rhino, Blender, etc.. Do you know what i mean ?
    Focus more on the performance WHILE editing, WHILE working.

    I know i am not alone in this request.. and i also know that you know what i mean, here.

    Thank you , and best wishes for 2022 !
    cheers from Portugal

  26. János Adelsberger

    Showing performance per dollar would be a great addition to the graphs!