M1 Max MacBook Pro 14 vs M1 Pro MacBook Pro 16 – Choose Wisely!

M1 Max MacBook Pro 14 vs M1 Pro MacBook Pro 16 Review. The performance on these devices are absolutely insane but do you really need to buy the M1 Max? I compare it to the latest desktop PC’s and the most powerful 17″ laptop. Hopefully this video helps you make the right choice!

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  1. Great video! Would you be able to justify a $500.00 increase from the MBA M1 16gb 8core/8cpu to the base model 14inch M1? Would you see a big enough performance boost to justify such a move? Or does the whole package of the base 14 m1 …better screen etc justify the move?

  2. Francisco Pérez

    Best M1 review. Thank you.

  3. Great video!

  4. Just bought the m1max 32core with 64g ram so that I can watch Netflix and YouTube videos without lag! If you stream a lot of videos, you should definitely get the upgraded m1max version. It plays Netflix so much better!

    Source: Trust me bro.

  5. anchor.fm/alphawave

    It needs to be said, YouTubers need to stop telling people what they need or don't need based on assumptions they make about professions outside their expertise. My expertise is technological trends. I can say with perfect confidence that 8k resolution and 3D art in the form of NFTs will be more standard than it is now and it's definitely more standard now than people cranking out video content reviewing tech daily seem to have the free time to comprehend. Covid also increased the number of individuals working from home. In my experience, I seem to rise to the occasion of whatever software or tech I have. If it's on my device I use it and art is becoming more and more automated. Creativity is much an arms race as it is a form of expression. By telling someone the maxed out Mac is not for them, you are really just up-selling the more affordable purchase, not downselling the super powered tool that might actually turn them into a professional. As I understand it, more new wealth has been generated for NFT gaming and experimental graphic art pushing the boundaries of technology in the past year, than PewdiePie, Ryan, Joe Rogan, Marqueese and whoever else on YouTube made combined over the past decade. These Macs are as much for that amateur crowd as they are for any working professional.

    The last thing I will say on this topic is this. I suggest everyone here get their metaverse building studio tools now while they can, or prepare to starve and die. Best regards all.

  6. hi bro

    which is the best laptop for game designer

    money doesn't matter

  7. So i feel like this is the ultimate example of future proofing vs. what you need now. Obviously, all the tests that are being run and compared right now are based on the currently available software packages. BUT, in very short time, those software packages will expand and become more complex, offering features and options that could not be offered prior because the M1 pro/Max are so fast. THEN, I think you’ll start to see a much larger difference between the max and pro chips. That’s what makes this decision so hard, because this is new territory in terms of chip architecture, and guessing how much the software will evolve in the next 3 or 4 years is tough. But inevitably, that’s what will happen, and some who are using todays software only to make their decision might end up disappointed in a few years when they wish they could run the additional components that now slow down the pro.

  8. Never heard of you before today. Love your style of reviews. Very even handed and deferential. Definite sub.

  9. Which size MacBook Pro and colour you like ?

  10. These or the new Surface Laptop Studio? That’s the question, but if you hate Windows you’ll buy one of these new MacBooks no matter what.

  11. I am sure that the 14-inch MacBook Pro is throttled by thermal and power in the long stress test.

  12. Nice review. But the graphical representation you showed at 1:55 is incorrect. The difference between custom PC and MacBook Pro 16 (M1 Pro) is only 6 sec but the representation shows it as almost 35sec. Similarly the graph for MBP 14 is at 1:59 sec but the value on graph corresponds to approx. 1:35 sec. Just saying.

  13. It's good you tell us the reality of hype release culture.

  14. Youtubers are so full of themselves that they don’t consider anything creative outside of making those low budget youtube videos. 😂🤷‍♂️👀 Nice review b.t.w.

  15. Amazing video!!!

    I’m at a crossroads. I don’t know which of the following I should buy:

    M1 Pro 16 inch / 10 cpu 16 gpu / 32gb RAM / 1 TB Storage

    M1 Max 16 Inch / 10 cpu 24 gpu / 32gb RAM / 512 Storage.

    I know these are no gaming laptops but I would like to be able to play WOW Shadowlands in a very good res and also Play Diablo 4 when it comes out .

    I think I don’t really need much space because I don’t work with heavy projects / I guess if needed I could use an external ssd in the future but I would like to hear you guy’s opinions.


  16. After all the hype the 14, 16 inch Pro, Max is geared for professional creators, developers and the M1Air is geared for the average user.

  17. Phuong Nguyen Van

    I hate the notch

  18. I want these things!!! But I don't need them 😁

  19. Great video, I think the graphs might be a little off when you view the x axis

  20. video creators thinking the macbook is exclusively for them lmaooo, machine learning cores in here bro

  21. Thanks for the quality content (as always, practical and relatable – one of my to-go channel for tech reviews), but I want to take time to say how you look great on this video. The hairstyle + shaved facial hair is ⭐.

  22. As a dev, you don't need to work on big projects or AI to benefit from better CPU. When you compile a mid-size Xcode project 20+ time per day, you crave for power and you sign a check for the boost. Because waiting time is usually time when you lose focus.