14" MacBook Pro vs M1 MacBook Air – Worth $1,000 MORE? 🤔

Apple’s new 14″ MacBook Pro is a KILLER value for everything that you get, but is it a more wise choice to just go for the $1,000 M1 MacBook Air? Will it be fast ENOUGH? Let’s find out!
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In this video, we compare everything between the NEW 14″ MacBook Pro for $1,999 and the M1 MacBook Air for $999, including the speakers, the design, microphones, webcams, keyboards, performance, and much more!

We run all of these tests to find out if it’s actually worth spending the extra money on the 14″ MacBook Pro or not.

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Timestamps ⬇️
14″ MacBook Pro vs M1 MacBook Air – 00:00
Design & Size Differences – 00:42
Ports & Display Support – 01:42
Speaker Quality Comparison – 03:32
Webcam & Mic Comparison – 04:25
Display Differences & Quality – 04:52
Blackmagic SSD Speed Test – 08:29
Geekbench 5 CPU Test – 09:47
Geekbench 5 Metal GPU – 11:07
3DMark Wild Life Extreme – 11:37
Cinebench R23 & Thermals – 12:41
Logic Pro Music Production – 16:52
Xcode Programming – 17:31
Blender Rendering Performance – 18:14
Lightroom Classic Photo Editing – 19:05
4K H.264 Video Editing – 21:16
4.5K Red RAW Video Editing – 23:07
4K ProRes RAW to ProRes 422 – 23:42
Battery Life Comparison – 24:33

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  2. the man with a mision yet he failed

    really helpful

  3. I can't wait to see Macbook Air M2 vs Macbook pro M1x 14". that'd be a fairer more interesting comparison.

  4. Thank you

  5. Nepal 🇳🇵

  6. nice trick to get subscriber pretend that you can win an expensive mac but you cant really find if someone actually won or they can just pretend that someone won the price but that person doesnt exist

  7. great review thanks

  8. Jonathan Kenoly


  9. EXACTLY the video I was LOOKING FOR 👍👍🤝 great work guys as always

  10. Dana Ben-Yehuda

    Hi, I'm subscribed 🙂 and really appreciate this video. What you said about the MacBook Air handling your YouTube videos helped. My next adventure is creating videos both for my business and a video podcast. The 14" MacBook Pro is very tempting, but even if I upgrade an Air to 16GB and 1TB, the 14" MB Pro is at least $500 more. Does the basic 14" M1 MBP have video codecs that the Air does not? Hankering after the 14" but think the Air makes sense financially. It's more that I don't want to have to buy two computers in short order.

  11. Turn on the damn keyboard backlight!

  12. I hope for the MacBook 14, coming from San Francisco California.

  13. Thank man, I would like to say thank to this viedeo video.
    I am getting stuck with the decision among these awesome things.
    Anyway, I would appriciate if I won the give away, LOL.

  14. done

  15. Relaxation Sounds

    Love the detailed tests you do in all your videos!!

  16. personally my biggest ifs with laptops is that i hate small screens. so when i went to a store to look at these macs, the macbook air just felt disgustingly tiny. even besides all the spec differences in the screen which are already better. if the macbook air had a bigger screen i would've chosen that mac instead. a tiny screen gets cluttered, and you lose track even just if you wanna drag a file from finder to another thats fills up your screen. i ended up choosing the 14 inch m1 pro.

  17. Lucila Córdoba

    I love both computers. Air and pro are amazing.

  18. this was very detailed and informative, this really help me get an understanding. Overall i would get the pro because of the ports/sound and crispness (idk if thats a word LMAO)

  19. I had the MBP 14" and returned it for the MBA M1. I still can't get the MBA to lag or slow down and even tried to open as many tabs as I could with YouTube and video editing on the go, it still managed without an issue. Made me thankful not to spend an extra £1,000 on the MBP when I didn't really 'need' to.
    People forget that the MBA can also do video editing as well, it can essentially deliver 99% of what people will need. In my opinion, the MBP is absolutely not worth £1,000 more. The screen was nicer, but not that much money nicer.

  20. thanks for doing this I need a new macbook pro!

  21. For that price they should have 4k