M2 MacBook Air – Will it be Apple's BEST Laptop!?

The recent M1 Pro Macs might not be the Macs designed for everyone, but it can give us a glimpse in what to expect for the next generation of Apple Silicion level consumer level Macs like the M2 MacBook Air, M2 iMac, and M2 Mac mini that should be receiving a lot of the same benefits that Apple has already built into the M1 Pro and M1 Max Macs, and also some unique benefits that will make them much better for the consumer level audience these M2 Macs are targeting.

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  1. StudentStruggles _

    I’d love for the m2 chips to come out soon but I just can’t see Apple releasing them in the first half of 2022. The upgraded m1 chips just released and I I doubt they’ll release a cheaper m2 soon as it would reduce the incentive to purchase the more expensive pro m1 products. Just my 2 cents.

  2. It should be M1 Air, not M2.

  3. I ordered mbp 14 m1 max 32 core 32 gb ram. How many years do you think it will last?

  4. you look like Filip Chajzer

  5. I really wish the next MacBook Air came with a 14" screen. I may just have to get the 14" MacBook Pro.

  6. that white keyboard is a deal breaker for me.

  7. I agree. The M1 MBA with no fan is the best. Having no fan keeps the dust out. Trust me. had a laptop get busted just coz' the fan died and the fan was full of gunk.

  8. If they make a 16” I’ll buy one. If not. No thanks

  9. M2 will be Best in 2022, M2 PRO will be amazing in 2023, M2 PRO ULTRA will be Best ever in 2024, M3 will be crazy Best ever ever in 2025, ,,,,,,, to be continued , 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Great work as always Greg! Where di you get that amazing tshirt??????

  11. bleh bleh bleh bleh bleh

  12. Alessandro Proietti

    Supply chain problems are huge but I hope for Q2. I own a 2015 Thinkpad and the battery is almost gone.

    Personally I never buy the first generation of a new technology but Q3 is very far from now.

    Most important: I really want a redesign. I was thinking to buy Macbook Air or Surface Laptop 4 and both have the same design by years. A laptop is something you watch everyday and a new design should help a lot.

  13. One complaint is mini-LED, it seems like a cut price OLED. Given that the luminosity component is the most important to vision, I can see issues with rendering accuracy at sizes smaller than the backlight cells, any sort of edge and typography comes to mind. Not a good design tool, you'd have to essentially turn them all to the same brightness. Mini LED isn't for design, it's for content consumption

  14. An M2 Air with an updated screen would drastically reduce the appeal of the M1 Pro 14" – which may suddenly seem very expensive for modest gains.

  15. Shahar Rozenbloom

    In iPhone 15 Apple will move to M1 Chip in iPhone Pro and iPhone 15. And M1 Pro for iPad if you Can Produce Enough. Invest tens of Billions in that. Tim Think Hard informent every Week. Work.

  16. got my M1 MBA for 2 months

  17. I think the Unique Selling Propositions of the MacBook Airs are portability, affordability/price, and battery endurance. With the M1 (and by extension the future M2) chip, extended battery life is practically a given. That leaves price and portability. To keep the weight and dimensions down, I believe the Air should not get any bigger, and possibly should get smaller… except that there is an iPad Pro at 12.9"! If the air were any smaller, the iPad Pro would be "bigger" than an Air. (Sidecar THAT!) So the argument would be, "if you want more portable, get an iPad". Except an iPad with a keyboard would be pricier than an Air… Apple needs to reconcile this (or maybe they don't?) At the 12" – 13" screen size, maybe they need to resolve that to a "iPad with keyboard" option (or a detachable screen laptop?) that is price competitive to the Air.
    But for that to happen they would need the iOS and MacOS to converge more. For efficiency (iOS for mobile devices, and MacOS for laptops/desktops), they should not be integrated or the respective OS will be bloated. But for a seamless experience, the two OS should be almost indistinguishable.
    And the M1 is already in the iPad Pro… Hmmm….

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  19. Mohamed Riyas KP

    When M1 launched , I waited for M1X (M1 Pro and Max). Now for M2. After that for M2X

  20. For zbrush, blender and photoshop should I go for the 14" M1 Pro or wait for the M2?

  21. I hope that they release it during back to school so i can get free airpods and include the beautiful 120hz display. We have to remember that apple has a bigger profit margin since they switched from intel to their own silicone

  22. next gen already? lol

  23. The M2 Macbook Air will have a mini-LED XDR display, but without the 120Hz ProMotion adaptive refresh rate. There is a good chance of it having a 24-60 Hz adaptive refresh rate, however.

  24. Serious question GREG, are we going to be seeing new releases of the MacBooks every year from now on like we see with the iPhone? Maybe not, considering that we dont see new iPads that often

  25. I don't mind if the M2 Air doesn't have the XDR miniLED screen, but I despise the goofy colors and white bezels/keyboard. Can't understand why Apple would do that to us. It looks like Tim Cook hired a kindergarten finger painting class to do the design.

  26. The M1 Macbook Air makes sense to keep in the product line as a rebranded Macbook classic, just "Macbook." Apple is at a place where they could dominate the personal computing space, especially the laptop space, and an entry-level $600-800 Macbook would help with that. They could do an entry-level "Mac" line like they used to have, and an "Air" line with colors, and a "Pro" line, and they could probably pass Windows in consumer desktops and laptops.

  27. great … but it will be MacBook … not MBA

  28. 13 inch and a notch with the same size as the 14 and 16inch? Will look ugly.

  29. so you're saying its getting a newer more efficient chip (which i assume will be almost as powerful as the base mac pro considering the m1 already holds its own) and you are also assuming it will also get all of the hardware upgrades of the pro like the screen and all of the ports…so its just a thinner lighter mac pro with almost no drawbacks other than maybe a few gpu cores. i dunno man.

  30. Ga.vijaymurugan Vijay

    I love stevejobs I love apple 🍎

  31. ….I;m holding out – for M&M + 10x

  32. I'm on a 2016 MacBook Pro, so anything is an upgrade, but still. I'm holding out for this haha

  33. Michael Middleton

    Greg, can you try one of your new M1 MacBooks with an iMac power supply / ethernet connector to see if they support wired Ethernet connectivity, too?

  34. The notch stinks. They should put it under the screen