40% DISCOUNT M1 MacBook Pro & Air Has Come!!

FINALLY we can get the M1 MacBook Pro and the M1 MacBook Air with an 40% DISCOUNT in 2022! I have managed to do it and I want to show YOU how you can do it anywhere in the World too!

💻 GET THE NEW M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max MACS HERE (Amazon Links)
M1 Pro/Max 14″ MacBook Pro;
M1 Pro/Max 16″ MacBook Pro;
M1 13″ MacBook Pro:
M1 13″ MacBook Air:
M1 Mac Mini:
M1 24″ iMac;

iPhone 13 Pro Max:
iPhone 13 Pro:
iPhone 13:
iPhone 13: Mini:
iPhone 12;

iPad Pro M1 12.9 (2021):
iPad Pro M1 11 (2021):
iPad Air:
iPad 9th Generation:
iPad Mini:

Laptop Stand:
Samsung 32” 4K Monitor:
Samsung T5 Portable 1TB SSD:
Aukey USB-C Hub:
Apple Magic Wireless Keyboard:
Apple Magic Mouse 2:
Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock:

Concepts from;

Matt Talks Tech; Some of these concepts have been created by myself. Useage of these concepts need my concent and agreement first.
iOS beta news;
Enoylity Technology;
Enoylity Technology;
Technizo Concept;
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  1. What is the Best DISCOUNT you have got on a Apple Product?

  2. I saw a MacBook Air M1 on Facebook marketplace for sale for $250. This woman was selling hers because her little girl spilled fruit juice on it. I bought it, took it apart, And put it on my hotair rework bench and fixed it. I did offer it back to her after I fixed it but she didn’t want it. So I got a brand new M1 MacBook Air for my wife for extremely cheap. This woman had this machine for three months and then her daughter spilled that fruit juice and completely obliterated the inside.

  3. I think it’s a great time upgrading my MacBook. M1 MacBook Pro will be perfect at this time.

  4. Just upgraded/acquired the whole apple ecosystem in 2021 so nothing in 2022! If anything maybe a fast Xiaomi ax9000 WiFi router

  5. I would buy a mac book if I could

  6. committed2thecore

    On eBay looking for a M1 MacBook Air right now

  7. Your video is marvelous. And i want to buy a MacBook in 2022

  8. I'm really looking forward to a macbook pro m1 14''


    I want to invest into the MacBook Pro 14’ and Mac along with AirPods Pro for my studying. 🍎

  10. James Quincey Holden

    I’m going to buy an air tag this month

  11. So you bought it second hand and called it a discount… absolute tool

  12. Waiting for a M1 Pro or M1 Max iMac 😄

  13. hi! im thinking of getting the M1 mac mini with 16 GB RAM because i do a lot of graphic design & video editing and im currently working on a macbook pro from 2012 so an upgrade is very much needed!

  14. These benchmarks are just amazing! I do A.I. assisted art, I want to get a M1 MacBook Air.

  15. Im planning to buy a MacBook Air M1 but I need those 16GB and 512GB SSD if I'm getting the Air instead of the Pro. Seems fair to me:)

  16. What I'm going to get apple related in 2022 is your apple 13 give away, lol. I'm An Android guy BUT; my granddaughter is a big, BIG APPLE 🍎 FAN GIRL!!! I got her an 🍎 12 mini and she is in heaven. So if I win…GUESS WHO IS GETTING AN UPGRADE? If I don't win kittens somewhere in the world will miss a meal. We wouldn't want hungry kittens would we❓ Actually… she will just have to make due until she graduates 🎓 College with honors at which point I may consider upgrading her again myself with the iPhone 26. 🤣

  17. Hi there…it's my first time here in your chanel. 🤗… I am working on trying to save enough money to get an iPad and apple pencil. I am taking a step to change careers and will start with digital illustration. I am starting a certificate program for unemployed adults here in Portugal and will hopefully get a job in the field. But I do not the money to buy the iPad yet 😢. So I use what I have for now .

  18. Glad to hear you’re feeling better and thanks a lot for this video! I am saving money at the moment for a new MacBook. I am not completely sure yet which one but right now I’m feeling the most for the M1 Air. So thank you for your video, it was pretty helpful!

  19. MacBook Air m1 cheap I’m building money I just finished high school so ya

  20. I'd never trust Ebay.

  21. Hello, I have to get a new macbook pro, my old one just died. I think I’ll go for the m1 pro 16”

  22. I’m gonna get the airpods max, already got the pro and I really love the sound, fit and sound cancellation too.

  23. I will be buying 14inch MacBook Pro M2

  24. I’m planning to get the AirPods Pro 2

  25. Subscribed, good videos! Keep it up and you will hit 350.000 marker very soon!

    I'm planning to update my apple watch this year, but I'm not quite sure about the color options yet. Will probably wait for Apples WWDC events this year to see what they will do with the watch 8. But… I would love the iPhone 13 😍

  26. MacBook Pro

  27. Getting a m1 pro 16inch 10 core 16GPU 1TB

  28. MaCbuk Ehhhh. Sorry mate its just funneh

  29. how is buying a used item from ebay a "discount"?

  30. Woow eBay has some great deals. I'm planning to buy a MacBook Pro 14". I might have to check eBay first to hopefully get a good discount. 🤞🏼😊

  31. Looking to buy new Mac mini m2

  32. I'm planning to buy a ipad mini to take notes for college later this year!

  33. It's a bad deal. If you got a problem you are stuck with your cheap MacBook. Buy Apple product at Apple store. In the price you got the guarantee and the service.

  34. Definitely looking to get an iPad M1

  35. I'll be getting an Apple watch

  36. I'm probably getting the Mac mini M2, been loving its form factor ever since its core 2 duo days but have yet to own one. Also, it is will probably be the cheapest way to get a computer with an M2 chip just like the M1 mac mini.