MacBook Air M1 Still Worth Buying in 2022?| Long Term Review

I’ve used the BASE M1 MacBook Air for over 3 months and I have to say it’s honestly an under rated laptop and a serious contender for your money. I hope this video helps you and enjoy!

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  1. if you are ready to buy new laptop it is worth buying and i love macbook air m1, my mom bought it last october 10 2021.
    I use it mostly on my thesis and other school work from 10 am to 11 pm my battery was 23% (minimum % i experienced) since I started 100% using it ( if you're only doing paper works). yes like she stated that i never encountered any over heating. But please reminder please please.

    Don't use keyboard protector, screen protector and don't leave your laptop closed so long because it leave a mark on monitor or screen like I've experienced (when i leave my laptop close for too long) that can probably can damage your screen permanently. and it is annoying on the eye.

  2. Excited to get mine next month 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  3. Is it good for study? plz answer me❤️

  4. I am planning to buy it soon 🦆

  5. Dumb me bought the Air i5 in mid 2020 and not the M1 in late 2020. Then I realized the importance of getting the news and comparisons from YouTube before buying

  6. Is it suitable for engineering student since I read some software still not compatible with M1 chip . For example MATLAB ?

  7. Technical Lovers

    Beautiful review 😅😉

  8. Macbook is fine however, you …. you're finest. ✌️😂

  9. 100% worth buying! I got the M1 Air as my first ever apple computer and by far it's the best laptop I can ask for.

  10. what exact monitor are you using?

  11. I always cringe when I see an open laptop just being used to display on a monitor.

  12. What all comes in the box?

  13. should i wait for the 2022 one or just get this one now?? 🙂

  14. Hi Anna, glad I came across your channel with this video. I have used Windows for the past 29 years, and the mac air that I recently bought is my first mac ever, although I own and love all other Apple products. I don't comment on any youtube videos. But with the combinations of a Viet girl into tech, love Apple, and love a Tesla, I couldn't resist but to comment.

  15. Thank you for this. It makes absolute no sense to me to pay an extra $400-$500 for a MacBook Pro especially when I am no high end professional editor lol. The MacBook Air has all the basics I need for now and the price is worth it.

  16. Can we do games on this

  17. The Universe - Relaxing Music and Video

    My use for the macbook would be researching, online classes, editing 20 mins videos, designing and maybe coding. I definetly was getting tempted to get the pro but truly i dont think i need that much power. thankyou 🙂

  18. It's pretty fun to hear all them reviews. There must be hundreds of the same content out there.
    And unfortunately she dosent bring anything new to the table… So peace no like button this time.

  19. She loves her macbook long time

  20. Hi Anna, thanks for the review! QQ: Do you have 8 or 16GB RAM on your MBAir?

  21. Dhruv Chauhan Canada

    Your video really helped me alot thanks 🙂

  22. Love my MacBook but I don’t think it’s underrated at this point I think it’s undisputedly the best laptop you can buy under 1k

  23. Hello from Vietnam. Your video helped me a lot, so I decided to buy Mac Pro M1.

  24. Hey Anna, Could you please do Macbook air performance review exclusively in after effects? Thank you.

  25. Hey do you recommend this laptop with 16gb & 512ssd upgraded , for a computer science engineering STUDENT?? Please reply!!

  26. OMG! You are so beautiful 😍🙏 but your necklace hook a little bit not in proper location tho 👌😉 thanks for re-review MBA M1 🙏

  27. M1 Pro is fire

  28. Tbh I don’t think it’s underrated , at least not in Russia 😀

  29. Can you tell about the heating issue in m1 air ?