Why I Prefer the 14” MacBook Pro Over the New 16”

This is why I prefer the 14” MacBook Pro over the new 16” MacBook Pro. Hope you enjoyed watching 🙂

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0:00 – Intro
0:52 – 14″ vs. 16″ decision
1:31 – Screen size
4:18 – Weight
6:01 – Battery life
7:30 – Performance
8:39 – Extra thoughts

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  1. which monitor would you recommend I'm looking at getting mac mini not the new one 🙁

  2. Nicely done!

  3. Wanted to go with the 16, but when I’m home, I will connect the laptop to a 34 ultra wide and another 32 monitor and the laptop will stay opened under the 34 monitor right in front of me, so I don’t need more space on the laptop because I already have 2 gigantic screens.

  4. thank you so much Jennie Kim

  5. waiting for samsung s22 ultra

  6. Reigil Cachuela

    Any 14inch MacBook cases you recommend

  7. Awesome review! Exactly what I needed (wanted) to hear! 😉 Thank you!

  8. you're a blink, instant trust built! haha

  9. Im went for the 16 because i think its better for me and i wont be taking my laptop to a lot of places also nice vid

  10. Wouldn’t have been an iMac IPad combo more suitable for your needs

  11. I don't mean to shit on this and not appear sexist. I feel that girls prefer lightweight and compact form factors. (I mean men have more muscle build than women) On the flipside, the m1 chip performance and 2019 16" macbook pro is not that different and this is quite reasonable

  12. Gendensuren Damchaa

    actual macbooks not important , that girl!!!!!!!!!! OMG , iove you

  13. Decided to go from a 13" 2017 MB Pro to the 16" Pro. It's larger but I love the screen, HDMI, magsafe, and SD slot being back and I still find it reasonably portable for me all day running around teaching and work.

  14. thank you for the review, by the way, where did you get the MacBook holder. 3:57

  15. Finally, a video that has helped me in deciding which MacBook Pro to go for. I was really confused between the 14" and 16" because from a price perspective there's not much separating it and I would be working on spreadsheets and some light coding so I was leaning towards the 16" but after watching this video I've decided to go ahead with the 14" 10 core GPU 1 TB variant!
    Thanks for helping me make my decision!

  16. What specs did you go for?

  17. Thanks, What is your monitor stand? ( I noticed you put both laptop and monitor on it)

  18. "What's better 14inch or 16inch?" — "4K desktop monitor!". Thanks lol.

  19. 16 inch is 1.4 pounds heavier than the 14inch. Thank you can handle it? 💪🏼

  20. 16 is the way to go, 14 is way to small, not for real editing

  21. Same here , bought a 14 and liked it alot and then don't know why exchanged it with 16 and now hating my decision . Will exchange back to 14 tomorrow 😭

  22. Daniel Bochenski

    This was an amazing comparison. Thank you!

  23. Great I will go for 14", what power bank are you using?

  24. Mayer Fortwentytwentythree

    Your advice for the monitor is very smart!

  25. Mayer Fortwentytwentythree

    @2:002:50 You do realize the issue is the desk you’re using, not the laptop right? Just get a slightly taller desk

  26. Nice review Ella …gonna safe time for future buys since I subscribed Thank You 😊


    Thank you for information:)

  28. Anti Degenerates

    You code in Google Docs? Asians…..

  29. I always opt for 13/14” and work with a monitor on my desk.

  30. what happened to your M1 Macbook Air?

  31. please which power bank you are using for the macbook pro. kindly share it please

  32. What mic are you using in this video. It’s amazingly clear…. It’s like you are in the room….

  33. The 16inch mini LED display is better than basic 4k monitors

  34. Thanks Ella

  35. I have 14” and 16” with loaded specks i love them both .Specially both has 4tb SSD ,64 Gb Ram ,M1 Pro Max etc u can’t go wrong with the loaded specks

  36. I'm having trouble deciding between the 14 inch base model 8 core / 10 core and 16 or 32 GB of ram 🙂 My m1 MacBook Air with 8GB is starting to hit its limits lately as I've started a backend dev job and juggling multiple php storm instances , a few react/vue front end, a freaking angular app eating ram like no tomorrow, a postman instance, a mysql workbench / sequel ace w/e , slack , Ray , Chrome with endless tabs , various docker instances for different services or the occasional service installed with brew locally. Yea I'm really considering the 32 GB.

  37. Very insightful comparison! Definitely leaning towards the 14 considering that mine would be docked 90 percent of the time and like that the performance is comparable in my used case to the 16

  38. @Created by Ella
    What is the model and brand of your monitor ?
    It looks beautiful!

  39. 16" for me:)

  40. Thanks for this info! I just bought the new 16 inch M1 Pro, and have been second guessing whether I should've gone with the 14 inch. But I'm a photographer and I travel a lot for shoots so I think the bigger size will actually be better for me 🙂

  41. Tks, rethinking of switching to 14

  42. Using the M1 MacBook Air. It’s nice but I think I’ll switch to MacBook Pro 14 inch. Some things bug me a bit like the smaller screen size and the amount of base RAM and storage. It limits what I can have on it. Looking forward to upgrading when there’s a price drop on the 14 inch

  43. I love both, the 14-inch and 16-inch models. Personally, I got the 16-inch because I don't use a monitor, and the bigger screen comes in handy. Both are excellent choices.

  44. Peter .Källviks

    I have the 16" Max and love it, best I have ever had.

  45. I still have my 15 inch MacBook Pro from mid 2012. Man I need to upgrade but most def think that the smaller MacBooks are better for taking with you in a backpack and around cafes. I felt so weird with 15 inch at library and Starbucks lol

  46. Sustained performance is better in 16" model, due to more room to fit better cooling.

  47. Gabiot et le 5ème S

    Thanks a lot, so now I know I ll go for the 14 😁😁👍
    I wish you the best on YT! ✨✨✨

  48. I've been using an old 2012 MacBook Pro, and my photo processing became so slow that I needed an upgrade. I ordered the 14 inch M1 Macbook Pro a month ago, and I'm eager to put it through its paces. Your video confirmed my choice. Thank you. Mike Flood