Unboxing The 2020 M1 MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro

Apple M1 MacBook Pro vs Apple M1 MacBook Air which is the better deal in 2020?

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  1. Which would you choose the new MacBook Pro or Air?

  2. Muhammad Ahmed Arif

    Hi Tech Geeks, I am a windows user but need to upgrade my computer to a newer version I am very much into this Macbook.
    I have a couple of questions, first my budget is around 1500$ (250k PKr) so will it be a good choice over windows laptops?
    Secondly , my daily use is usually on Google chrome, MS office, Upwork (freelancing) I am not a developer or an editor. I just need to know whether i can run ms office, pdf files, google chrome (multiple tabs without getting slow) and movies smoothly? And what spec shall I get if I shall move with this one?
    Your guidance will be much appreciated.

  3. On Macs A Renice Value Of -20 Can Be Used On All Apps To Speed
    them Up

  4. Bajan Prince Wiggins

    Nothing is a budget price when it comes to Apple.

  5. Will TheVideoMaker

    Pretty sure that the MacBook Air could go with the simplicity of only the two USB-C ports and one headphone jack, but the MacBook Pro need a lot more ports than this

  6. I'll choose MacBook Air . 🙂

  7. Why this room lookin like The Batman’s bar cave

  8. hey how much for puppy

  9. Macbook pro

  10. Great video wow nice

  11. We need the air with better brightness and the pro 13 ditched .the real pro is 14 and 16

  12. That scene that starts at 6:55, just beautiful…

  13. Deloreand Upchurch

    Drama Trama Tyme say air over the pro

  14. I like macbook air m1

  15. Ahmad sajad NA Music


  16. im gonna buy macbook air with 8 core cpu and 8 core gpu or the macbook pro 14 inch with m1 max…
    in feb

  17. You’re the best man

  18. Ga.vijaymurugan Vijay

    I love stevejobs I love apple 🍎 awesome apple

  19. macbook air 400nit and macbook pro is 500nit they both ips p3 display

  20. well if you want lighter laptop go with LG Gram

  21. Is no one gonna talk about he named his dog Laika, the dog that was sent to space and died near the sun?

  22. Im a student who would also love to he able to game with my laptop, is macbook air a good choice?

  23. He sold me I’m getting a air !

  24. SK Rahimunnisa Raheema

    Brother all members are saying you are rich and you help the poor people iam the poor man my name UMAR give one laptop for me for my studies I don't had my phone also ana laptop also pls. Help brother iam waiting for your reply thank you for giving this opportunity to me 😭😭

  25. I have an old MacBook Air, and it sucks on editing videos. The reason why I switch to MacBook Pro today is that it doing things much faster than Air. Even with the same chip. Air is suitable for light office stuff, while Pro is good for, like editing and doing more complicated stuff.

  26. I really need that pro🥺

  27. It’s the new gen chip🤷‍♂️

  28. Uff the sound of music is terrible on this one 🥲

  29. Hopefully waiting for a better product with more io this november!!! Helps as a multimedia creator right?!!

  30. I tried to listen but I absolutely hate the background music. It was way too loud.

  31. Ibrahim Al-assaf

    Hello, I am a programmer. I love programming of all kinds, especially programming websites and mobile applications. I do some light design on Adobe suite. Do you recommend that I take a MacBook Pro m1 16gb 256gb or a MacBook Air 16gb 512gb? I can only choose one of these option is it worth it to get the 512 instead of the pro ?