M1 Pro/Max 14 & 16" MacBook Pros: What you NEED to know!

Apple’s REDESIGNED 14 and 16″ MacBook Pros are FINALLY HERE! Let’s take a look at the new design and M1 Pro/Max chips and give you EVERYTHING you need to know!
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Apple’s new M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pros are changing the game with the new redesign as well as all of the new features like 120hz ProMotion support, fast charging, excellent battery life, amazing speakers, and microphones, and of course the performance!

In this video, we go through EVERYTHING you need to know about them so you can decide if they’re worth buying!

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Timestamps ⬇️
New 14 & 16″ MacBook Pros – 00:00
Does it LIVE up to the Hype? – 0:25
Why we bought 8 of them! – 1:21
What happened to the M1X name? – 2:00
Our FIRST Reactions & Thoughts on the design – 3:12
Vadim’s Apple Master Plan is COMING TRUE – 4:08
How Apple will DESTROY the Laptop Market – 4:43
Our thoughts on the NOTCH – 5:15
Advantages of the THICKNESS – 6:07
The New Magic Keyboard redesign – 7:09
Weirdness surrounding the NEW port layout – 7:39
Our Thoughts on the NEW MagSafe 3 design – 9:16
What we think about the new display redesign – 10:00
Looking at the MASSIVE changes to display quality – 10:30
120hz ProMotion Display Technology – 11:17
The new 1080P FaceTime Camera Details – 11:55
The new 6-speaker sound system – 12:47
The INSANE 7.4GB/s SSD speed – 13:11
What about the battery life??? – 13:47
Our thoughts on the new M1 Pro chip – 15:42
The New GPUs are INSANE – 16:31
Video EDITORS REJOICE! – 17:25
Our thoughts on the new M1 Max chip! – 18:04
Sneak Peak at some M1 Max SECRETS! – 20:32
Our thoughts on the New MacBook Pro PRICING – 21:27
Conclusion & Preview! – 22:43

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    Best review! you guys cover every detail. Easier to make a choice when buying. Thanks


    Best review! you guys cover every detail. Easier to make a choice when buying. Thanks

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