MacBook Air M2 (2022) – You Might Want to Wait!

While the new M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pro have our attention, there’s a new MacBook Air in the works that should bring some really great features down to the consumer level MacBook lineup including a brand new design, M2 chip, MagSafe, and even a new mini-led display that will bring the best pro level feature to the consumer level MacBook line below the $2000 price point, but it could possibly be more expensive than you were expecting…

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  1. And then, one fine day, Apple released new M1 ULTRA!! Need to wait another year possibly, for M2.

  2. Haha all are useless productions. 🤣

  3. I’m really excited for this M2 MacBook Air design!

  4. Batman on Holiday

    I swear, I am going to shoot a bullet into the monitor if I hear once more anything about the "nudge design"

  5. Why your so pretty lol greetings from the Philippines with love 😊

  6. Your CGI is amazing! As is the quality of of your videos! I think the bezel will be white… 👍🏽😊

  7. Doubt very much you will get MagSafe on the new model… that's a pro feature…

  8. Why does it have white bezels, wtf is it, an iPhone 4?!?!?!

  9. welp the MacBook Air m2 is 1299 I'm not buying too expensive!

  10. Sleek design, lighter and faster etc are nice but, I would like to see more inclusion of more non-virgin material in manufacturing, modular design centred around the user and function rather than consumption, ease of repair, tracing of all resources used in manufacturing and certification of fair trade whenever possible, transparent information on the ecological footprint of the product etc.

  11. Nah I wanna have an SD card slot

  12. More colors, more sales, beautiful decision! I loved the blue air (shown in this video (demo)) both color wise and shapewise. Think about both the Pacific (iphone 12 pro/max) and Sierra blues (iphone 13 pro/max) on a thinner and boxier macbook airs.. fantastic! (About the white bezels? Thin black bezels (with or w/out notch will look better to me..)

  13. Looking forward to this one. The Pro is just a little bit too much for me.

  14. I’m in need of a laptop now and I wanted to get the 13 inch MacBook Pro M1, should I be good With that as a college student?

  15. Too late. I just bought the MacBook Air 💻 and I love it..

  16. I wish they remade the 11in mba. I real hate the large screens. Too heavy yo lug around on commutes. Everyone’s got an external monitor these days.

  17. Inday Jel Mahusay

    MacBook is my dream laptop but I cannot afford them maybe someone sponsored me lol 🙃the host can be sponsored me

  18. I'm gonna wait the next macbook air

  19. understood. we need the best for long term use.

  20. I agree… with the video… MacBook Air is more sensible for the consumer as opposed to the prosumer (creator). Dave2d and other reviewers are addressing the creator guys which seems to be almost every third person who views the YouTube. The bottom line is get the m1 MacBook Pro max with 32 gb ran if you want to be portable and battery life. Whilst if your work flow is desktop then go for the 16 inch …

  21. Hiiiiiiiighly unlikely it’ll be better than the MacBook Pro. They’d have to pull some serious technological witchcraft to fit an HDMI port and SD slot on it

  22. Elisa van den Berg

    I am here for the colors! If they sell them in a pretty color I'll buy my first MacBook. I absolutely adore the new colorful iMac but have found that I don't really use my desktop anymore now I'm having classes on campus again so a laptop would probably be a better option. I love the colors!

  23. Celtic Tech-Vicki & Benji

    I went ahead and got the M1 MacBook Air, and I'm really happy with it.

  24. I wanna wait 2022 macbook pro only cuz they made in 2021 trash design… no touchbar (my love) why apple…

  25. Can't wait to see the new Macbook Air with the new M2 chip. Currently using the 2015 Macbook Air yes the model's been a while since 2010 but I'm still crazy loving it, it's such an art

  26. If m2 comes in a colorful design with white keys, it is then unlikely that there will be a model with black keys in same series?

  27. Dude, an entire video based on rumors. Nothing confirmed. Nice speculation and a way of generate views!

  28. the notch is so important that if Apple puts the notch on the new MacbBook Air the hunger in the world will be end immediately. Thanks.

  29. I do agree that if there were to be a notch, it would look much better if it was black. Same for the keyboard… white keyboards degrade in color avec time, I would prefer a black keyboard.

  30. the m2 macbook air might be the first apple device I will ever buy.

  31. I am going to get the purple Air…. Or the green 🤣

  32. no ports, no buy

  33. I just want Apple to make at least a 14.5 inch MBA. I have a 15 inch PC now, and I don’t know if I want to shell out a lot of money just to downsize or get an older MB pro. I don’t need the extra ports or power.

  34. This is such a great video Greg. Beautifully explained and all the information laid out simply. Thank you!