NEW M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pros: What Apple DIDN'T Say!

Apple left out some really interesting details on the new MacBook Pros that came out today, so in this video we’re going to explore some of those and talk about the new MacBook Pros as a whole; new Liquid Retina XDR displays, a notch, no Touch Bar, M1 Pro and M1 Max, 32 GPU cores, the list goes on and on!

Links to order M1 Pro and Max MacBooks (affiliate):
14 inch:
16 inch:

Time Stamps
0:00 Intro
2:08 New design details
4:09 miniLED and ProMotion displays!
5:07 M1 Pro and M1 Max
5:31 Hidden GPU options
6:40 Performance graph investigation
8:16 Can Apple take on Nvidia?!
10:57 Other tidbits they didn’t talk about
13:07 wrap-up

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  1. HOLY CRAP GUYS IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING! What are you excited to see me talk about as it pertains to the new MacBooks?

  2. Please Turkish caption.😞

  3. the more i watch u, the more i realize that you actually just an old & pathetic apple sheep. I need to watch other youtuber for apple reference then, bye now.

  4. I preferred the older style of the keyboard, the black keyboard is pretty cool. Just like how it looked before, also I did like the Touch Bar. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  5. actually be able to order one today, but their servers held up and I've got a 16" MBP coming on Tuesday. Can't wait to see what it does.

  6. Charming nowhere to hide

    Amazing performance from Apple. I wish they would get into gaming however so we can see what these chips can really do!

  7. Well, I'll tell you what they didn't say, and that is that VMware Fusion is no good on Apple silicon, and there is no proper version that will work until spring next year. There is a beta, but it won't run existing Intel based virtual machines, so I have to now rebuild a new Windows VM from scratch. I have to use some horrible clunky engineering stuff, so no alternative. This is a disaster!

  8. Intel be like: "But the laptops using our chips have touchscreens!"

  9. Re that MSI Raider at 9:56 – How freaking hot does a 170-watt "laptop" get?

  10. The notch only takes a notch out of the menu bar, so no loss, IMO. And in exchange for no loss, a narrower bezel.

  11. Finally, a worthy successor to my MBPr 2012!

  12. When my last MBP 2012 15" died in a brownout, I went out and got another of the same 🙂 Luke calls it the 2nd best MBP ever made. Adjusting for innovation inflation, it has to be the best. For 95% of MBP users, we don't need the power of the new chips. It will eventually retire to be a star backup 🙂 What would be interesting as a video is for the 95% of users who just want their computer to be able to deal with 100+ Chrome tabs without a hitch, when should they get one of the new ones (or the M1), and at which configuration.

  13. Notch is the End of the World!

  14. I am actually really bothered by the notch but I love that Apple finally has some ports. The only thing I‘m missing is a USB A port and the beast would be perfect

  15. alexandriaxteam On !nsta helped me

    Contact the name above to get any kind of Apple products at affordable rate And would be brought to your doorstep after 3 days.

    He's very reliable and trustworthy!!!

  16. They need to break down into more Benchmarks of those GPU numbers… what the difference between a 8 core vs 10 vs 24 vs 32 cores. I need to know the difference to justify my purchase. What “Type” of SSD and the RAM at what speed.
    One thing I like far is the Advance Cooling feature.

  17. is bigger than I'd like.

  18. I feel like the new design is more like the 2006 MacBook Pro’s which I like.

    I don’t mind the notch I just don’t understand why it needs to be so big considering the iPhone notch has way more tech in it and is a lot smaller. Plus I feel the notch is a lot more square on these MacBooks which looks odd and would’ve looked better if it was more rounded. AND, if it’s got a notch, why the heck they didn’t implement faceID I do not know.

    Lastly, Hate the new all black keyboard. Also would’ve been happy with “smaller” function keys AND Touch Bar still being there.

    Oh and YAAAS to MagSafe, HDMI and SD Card Slot making a comeback. FINALLY!!!

  19. It's the itty-bitty shorts for me! 😂🩳🤣

  20. I wonder how much the 'raw' M1 chips cost and whether they might be used in future game consoles at some point…

  21. Notch is bad. Overall physical design is also bad, but doesn't really bother me like the notch/bezel situation.

  22. The MacBook Pros are for true professionals who actually need all that freaking performance to achieve their goals more smoothly. They are meant to smoothen out professionals' workflows. All their advertising suggests that by professionals, they mean those who are creators who use laptops which have 64GB but no effecient (exposed) fans.

  23. Would it be better to get a refurbished M1 MacBook Air from apples website or a new one??

  24. I can’t wait for the next MaxMini with these two chips in them. Now a big question there not needing to pay for the Intel chips, why are the jumping the cost so much.

  25. Love the dance at the beginning, Luke! 🕺 I really like the 14", 10 core, 16GB, 1TB…but will have to work on the $2400 price tag, which will be more if I also get Apple Care.

  26. The notch is not a problem at all. It only proves once more how important Steve was when it comes to keynotes and how good he was at explaining new features. If he had introduced the notch, people would have understood that it's a gain in display space and not a loss instead of complaining all the time. That's even more true for the MacBook than for the iPhone.

  27. Random Internet Guy

    Apples making me wanna buy an MBP, and I hate laptops.

  28. It would be great to se some benchmarking of M1 CPUs for engineering software, such as Mathworks Matlab/Simulink.

  29. i really don't like the black keyboard 😭

  30. Richard Hendricks! LOL

  31. i think the notch is ugly. there’s no reason to have a notch on a laptop. i hate this design. it’s the ugliest modern apple laptop. i love apple, but i just don’t like this macbook pro. i’m happy that magsafe is back tho and that the touchbar is gone

  32. Abhishek Kumar Biswas

    why Apple Didnt provide the apps that they are using for Benchmarking their GPU and CPU with competiton

  33. Sumera's Small World

    Now I wanna see how intel is gonna react 😂

  34. Robot Bender Rodríguez

    As an owner of a 4.500 EUR MacBook Pro 16 owner (which is a piece of sht and not able to connect an external monitor without throttling CPU to 0.8 Ghz) my answer to new MacBooks is: fk you Apple. Never spending a euro on Apple sht again. FU

  35. Wow!! This new gen of MacBook is completely *missing words* in terms of power. But the design… Apple should have cheated on what Youtubers made.

  36. I guess the notch uses as the screen opening point as the bezel got thinner so the the finger doesnt directly touch the screen panel

  37. Can we all just take a deep breath and stop complaining about the black keyboard, notch or the naming ffs 🤦‍♂️ . we are being offered next gen hardware that the competition is light years behind. It’s finally a Pro device to match the name. It has the ports, the 120hz screen the power is insane and the battery life…..what the actual F. Even the price is not crazy, even maxed out professionals will buy these as it will save hours of work.

  38. Apple created a "Space Rocket" but when they got up there, there were no high end games in space. "But there were no Windows options either?" so what can you do in an empty space, sitting on th rocket who brought you there? You have now got the fastest machine doing-Nothing.

  39. The return of the ports by Apple after removing them and other companies following suit is the best Uno reverse played in the history of the universe

  40. The 8 core cpu is 8+0 or 6+2 configuration?

  41. The price of MBP make PC look good.