REVIEW OF THE M1 MACBOOK AIR | pros + cons, student's perspective, why didn't I get the pro?!?

welcome to my review of the new 2020 m1 mac. i got my hands on the macbook air with the m1 chip and have been using it for day to day life things. the things i do the most on my macbook are editing videos, running my youtube channel, and lots + lots of homework/schoolwork! I go through my pros and cons and answers a lot of the common questions. this is all from an average person/student’s view – not a tech expert!!!! 🙂

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REVIEW OF THE M1 MACBOOK AIR | pros + cons, student’s perspective, why didn’t I get the pro?!?

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  1. Madison Napolitano

    So weird that you said that about the screensaver. I have a really old MacBook Pro and mine does the same thing. I save a screen saver and then I will shut it down, boot it back up, and the screensaver is reverted back to the factory one. Weird glitch that they apparently didn't fix in a way newer laptop… lol

  2. Do you like your Mac Book air I’m considering it??

  3. happy Monday

  4. Happy Monday

  5. the MacBook pro m1 2020 is good for me I have good battery life and I use my iPhone 13 with it so I can do a lot with it. the MacBook Air on the other hand didn't have what I wanted with it. meaning the Touch Bar.

  6. Happy Monday lols

  7. ive been saving up for a macbook and i've currently saved up 1,300, and i was planning to get the macbook air and then i clicked the link for the education apple thing bc i am a student and i see that you can literally get a macbook pro for 1400. the macbook i was gonna get was the 2020 macbook air w/ the M1 chip and it was 1400, so thank u sm julia for helping me get a newer version for the exact same price omg

  8. It’s Tuesday but happy Monday haha

  9. the do not disturb key is what made me buy it 💯💯

    p/s: about the screensaver, my iphone kinda does that too i think? every time my phone died i got logged out of my twitter accounts 😭

  10. Cassandra Louise

    What storage should I choose? 256GB or 512GB? Just for normal use like Microsoft Office, research, Netflix, music, Photoshop and Lightroom… A$350 difference with the two that’s why I’m asking…

  11. Ur video gives way more information from any other youtuber


  12. I’m planning to buy my laptop next week and this made me decided to buy the Mac Book M1

  13. iam obsessed with julia's content on apple products, this video just makes me wanting to buy a new macbook air and BTW thank you for keeping the links in the desription below

  14. Semoga bisa kebeli amin

  15. i just upgraded to the m1 macbook air! i got the space grey & it was just delivered! i’m obsessed and so thankful for the upgrade, it is definitely worth the extra money ❣️

  16. another huge huge con, so many apps aren’t supported

  17. where is your laptop stand from? i really need one


  19. Grace & Darius Empire

    How many GB is it ??

  20. amazing video i really enjoyed it especially that part where the keys to enable the emojis was so cool its better and convenient than doing all the command buttons. i cant wait for mines in gold color. im excited and also love your video it was awesome. 😊❤️

  21. Viswanathan Kalyanasundaram

    Wondering how do you use pinch gestures in trackpad with those nails 🤔

  22. Happy monday!