MacBook Air M1 Unboxing Initial Impressions & Editing (Retail Indian Unit)

My raw initial thoughts with Macbook Air M1 that comes with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD this has the new apple M1 8 Core chip and I unboxing and test it with my older Macbook Air, Macbook Pro 13 and my iMac Pro in video editing with Final Cut Pro and share some of my initial impressions about this laptop.

New Macbook Air M1 via Amazon India
Macbook Pro M1 Laptop via Amazon India

Hashtag #MacbookAirM1 #MacbookAir2020 #AppleM1

0:00 Intro
0:14 Availability Issues
0:40 Colors
0:55 Pricing
1:40 Hype
1:55 Unboxing
2:27 In-the-Box
3:35 Weight Impressions
4:00 Physical Overview
4:33 First Boot
5:20 Overview
6:28 Screen
8:00 Speaker Test
8:42 WiFi
9:13 Video Editing with M1
11:00 Rendering Results
13:50 Impressions & Conclusion

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  1. My review of this Macbook Air M1 after a month of usage

  2. Dhruv Khandelwal

    1000th comment!

  3. Abhilash YT tips

    Best laptop for coding 👍

  4. Is this laptop good for data scientist heavy work, I'm windows user reason I ask ??

  5. Nice…

  6. 2:43 😂😂

  7. 1000th comment 🎉🎉

  8. Where is the MacBook Pro m1 review ?

  9. Sir please make a video on Asus C423 chromebook and the utility of chromebook …Is it a wort buy ?

  10. Good

  11. Apple : Gold
    Ranjit: Copper

  12. Fattehali Sunasara

    This laptop suitable for programming?

  13. Is there any chance to upgrade the ram and SSD after we buy that in online
    Incase if it is possible which company is the best for ram and SSD to take and what are the prices of (8gb ram & 256 GB SSD)
    Please reply to my question

  14. Can we use Tally Accounts on this & windows Ten on this ?

  15. I bought Macbook Air M1 a week ago and i feel that the lid is very tight, i can not open it with one hand. Should i get it replaced or wait for sometime?

  16. I like MacBook Air but i don’t have money 😩😫

  17. Ordered it 2 hours ago 🙂
    Hyped for it but the delivery will take a week bruh.

  18. Ordered it 2 days ago with student discount 😁😁 got airpods , now waiting for MBA- BASE VERSION😅😅(Bcz im poor)

  19. Manmohan Krishna

    Apple was talking about saving the environment and all, but wait Apple will save the environment by only removing the charger from iphones? Adapters from ipad and Mac don't effect the environment? Hmm very Apple like bs I guess

  20. Atirath Sengupta

    Ranjit's "RRRRubbbish" is equivalent to Jessica Lockhart's slap in F.R.I.E.N.D.S 😀

  21. Hey i had one doubt…
    As the air doesn't have any fan so will it overheat after 4-5 years when the hardware becomes old?

  22. What is the size of the laptop

  23. Can you perform a real life battery test for this base variant, Ranjit?

  24. If I have Office 365 license, does it support the regular MS Office products or does it have compatibility issues ?