Our BIG Problem with the 24 CORE M1 Max MacBook Pro..

The Weird Mystery of the 24-Core that NO ONE is Talking about!
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In this review, I’ll cover various aspects of the new 14 MacBook Pros in regards to benchmarks like Geekbench 5 Metal, GFX Bench, 3D Mark Wildlife extreme, Tomb Raider Gaming, Photo editing, Adobe, Video Editing, Davinci Resolve 17, Raw video Editing, Graphics RAW performance, Thermal Throttling, Battery Life, M1 Max Frequencies, and more!

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  1. Do you agree with why there is almost NO content on the 24 core? What about Battery Life? Let us know below!
    After One Month of experience, I recommend THIS model for Most➡ https://geni.us/jqC6
    Best Bang for Buck 14" MacBook Pro➡ https://amzn.to/3dcRycN

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    Links to the new MacBook Pros on Amazon ⬇️
    NEW 14" MacBook Pro 2021 ➡ https://geni.us/qYardlV
    NEW 16" MacBook Pro 2021 ➡ https://geni.us/OuBRWv

  2. Great video as usual! I would go for the 16” 24 core model else just go for the M1 Pro with16 cores as battery life is more important for me.

  3. It got pushed back so much because they wait to get faulty chips before they "dumb" them down the 24gb.

  4. I just wonder if all 24 core GPUs on all 14" Max models perform the same? With these being recovered BINNED CPUs the can't all be identical in the lockdowns of the faulty cores?

  5. Bear with me for a moment,. Please! Imagine you are a manufacturer of laptops and wish to order from TSMC, a CPU factory, three simple CPU RANGES, 8 core for a base model, 16 core for a pro model and a 32 core for the highest model. In the process of CPU manufacture and the efforts to make CPU smaller, some unsuccessful CPUs are created on that circular CPU result. Now if you only took the 8,16,32 working CPUs, then if you estimate half of the disc has successful CPUs, then your manufacturing costs will double overall! Take now the possibility of an 8 core has one core failure and 7 cores still work. You have now saved some cost by using this BINNED chip. Take the 16 core with the same example of a few non functioning cores. You have say, one core not working and you kill one to make a 14 core chip. You make that as a lower selection, but you gain by selling it..,! Such is that with the 32 core you plan, but because of increased chances of failure, you decide even with some failures, to make this a 24 core.. See this logic? I'm sure I'm not the first to think this! However, say in a BINNED 32 core NOT ALL THE FAILED CORES are in the same place on the chip! You have to redesign some circuit tracks to make it work correctly as a 24 core, and this is delaying output of the BINNED once- 32 cores. But in doing so there may be later failures, OR, ALL 24 CORE CPUs are not working equally well when compared to each other! Well, nobody is comparing a 24 core to another 24 core. Will you find out later that they each perform with slightly different results when the CPUs with the different 24 cores are tested alongside each other?? Long post, I know. Make sense? What's your view?

  6. Even if their yields exceed expectations, they can disable some cores to offer a low price at 24 cores.

  7. Video starts at 3:56

  8. Why is the SSD SOLDERED on the damn Motherboard ??!?!?! Whyyy ? If that *ish breaks , apple gon replace the whole motherboard , charging us consumers almost full price for the damn repair ? They must’ve lost their mind bruh . Us customers need to teach these guys a lesson , like really quick. I’m out this bish . I’m switching to windows laptop . 1tb ssd on windows costs 109$ on amazon and 2tb costs roughly 109$ x 2 . Check the same spec bumps on the Demonic Apple website 😃🤗 . 1tb ———> 2tb is +400$ and can t even replace the damn thing. Take care y’all 🙏🏻

  9. This guy need to dial down with apple staff he’s coming off biased

  10. Because I watched this video so I decided to get the 16 inch, 24 core GPU M1 with 1 TB, instead of the 32 core version

  11. I want to buy FOR VIDEO EDITING MACBOOK MAX 32GB 32C GPU or 64GB 24C GPU -BOTH 2TB What is better to buy

  12. I didnt get it sould i get the 32 or the 24 gpu 16”???????????

  13. The graphics are kind of confusing. Max Tech should have labeled all their devices the sizes and not just the core number in their graphs

  14. I’m planning to buy the 16 inch 24 core with 64gb and 4TB . Are there people still waiting long for receiving their MacBook? What is the average leadtime?

  15. Jonathan Hensley

    I got the 32 core 14”, and to me – while it is good to have these numbers – I also don’t regret my purchase.

    I was already going to get the M1 Max because I need 3 external monitors. And the 32 core is only $200.

    Even if the performance increase isn’t as much on the 14”, I’ll take the portability. And $200 is nothing over 4-5 years of use.

  16. Robert Bengtsson

    This is a great run through but I think people are nit picking these days.
    All these laptops are great for video and photo editing unless you’re working in a huge pro environment. It’s the same with cameras.

  17. yo its almost the end of the month…. is anyone else besides this guy going to about this the 14" 24gb gpu vs the 32bg? Like is this something that can be fixed later down the road with a patch or is this it.

  18. Try Apple's "High Power Mode" Please!!!!!! The m1 Max is running in economy mode in your tests!

    "High Power Mode" in the M1 Max model switch the fans from balanced-use-mode and allows the fans to spin at a higher speed so the SoC can deliver higher performance.

  19. thank you for this wonderful helpful review Sir! i just cancelled my 16 core gpu, and changed into 24 core Gpu.

  20. Javier García Prieto

    Great video exposing crapple frauds again.
    I was thinking to buy an apple product, but after seeing this video, I will never do.

  21. Just tested the 16 inch m1 max 24 gpu cores, its a beast!

  22. Yes, get a hold of one still, please.

  23. It is confusing, if I understand, you are testing 14" 24 GPU configuration, but it seems that 16" might be faster, so why are we comparing it to 16" model?

  24. 16 inch has better battery life and temprature!

  25. I own 24 core 16in Macbook Pro M1 Max, Delivered on November 5th 🙂 I was very happy with the laptop from the beginning but after a week of using, the display didn't wake up from sleep and even Reinstall OS didn't help so Apple had to replace the display for a new one.

  26. Dude…. I don't about this channel… This Guy is like never happy with anything.

  27. hey great video I have the 24 core and would like to see more testing on it so far I'm happy with it I do music and video with it

  28. I bought the 14" with 24-core GPU. I can confirm that it runs at the full 1296MHz during GFXBench (I monitored with powermetrics command). I wanted the full 48MB system cache, so I needed the Max chip, but I don't expect to depend on the GPU (I'm mostly producing music and I'm a software developer). It's interesting: the 24-core version is achieved by disabling two GPU cores from each of the four 8-core clusters instead of disabling one entire 8-core cluster. Luckily, I ordered my machine a couple days after the event so mine arrived November 29, only three days late. But it spent a long time in a customs hold in Tennessee.

  29. cant wait to see your review of the 24 core spec 14 inch

  30. Malcolm Barraclough

    I’ve only just viewed this. It actually arrived about two weeks earlier than expected on 26 November direct shipped from Shanghai. The reason I chose this model (1GB) was because at UK £2999 it was just inside my single article insurance limit of £3000. At the moment it’s probably much more than I need but I’m looking at lifespan – it’s just replaced a fully loaded late 2013 MacBook Pro which was still running pretty well but needed a replacement battery which is now “vintage”. From this video looks like I’ve got the best value for money even though not for the usual reason.

  31. Jordan Bettcher

    It’s good to know the 24 core is probably the sweet spot for the 14” model.

  32. I also noticed that there are no articles about 24-gpu and it is out of stock or with delivery terms "maybe tomorrow". Not sure what those aforementioned by you guys are testing, they actually don't show device settings.

  33. WTF is this title?!?! Who is wrong??? This has nothing to do with the 24 core. All you've shown is that no one should get a 32 core Max 14".


  34. I have a 24-core 16" with 32GB of RAM after first buying the 32-core 14" with 64GB of RAM. The upgrade from the 14" to the 16" was worth it to me considering the larger screen, better sound (which I'm making a detailed video on) and significantly better battery life. I've heard some people saying that there might be a battery life difference going from 64GB to 32GB. I mostly use my machine for Final Cut editing of 4K H.265 video from the Sony A7SIII. I really don't notice much difference in speed one way or the other. I'm happy I went with the 16" personally.

  35. I can’t comment on the M1 Max, but I’ve had my 10/16 CPU/GPU M1 Pro 14” for a while now and I’m absolutely loving it. Came from a 2020 13” Core i7 and the battery life is incredible. I can do 4-5hrs of software development and only drop to about 75-80% battery, all this whilst performing brilliantly. Also, I haven’t heard a fan once, whereas I’d have about 5-10 Concorde moments per day on my old Intel one. Screen is lovely. If you’re unsure and can afford one, get one!

  36. LA Endurance Dad

    So it’s a unicorn.

  37. lukesuperflyjones

    Hey Max I think I can speak for everyone here, but thank you and your team so much for putting all these videos together. It’s really does help a lot, when your trying to decide what to do. My biggest question I have is, do I go for the 16” 16core 32gb M1 Pro OR the 14” 24core 32gb M1 Max?‽‽! I work with Premiere/after effects and Logic Pro professionally. THANK YOU and keep up the great work!!!

  38. I ordered my 14” 24 core right after it launched, the estimated date was Nov 5th to 10th but received it on Nov 8th. Apple are slowly sending out these models.

  39. I bet the 14" is much louder when pushing it to the limit. This is why I go with 16" since I hate fan noise for a laptop.

  40. I ordered the 24 core Max and cancelled it. I got my hands on a 16 core Pro and with extended holiday returns I decided to get it and use it till mine came in, whenever the heck that would be. I originally ordered the 14in with 24 GPU cores, 32gb of RAM, 2TB SSD. The cost increases with this Mac had me a $1000 over what I wanted to spend and the 16 core Pro put me back where I wanted to be. Once I got the standard mid tier I noticed I had so much more SSD space without having Bootcamp installed even though I have Win10 ARM VMs installed. Even though I have 32GB of RAM in my Intel 16in MacBook with the unified memory being so fast it's like having 32 even though I only have 16GB. TBH most of my work still happens on my Mac Pro it's but unless I'm doing VM work this Mac is faster in many applications than my $8,000 Mac Pro desktop or my $3200 16in Intel Macbook. The 24 core Mac Pro is pure overkill for 90% of people out there! The 16 core is still overkill for 80% of people. If you need extra storage space upgrading to the 16 core is smart, but these computers are so quick that most people can live with the base model MacBook Pro or stick with the MacBook Air!!!

  41. So the tldr is if you're on the 14in chassis the 24-core makes more sense than the 32-core

  42. I managed to get my hands on a 24 core really early