SUSSEX LOSES ANOTHER SHOWBIZ PAL! Jack Whitehall Accuses Harry Of BANNING Him For Joking Duke

SUSSEX LOSES ANOTHER SHOWBIZ PAL! Jack Whitehall Accuses Harry Of BANNING Him For Joking Duke
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have reportedly turned their backs on another friend as Jack Whitehall became the latest to have been ‘banned’ by the couple.
The comedian revealed he was no longer allowed to see the ex-royal after referring to him as ‘ginger nuts’ at the Royal Variety Performance.
The 33-year-old, who spends a lot of his time in LA near the couple, said he thinks the gag was the reason he was ‘ostracised’.
Jack told a crowd at the London Palladium in the West End this week he was concerned his 2015 joke had led to him being shunned.
He shared his speculation at The London Palladium during his tour, How To Survive The Summer Holidays.

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  1. Harry well his father funded his whole life up to the age of say 37. We all saw him using his voice as a whiney baby, that dad wanted him to stand on his own feet and make a living, I worry that he is emotionally dysregulated since this time,

  2. Well don’t feel too bad Megan did this to her father, a little sad given I saw her public ally speaking about him as an awesome father always being there for her. I imagine this was at the time he had lotto winnings that she had yet to consume


  4. Margaret Larking

    Harry is such a wolly grow up for goodness sake.

  5. Do they have ANY friends?

  6. Well Jack you will be better off becayse tggey are not your friends, the rest of HOLLYWOOD have woke up to them and now you no what sort of people they really are BOO BOO BOO BOO BOO BOO Harry has become IRRELEVANT and a LIAR markle has control on harry

  7. Christine Anderson

    M is a narcissist. They strip their partners of old friends. Just awful.

  8. Are these two awful creeps completely isolated ? Do they want to be the world's most loathed duo ? They are not wanted in the UK, and the Royal Family will find it hard to forgive them , let alone welcome them back after their horrific behaviour. Never mind, they have 16 lavatories to keep them company.

  9. The Harkles are DISGUSTING!!!

  10. Harry's not aloud to go out to play with his friends he can't be controlled with them around

  11. Eileen Weizenbaum

    Jokes about H/M will be the highlight on the comedy club circuit for the next year. Hold on to your cowboy hat ! There will be more law suits than you can count.

  12. Has-been 's friends. We're cut from single
    Digit Rachel !

  13. How bmany more people are the Sussex's going to ban from contacting them !!!!!? just because they either made a jokey remark at the Royal variety performance, Harry should know that on these occasions some comedians are going to make a joke but he's the only one to complain !!what a wimp.

  14. Geraldine Kearney

    Seriously not being Hazbeen’s friend anymore, is definitely not a loss. It can only help his career