NEW MacBook Air (M1) – 25 Things You NEED to KNOW!

MacBook Air 2020 M1 – 25 Things Before Buying!
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  1. iPhone 12 Giveaway ends in 11 Days! Make sure you don't miss out!

  2. I went with the macbook pro M1 512 gb refurbished from Apple. I saved like $400, it only costs me $1,100 instead of $1,500. Pretty great deal 😍 Still waiting for it though.

  3. So this is macbook air 2020 and this guy calls the previous model macbook air 2020 which is actually 2019 ? or what?

  4. Jayno Jamilo Apat

    Before I was just watching reviews about the MBA with my borrowed phone. But thankfully no regrets about watching this video with my new Macbook Air base model.

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  6. Idk why but I just bought a new Mac book air 13inch for some odd reason. I've never been an apple product fan but something in me said let's make a change. I've been bought up on windows and own a note 9 and 10 plus samsung. I'm not a fan of iPhone and iPad but this Mac book air m1 chip is a game changer for me. I've owned many high valued windows pc and this has got to be my best purchase I've made so far. They smashed it with this one.

  7. is this the amazing spiderman?

  8. MonaraKudumbiya

    Thanks . This is the decider and I just saved some money.

  9. i totally get feeling of Andrew Garfield

  10. Do not buy! It has a design flaw where the screen will crack for no reason. There are two large class-action lawsuits because of Apple knowing this design flaw but then trying to charge people for a screen repair when there was no mechanism of damage. I bought my labptop in August 2021 and now they are asking for 514 dollars to repair the screen. This was the second time the screen developed a crack for no reason!

  11. Christine Naughton

    Best coins to collect and get rewards

  12. i am considering to buy imac but i am relactant due to price/performance. Do you have any videos for imac mate?

  13. I just got my MBA /8gb mem/512 SSD/ 8 core …I am having buyers remorse about not getting the 16 GB ..I only use it for browsing and all watching videos;streaming .. It’s the holidays so I have some time to return. Do I exchange it?… Or keep the one I have?…I am thinking I should be fine…but w these are stuck w what you order…Do you have any advice on this?

  14. Sharifuzzaman Shafi

    is this an Andrew Garfield YouTube channel? cause you look almost exactly like him, perhaps with some upgraded better looking XD

  15. Does it having hinjes issue

  16. I super love my Macbook Air M1. I tried using it for 15 hours straight by watching netflix and I cannot even feel the heat on the chassis. The performance is excellent!

  17. What are the apple stickers for?

  18. I regret buying this laptop everytime I open something it asks me for money should've bought windows laptop atleast I can sideload apps

  19. why is mac air m1 smelly?

  20. Ryan Bernardino

    The title should have been "get an macbook pro"

  21. i'm looking for a new mac and thinking abt getting the m1 air. should i get it now or wait for the next gen of macbook airs?

  22. glowing_sunsetsx

    Getting this for my 16tb bday next week!! Can’t wait! It’s always been my dream to have an apple MacBook

  23. Why no 1 mentioned that the MacBook is not for ppl who likes to download games, your best option is windows to download games smh

  24. harshita sethia

    What is the life span of base model's SSD? And is it replaceable?