2019 vs 2020 MacBook Air – Every Difference Tested!

A Detailed Comparison testing Speakers, Webcam, CPU, Graphics & More!
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  1. Subscribe and enable notifications to see our comparison against the base 2019 13" MacBook Pro!
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  2. Привет, может помочь выбрать макбук, есть два варианта: макбук еир 2019 на і5 16/512 гб или макбук еир 2020 на і3 8/256 гб?

  3. Mikayel Hovhannés

    I was so close to upgrading to the 2020 from my 2019 because I really needed that extra performance, but I’m glad I didn’t cuz than the M1 came out.

  4. 2019 has more loud music

  5. According to menthe 2019 MacBook Air sound better and louder than the 2020 MacBook Air.😚

  6. Hey, does macbook air 2019 and the macbook air 2020 have the same keyboard?

  7. I own the 2020 air and let me say that the camera quality is TERRIBLE 🙂

  8. Same audio

  9. So 2020 MacBook Air i3 better than 2019 MacBook Air i5?

  10. Funmilayo Victoria Bandele

    I actually have the 2020 and 2018. I have the 2020 while someone else in the house has the 2018. I actually compared the sound by changing the volume while holding shift to play some sounds and it actually sounded significantly the same for me.

  11. Funmilayo Victoria Bandele

    In the speakers part, the captions were like “ [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] “

  12. Watching this in November 2020, it's now funny how 1 year ago, they charged $1099 for dual-core, 8GB, 128GB, and butterfly keyboard. Anyone who bought that should be crying.

  13. okay well… there is a huge sound diffrent between the 19 ans 2020 also the mic has a diffrent sound

  14. Gold MacBook sounds louder but I think it just has to do with the way your camera is positioned.

  15. 8 months in i already dropped it and broke the entire display….. went without a laptop for 3 months until i finally paid the $550 to get it replaced. Now im extra super cautios i love my baby

  16. I already owned MBA 2019 about 1 year ago, should I upgrade to MBA 2020?

  17. I've brought a new MBA 2020 i3 last week. I recently open 3 tabs on safari, play YouTube with 80% speakers. I ran it around 2 hours. the laptop seems have normal heat. not as warm as other people mention and worried about. it is the coolest laptop to run that kind of program of same time that I've ever used. I also try open zoom for 90 minutes, WhatsApp, and Word, it's working normal and don't have any heat so much. Even I have a MSI (i7-9750H, 16gb, SSD 512gb, HDD 1TB) and it runs hotter than my MBA 2020 with the same case as I mentioned above. the HDD on MSI only runs 100Gb and SSD runs 100Gb.
    maybe it's because a "NEW" laptop and only just few days so it will run colder. or just Windows have many task (I don't know that to say 🙂 but I think you get what I meant) like : antivirus, etc. and this makes their laptop runs warmer.
    Maybe this will help you guys consider to buy a MacBook or Windows Laptop
    Greetings from Indonesia 😀

  18. does the 2019 macbook air has the same heat problem?

  19. Sarah Joy E Barredo

    Any suggestions pls! Should I get 2019 or 2020 model?

  20. After trying both the 2019 and 2020, and with no doubt the 2019 is much better than 2020 ,believe it or not. There's a huge problem with 2020 which is heating, it gets pretty hot (I'm talking about the basic i3 model) while the 2019 stays cool . Also the battery life of the 2019 is better by 1 to 2 hours of use). And the keyboard in my opinion in the 2019 is better too , also the speakers volume and sound. So I guess the price cut in the 2020 model had to go somewhere…… 
    I donno why all the comparisons don't mention anything about the heating issue with the 2020 which is a big deciding factor !

  21. That 20% better sound quality is not in comparison with the 2019, its compared with the non-retina models

  22. can someone tell me as an overall witch one i should het

  23. I have my MBA 2020 with me and what I hate about it is the overheating and how loud the fan is.

  24. Next time please do that little type sample on the keys without voice-over or music so we can hear the key sound. Please see my comment and remember this for future vids as it relates to anything with a keyboard. Thanks!

  25. Hi Max! I think a similar video comparing the 2019 and 2020 13 inch MacBook Pros would be great.

  26. Watching this on my 2019 MBA

  27. cool, and I am here, saving money for 5 years to buy a 2019 macbook air, apple keeps making me insecure about being poor

  28. so which one is better?

  29. I got the cheapest 2020 version for 965€ in Germany. My only gripe is the smell. When I work with it on my desktop with my other PC, I can literally smell that the device is working beneath my face. It smells like cheap blocks of post it notes. Anyone got the same problem? If it can´t be fixed I will return the device ASAP.

  30. I want to buy a new macbook air and I'm confused which should I buy, either Macbook air 2019 with i5 8th gen or 2020 macbook air with i3 10th gen. I need it for office use for my digital marketing purposes like website handling, e-commerce and photoshop. Can anyone help?

  31. I just confuse witch one better for adobe cc mac book air 2020 or 2019? Or mac book or macbook pro?

  32. i heard the macbook air 2020 overheats a lot ? would a macbook air 2019 model be better when it’s being used for a while?

  33. Stevanus Samudra

    can some one pls give me a conclusion, shud i buy the 2020 or the 2019?

  34. Jacobo Hernández

    You missed battery life test 🙁

  35. So overall which one is better

  36. Max 2020 had good microphones

  37. imagine de macbook air 2019 its in 999 and the macbook air 2020 its in 1250(colombia's prices) , which should I buy?

  38. Which laptop is good for programming nd for machine learning Macbook air 2020 i3 or macbook air 2019 ?
    Pls rply ASAP and thank you

  39. Which is better between i3 2020 and i5 2019?

  40. Surface laptop is way much better 😄

  41. For everyone who feel bad for purchasing 2019 MacBook Air Don’t BE!! The thermals in 2020 is a NIGHTMARE! I’m happy with my 2019 MB Air base model!

  42. I recently bought the MacBook Air latest model, 256GB and they gave my the 128 by mistake. When I went to exchange it they gave me the correct storage but then switch me to i3 from the original having i5. These are both open box so they came to about the same price since the i5 was 2019 and the i3 is latest model. Now when I noticed and tried to exchange for the 3rd time they didn’t have a i5 256GB available, apparently it’s sold out. If you had to choose between i3 256GB (2020) VS i5 128GB (2019) for the same price, which would you choose?

    Also I kinda liked the 2019 keyboard better even though is not the newest one.

  43. Got the 2019 model back in December – really frustrating that they release a new model 100 cheaper with way more storage.

  44. Your 2020 MacBook Air is tested positive for Covid-19

  45. The 2020 audio was much more clear! The video quality was basically the same as 2019.

  46. I just ordered yesterday MacBook air 2020 … waiting for receive than see how is it 🤷‍♂️

  47. Should I buy MBA 2020 or 2019 ? I don't care about storage I have external hard disk