YOU Should NOT Wait for the M2 MacBook Air, And Here's Why!

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Rumors are starting to heat up for the M2 MacBook Air, and you should totally not wait for it.

Why is that?

Lets find out!

M1 Macbook air

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———————What Gear I Recommend!——————————

First Mac ( M1 Mac Mini)

Best Macbook (MacBook Pro 16)

Best Travel Professional Windows Laptop (XPS 17)

Best Thunderbolt 3 Dock (cal digit TS3 Plus)

Best Beginner YouTube Camera (Sony A6100)

Best Overall YouTube Camera (Sony A7IV)

—————What Gear I Use!————————————————

Main Camera (Sony A7IV)

Main Lens (Tamron 28-75)

Secondary Lens (Tamron 17-28)

Main Computer (MacBook Pro 16)

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  1. Thank you ❤ ordered mine today. However where is everyone finding it for $700-$800? Costco had best price 8/512 for $1049.

  2. Alright you sold me

  3. Ayush Kumar Gupta

    Can I use this MacBook till 2028

  4. M2 /;)

  5. Amarah Cobarruvias

    Question, if I go ahead and purchase a macbook m1 max, and the m2 is released this year will you send me one for free? I'm taking your word for it and not waiting. Fully maxed out.

  6. I'm really considering buying the current gen laptop if the next really has a notch. Its just idiotic. I already hated them on phones but on laptop- its peversion.

  7. 💓💗💜♥️ I agree. The only thing that would draw me to the M2 is if they made a nice colored purple one…

  8. found and bought a 2020 i5 quad core air on the aftermarket for $530 the other day, I'd say I got a pretty decent deal, lol

  9. Macs are "poorly" designed to have limited lifespan, so you will be forced to buy another Mac sooner rather than later. Coincidence? Apple's decisions to almost always provide insufficient cooling reflect this, so if you must buy a Mac, buying a lower level device which will produce less heat due to its less powerful processor is the best solution: e.g., all in one Macs are particularly stupid buys. I had someone that I know try to sell me an all-in-one whose gorgeous, outrageously expensive screen turned off after a little time of being on because it was overheating. I established that by pointing a powerful fan at the side of the thing's display, so it would keep it cool. Then, it stayed on longer, but who wants to work with a computer that needs a noisy, powerful fan blowing your hair sideways as it cools the all-in-one Mac. At any rate, the display would turn off after a longer while, so it was useless for working with it all day…

  10. lol @ clickbait title

  11. All in Day's Life

    I love that manly deep voice

  12. Deepmind Robotics

    Hi, I love your suggestions, I was just waiting on M2. but I change my mind now, should I get 16GB or 8GB M1 Macbook air?

  13. great, now I can buy 2017 Macbook Air

  14. Thanks so much for this video. Addressed all the issues I was considering exhaustively and very convincingly. I will buy the M1, (either shop demo model, barely used, or refurbished) and hopefully save a bunch of money as well. Which I will put aside as savings for my next Apple purchase 😉

  15. He has to be right. Generational changes don't give rise to generational changes. M2 will be better, but screamingly better.

  16. In need for a new laptop but honestly holding out for the M2 MacBook cause I’m hoping for a green laptop! 😅🤷🏼‍♂️

  17. You should definitely wait for the MacBook Air M2, the 15" one coming next year 😛

  18. Is M1 pretty much the newest MacBook that’s out? The MacBook Pro 2021?

  19. i'm a bit late to this video but i did just what you said. I just needed some portability with a giant honking battery life to make up for my gaming PC's lack there of.

  20. with that logic, people bought mac with intel right before m1 came out would have no problem lmao probably not haha

  21. Putu Chris Susanto

    I'm waiting for the M2s to come out, so that prices for the M1 MacBook Air could go down. The price differences in my country is just waaay too high still.

  22. tiedyefisherman69

    Thank you Gary for your channel. I am watching on my Sony Vaio (2012) Intel core i5 laptop. I have recently upgraded my iPad mini to an iPad 8th generation. I also use an iPhone(2020 se) and and apple watch(7). Why I am still using a PC? Your videos have answered many of my questions about the MacBook Air. I wish your affiliate link had a unit with 16GB ram. This video helped me understand why I don't need to wait for the M2 macbook. My use is General use, and I will be doing some video editing later this year with iMovie. I use PS Elements for any photo editing, as I don't edit my images alot. I'm old school like that. Anyway, Thank you. And I'll see YOU in the next ONE (video).

  23. i've been wanting to own a mac for my studies but i cant afford one. it would be great to receive one on my birthday

  24. I just wanna to say haha
    I rather wait few months and then i prob can get the m1 mac for a cheaper price 🙂

  25. i thought the current M1 air to be sufficiently powerful. i'm not disappointed so far.

  26. Support for 2 4K monitors

  27. Does anyone know what mic that is he’s using?

  28. Patricio Benavente

    If it have white bezels I will hate it

  29. Recommend For You

    I just want it to have a larger screen for my blind self

  30. coming back to see this now after the keynote…was devo they didn't announce the new airs

  31. Do you think it would be worth waiting for the new MBA and then seeing how the prices compare? I’m sure Apple will drop the price on the 2020 MBA and then it’ll be a better time to buy. I have a 2015 MBA. Not dying to get one today so I might wait till September and see what happens.

  32. On the cusp of a refreshed line, im seriously considering a 2020 macbook air. Not a fan of the proposed redesign and pastel colours.
    I think the wedge design is classic and rather spend my cash on a tricked out 2020 model

  33. Christopher Marshburn

    Totally agree on the aesthetics. Apple seems hell bent on selling computers that look like Skittles and it sounds like they are going to do that with the next Air and then touting that as some amazing upgrade. Kind of like the green iPhone (OMG!!) that’s rumored to be coming tomorrow. Tbh I would be happy with a M2 chip, an upgraded display and HD camera. But the M2 Air seems like the last thing on Apple’s priority list.

  34. This is the best video ever about the best laptop ever! You've nailed this one and got yourself a new subscriber.

  35. Wish M2 MBA looks like the M1 version just with a brighter screen.

  36. would you prefer the air or the new 14" pro for editing videos on resolve?

  37. If I had my wish for a redesigned MacBook Air (or new plain ol' MacBook):

    1. M2 SOC
    2. Keep it fanless
    3. Same or better pixel density in a 16:10 or 3:2 ratio, square corners and *no notch*. Nothing crazy fancy; just screen.
    4. MagSafe
    5. 1080p webcam

    Fanless is working great, so they need to keep that going; notch is pointless; it was dumb to remove MagSafe in the first place; and just because Idahoans like potatoes, that doesn't mean we're satisfied with potato-quality webcams.

    While the aspect ratios are debatable, everything else I request there, I guarantee, represents important points that consumers value: Good performance, no-nonsense, practical, elegant computing.

    Hell, I would have probably bought the new 14" MacBook Pro if it wasn't for the damned notch. Now I just wait patiently to see if Apple's gonna f*** up the screen on the MacBook Air as well. I can wait that long.

  38. kianoosh kheirani

    I will chooose m2 .

  39. I wish I could get a 15 inch air for around $1399 base. I don't want a 13 inch computer. I'm not a student, I don't need a ton of processing power for video editing or modeling and I don't want to spend 2500 for a 16 screen attached to a MB Pro. Apple is dropping the ball by not making a 15 inch air because id rather just pick up a 15 inch Dell XPS for the bigger screen. APPLE, MAKE A 15" COMPUTER UNDER $1500. My options are spend $999 for an air or $2500 for a 16 inch MB Pro base. Who would have thought a company like Apple would have had such a huge gap in their product line.

  40. I'm waiting on the thin bezel

  41. Christopher Davis

    I bought my M1 MacBook Air a few days ago, Excellent.

  42. This or a MacBook Pro just for photo editing?

  43. Felipe Álvarez-Santos

    Wishlist: Macbook Air M2 (16gb 512SSD)… BUT… In an ALL MATT BLACK design 🤤

  44. I'm gonna wait for the M2 Macbook Air. So that the price on M1 drops. BAM!

  45. Would you stay with the base 8GB or upgrade to 16GB? When editing video is 8GB enough?

  46. Bought a M1 MacBook Air this past week and it is a fantastic device. I think it has to be the best laptop that I have ever had.

  47. MBA M1 was my first ever MacBook device. I've been saving up to get one and it's finally here! I'm so happy.