I'm in LOVE again! – Apple MacBook Pro

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Apple’s MacBook Pro is finally here, and we got the M1 Pro processor version! Anthony is genuinely excited to see Apple going back to form by making many improvements while taking a step back in key areas!

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0:00 – Intro
1:57 – Unboxing
4:08 – Apple MacBook Pro Impressions
4:33 – Magsafe Test
4:59 – Exterior impressions
5:53 – Why HDMI 2.0?
6:36 – Sponsor – dbrand
7:19 – Powering on the MacBook Pro
11:24 – Opening up the laptop
12:32 – Final thoughts

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  1. Where i can find a marble cover like yours?

  2. Anthony and Alex are pretty much the reason why I subscribed short circuit these guys are great

  3. You are a big apple fan boy!

  4. I don't know why ppl are so hype with the magsafe thing: I work on laptop for more than 10 years, I never ever take my leg in the charging cable (or any other cable) and make it drop from the desk. Are Apple users so clumsy?

  5. Bruh I nearly spit out my drink when Anthony went devil mode "GIVE ME THE SHINY!"

  6. stop hating on dbrand just bcoz they dont follow u on twitter , it really unprofetional and saying outloud in the show that the paid you

  7. I got this 16 inch 16/512gb as my office laptop. I also have an 8/256 air 2020 at home which I occasionally use to work (software development).
    I have to say this: if your tasks only take cpu (like mine do) the performance difference is barely noticeable. I got a used air for 950 bucks and the 16 inch 2021 cost the company like over 2.5 grand.

    The screen is noticeably bigger. Because the resolution is much higher, you can fit about 1.5 times the content. Sound is also much much better.

    Generally, unless you do heavy GPU work, the difference comes down to the extra 3 inches, higher res, 120hz(it IS VERY noticeable) and sound. Also, extra ports.

    Bottom line, I would only keep the 16 inch model as a deskop-laptop kind of thing. The extra kilo (2.2 lbs) is a lot to travel/commute with.
    IMO the 2021 pro is noticeably better than the 2020 air, however, unless you utilize that power, it is, maybe, better by some 30% while the price difference is extreme. For comparison, when I got the air, it cost me about 30% more than windows devices I was considering, but is 200-300% better machine overall

  8. Face looks like Johnny 5 from Short Circuit lol.

  9. i must know the song you play in all the vids!

  10. Who is going to use a laptop with tv, that hdmi is for monitor stop defending Apple when they never give their customers what they want

  11. FFWD to today and Linux is very Apple Silicon ready. Install docker and run popular distros on it and it will pull aarm64 (Apple Silicon) and you can even override this with the -platform amd64 flag for docker and it will run it under emulation. ARM based instances have been available for a while now on AWS and are cost effective against AMD versions (even back when this was posted). I have to say the magnets are really a lot stronger than earler MacBook Pro Magsafe so the break away is a little bit more edgy 😀 HDMI 2.0 because almost all monitors don't support HDCP so aren't HDMI 2.1 compatible IIRC.

  12. What is it like to game on?

  13. -"You are not gonna install windows or linux on here"
    -me, who is installing a virtual machine while watching the video:

  14. Gotta say that in my experience so far coding on an m1 macbook air it's not much more of a hassle. Surprisingly so (considering I'm still a noob at coding anyway)

  15. I just realized that he looks like a sexier Rosie O'Donnell

  16. Dimitris Theofanous

    I love pachira plant on the back!!! And you man you are my favorite! Gj

  17. The cheer from crew as he said we got HDMI port! 🤣🤣🤣

  18. I love you bro but that's it its time for the hair to go bro lol embrace the baldness!

  19. 8:40 "lathered up in lotion" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. I understand all the obvious benefits of the 16" model but it's a bit too big for me. I loved my 14" iBook G4 back in the day, that was a great size to carry around.

  21. I always find it strange when seemingly sensible people actually use Apple products on their own will.

  22. I have no idea how they managed to put the dbrand skin on the laptop and put it back IN the paper, like if it was out of the factory. That takes some patience.