Fixing Apple's GOOD Engineering

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The new M1 Macbook lineup is impressive – but did Apple leave performance on the table in the Macbook Air by going fanless?

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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High

Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

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  1. I can totally believe someone burning his penis off a burning laptop.

  2. Power of Imagination

    remove something else to add a fan, remove a battery or one of the speaker

  3. Believe me, 35 is very resonable here in the south emisphere.

  4. Let's be fair, though, you're not really supposed to hold your laptop on your lap. Or really put it anywhere soft where air can't circulate underneath it. So adding the thermal pads to let the entire bottom of the laptop be a heatsink shouldn't really be a problem if you're not a complete moron.

  5. Would I still need to do this if I bought mine just a couple of months ago but it’s still from 2020? 🤔

  6. It's a mod that could burn your junk, BUT you had new underwear merch out. I think with a bit of forethought you could have solved the problem; LTT insulated, cooling underwear. Manscaped would probably approve too.

  7. News: Apple dumps ARM architecture because of thermal standards not met. (if you don't know sarcasm don't comment)

  8. AllTheBestVideos

    My $2300 M1 MacBook Pros fan has only turned in once. When I was live streaming Minecraft Super World while live-streaming in OBS. It was so quite, I could barely hear it. I love this computer.

  9. Shriraj Mukherjee

    Clearly Apple's engineering and business teams took the right call with the air. Unlike Linus many of us live in tropical countries too.

  10. Well if you put it on one of those laptop cold plates with the fans on it it'll help cool it even more

  11. Old fogy lol I'm 36 so join the club haha

  12. that wallpaper is sick, pls provide link

  13. Ok, I’m not the best with computers but I run lots of pro apps on my MacBook Air and wanna maximize my performance. Does this mod mess with the longevity of the device?

  14. Phong Photography

    Just throw a plastic cover on the bottom and it won’t get hot.

  15. Wouldn’t the heat radiation across the bottom aluminum hurt the battery eventually too

  16. Vishwajeet Babbar

    Y don't add thermal pad to macbook PRO!! FANS + Thermal PADS = super chilled macbook!!!🥶

  17. battery will have a higher risk of going boom tho :C

  18. Why didn't he leave a link for the pads he uses? I cant find them on amazon!!

  19. will apple watch this and modify their MacBooks for 2022 models?
    Does the air M1 throttle?

  20. I mean, how much do vasectomies normally cost anyways?