Macbook Air M1 256GB Quick Review Philippines: GRABE SA LAKAS!


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  1. Emmanuel Licodini

    Hello, nakaplug po ba charger nya everytime na ginagamit nyo?

  2. Got mine 2 weeks ago to replace my Surface pro and I must say that it is still a good buy in 2022.

  3. I’m an apple user talaga since 6 years ago. I have been considering on getting Mac as well para madali nalang siya to sync with everything. Hesitant pa ako since I used windows laptop now and yun nga baka manibago. But I think this made me made up my mind. Thank you for this video!

  4. Got mine 3 weeks ago. Can open multiple tabs with NO lag at all. Battery is solid. Panis ung Dell ko. Very powerful! This is a worthy buy.

  5. Question po goods po ba ito for VA task if ever? Thank you was planning to get one po kasi for freelancing and MAC po talaga napupusuan ko dati pa. Sana po masagot thank you ❤️ Godbless!

  6. Just got my new MacBook. Is it normal to have 3 cycle count out of the box?

  7. Raymond Jon Ballon

    Question: Windows user eversince here. Planning to shift to iOS ecosystem soon.

    Para sa latest macbook air spec po na 8gb /256 gb ssd , kamusta po ang run for multiple chrome tabs ( max 10 chrome browser with 20+ tabs),

    Will the base spec of 8gb/256gb ssd good for years of usage kaya? Let say may budget at ipurchase nalang yung max 16gb memory?

    Sa SSD capacity naman po mostly document lang naman at mas prefer ang cloud storage. Pero let say within 3 years, kakayanin pa kaya ihandle ng SSD yung mga upgrades/system update or additional app as needed ?

  8. Helfrench saycon

    If ever maka decide po kayo ibenta yong old macbook pro nyo sir bilhin ko po.

  9. Is this good for work from home setup? I’m still deciding since I need to install some office softwares for my work.

  10. Bought mine yesterday sa app store. Mas barato salamat apple 😂

  11. Aila Payadon Magsalin

    Hii po bago po kasi yung MacBook air ko ilang oras po ichacharge

  12. Kawawa ung chip pag walang fan
    Laging mainit ,sabagay negusyo na ngaun hinde na ung quality ng unit shempre malulugi sila pag walang masisirang unit wala na ulit bibili

  13. Watching this on mine that I just bought last week. It is expensive compared to other laptops but definitely worth your hard earned money… I was hesitant to buy this before because I got used to Windows setup Baka kase manibago ako with the functions but it was such a breeze and very easy to use. I enjoy it a lot = )

  14. Relax and Chill

    Great review! I'd like to ask your opinion po: would you recommend po macbook air m1 (16gb) for photo and video editing and for live streaming?

    Salamat po.

  15. Balak ko sana bumili. And mag upgrade pero not sure if I will upgrade the ssd to 512gb or the ram to 16gb. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance. 😊

  16. keziah margaux jurcales

    Goods po vah xia pang wfh?

  17. Goods po ba to for editing photos and videos? Like lightroom/photoshop adobe premiere? Thanks in advance!

  18. michelle galvez

    Kuya it’s worth to buy pa din po ba now?

  19. Sakura Minagoshi

    Anu po inches pong MacBook nyo? Kase dati ko macbook saktong 13 inches talaga sya now nagulat ako wala pang 12 inches then they indicate na 13 inches sa box

  20. kuyaaa, whats a good laptop for college student who’ll do computer prog, designing, editing and minimal gaming????

  21. Is this better than the acer nitro 5?

  22. Tanong ko lang po bro,kung ano pong model yan? 2020 or 2021?

  23. super ganda kaso hindi ako makalaro ng valorant coz m1 doesn’t support boot camp 😣

  24. enough na po ba yung 256gb ssd?

  25. Sir ano po pinagkaiba nung 7 core sa 8 core? Malaki din kasi price diff nila sa macbook air

  26. Ivan Eiseley Del Rosario

    Looking forward on buying this laptop, and will surely my 1st ever Apple Product