M1 Pro vs M1 Max — The Truth About MacBook Pro

Should you get the M1 Pro or M1 Max MacBook Pro?
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Despite all the reviews, all the recommendations, all the benchmark LARP, it still seems just super hard, really an inconvenience to get a simple, straight, easy-to-understand answer on whether you should get the M1 Pro or M1 Max MacBook Pro and why. Battery life vs. performance. Portability vs. power. All the things. Well, I’m going to give you that answer!


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    🖥 Latest M1 & M2 Mac: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7z8Xy0SsWqk&list=PL3XJJi5sAjD21b1y8tLo8ZU8anXBYzw-9

  2. Now by the time I’m in the market for a new computer the M2’s will be out. But I personally prefer having my laptop be my moderate-intensity computer and a desktop be my high-intensity computer, for obvious reasons but power management being the main of them. So even though the Max chips are tempting to put into a laptop I definitely will be doing an M2 Pro chip in a laptop and an M2 Max or Ultra chip in a desktop. For people who only want one computer it’s definitely sensible to just put in a Max but for the way I use my computers, it wouldn’t.

  3. Abdul Hamid AL Bayya


  4. Another great video. Very informative. I had a fully Maxed out Max and realized it was overkill. I agree with you. It’s ridiculously fast!

  5. Future proofing is impossible and a completely pointless thing to try to do. The highest end model now will be irrelevant in 3 years. Functional, but irrelevant.

  6. Rafael Arturo Mateo Núñez

    Buy the top model until it is trash. To the point it is unsellable. That is how the Max makes sense. If you want a shiny computer every year, then getting the pro makes more sense. After all, after 2 iterations, probably m3 pro, the pro versions are going to be more powerful than the Max right now. Plus, you get a shiny device every time.

  7. hey bro, why dont you do a series on the slave labor Apple uses in China?? Apple got rich exploiting cheap labor and used that money to make their new products. Samsung does not use slaves.
    But they still manage to make better phones than Apple. Try talking about something else than Mac and Apple. you're sounding like a wind up doll now

  8. I want to render 10 hours 4k gaming video on Ps5! Which one should I get?

  9. Thought I was covered with the M1. Screw Apple.

  10. LOVE the subtle callout to Ryan George/Pitch Meeting! Also, killer video. This is so apropos today in March 2022. Thank you!!

  11. Kenzo Blythe TV For K.A.R.M.A. MaGyK KreationZ LLC

    What’s more powerful,iMac i9 or a new MacBook Pro Max M1?

  12. René please read this, GET TO THE FUCKING POINT IN YOUR VIDEOS SOONER!!! IF YOU WANT TO HIT THAT 10 min mark, then fucking up your content game, don’t just speak for the sake of it.

  13. Just wait in five or 10 years you’ll be using one of these Mac studios for a file server. LOL

  14. ill get the 16, I still find it very portable. im always on car and only work in other people music studios and stufff

  15. Hmmmmm – that's me 100%. I think I want an M1 Max but the availability really sucks.

    My main workload is editing 4k XFAVC in Davinci Resolve onto a 1080p timeline. My 2013 Mac Pro just isn't doing the job for the larger projects and I'm increasingly editing away from home.

  16. Poor Language

  17. So music = m1 pro. Video = m1 max

  18. lol! how much macbook pro do u really need? 2:25

  19. so what about the people that only play some games and surf the web would we need 16" max one ??

  20. Don’t pick wrong? I already did! 😂

  21. Does anybody know whats wrong with apple?
    I did order and fully paid a 16" MacbookPro M1 Max with mactrade which is a Germany based apple provider on October 22 in 2021 and still waiting.
    They telling me week by week that apple won't deliver my order. Whats wrong with apple?

  22. Well I went with the M1 Pro 16GB/1TB 14" But all I do is pay bills surf the net etc. I hope it lasts a lot longer than 5 years though! My 2011 Early Spring model still works all though the sound is low and not all sights work because of browser! I put in extra Ram so it is 16gb and a Samsung solid state Hard drive.

  23. I haven't bought a first gen product since the 5300C. Waiting on the M2.

  24. I wish he had spoken about the thermal envelope.

  25. Loving you Ritchie!

  26. First video that I watch from you.
    As a matter of fact I’ve just purchased a Pro Max 32 core GPU, 16”…
    My choice was based on experience. I am using a MacBook Pro 17” dual core mid2010. It still works. The only issue is that the new adobe suite won’t upgrade fully. I’m 55 and if this new machine last as much as the one it replaces, it should more or less outlive me. As you say in your closure “I buy what I need ad what I can afford”. With the insane race to megapixels, plus all the computational aids from camera manufactures, these devices will produce insanely heavy files. And that is before using Adobe Photoshop’s layers!

  27. Hi Rene , Try Get an 16” M1 Max in South Africa 🇿🇦 been waiting since Nov 2 2021 was on a queue that didn’t workout after 80 days of waiting . I gave up now ordered a BTO Will be lucky to get it end of April 2022 as we are a Tier 3 country . So no clout so you gotta wait and wait by the time I get it Apple will already show off the 27” IMac M1 max 🤣🤣🤣how lovely … what’s the point ..,it’s like vapour ware these days for anyone who doesn’t live in the States or Canada 🇨🇦

  28. Mr, Rene
    Question I am 64 years old my vision is not the greatest have to put on 250 reading glasses to see the screen so a large screen is a major plus for me what MacBook Pro should I buy I only use it in the house for uploading some drone footage and watching videos on YouTube like yours I also surf the web eBay craigslist marketplace, what would you recommend that I purchase thank you

  29. This video was extremely helpful! I wish I came to this video before wasting hours trying to get my questions answered from other YouTubers who provided 0 helpful information for my use case. Liked and subbed. 🙂

  30. M1 Max and Pro suffers from magnet fingerprint and will cause easily smudge, staingate.
    Apple still have not learned their lesson.

  31. Got the m1 max pro 64gb 1tb today bahbeeeee

  32. "If you're doing music with a ton of plugins…" Thank you, Rene! It is so seldom that anything other than video rendering is mentioned in reviews like this.

  33. They need a Macbook air 16"

  34. Abdul Hamid AL Bayya

    sir can you please make a video about M1 Pro vs M1 Pro Max for developers?, i think its a bit hard to understand the review from another videos, yours usually much more easier to understand and clearer. thank you sir