MacBook Air Release Date and Price – Launched in 2021 or 2022?

The NEW MacBook Air, will it be Launched in 2021 or 2022? Well Today lets go over Reports of when we are most likely going to be able to get our hands on the NEW MacBook Air!
I also want to share everything about the New Design & Specs for the NEW M2 MacBook Air!
We also have other details including the Apple MacBook Air 2021 Release Date & Price!

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  1. Matt Talks Tech

    Will you be looking to get a MacBook Air instead of a Pro?

  2. Amazing

  3. I agree with your wish and i also wish that the bezel will be black not white because i think that black bezel look better.

  4. I plan to to buy a silicone case if I win the iphone😂

  5. Oh ye

  6. I plan to buy MacBook Air M2, fingers crossed it comes out sooner than later. Love the video!

  7. buildermaster07 [LVC]

    If it gets more ports than the current M1 air it might be good !

  8. Good thing I found this video, I literally was about to buy the m1 macbook air. Knowing that apple might be launching a newer one made me hold myself. Thanks to this video I didn’t decide to check out now. Would really get this macbook air with the m2 chip 😊😊I do totally agree for this new one to be available in gold, silver and space gray. Please do make video updates on apple products!

  9. I would want to buy iPad in near future for my graphics design classes. And this iPhone will add to the hardware requirement for my project so I look forward to get it soon through giveaway.

  10. Stanley Pomogiti

    I'm planning to but the cheapest MacBook pro to study

  11. Planning to buy a Macbook Pro hopefully with implementation of Face ID 😊

  12. I personally prefer Air i have no plans to buy any Apple products now no money

  13. Well we're about to reach the end now, currently I'm not planning to buy anything earlier i hand plans for iPhone 13 not enough money

  14. I'm planning to buy the AirPods 3

  15. I was amazed by the Macbook Pro launched this time! The video leaks very good amazing matt! thanks

  16. Happy 300k soon… 🥰🥰🥰

  17. Ajith Kumar parivar naik

    I will like the blue colour

  18. I’m not sure should i buy the current M1 Air or wait untill M2 Air comes out?

  19. Congratulations you deserve 300k+ subscribers. My last iOS device was an iPod touch and I’ve been in love with iOSystem since then. Been planning to get an iPhone by myself but winning this prize would be pretty amazing 🤩

  20. Bro thanks for your support and opportunities giveaway.i love apple iphone but no budget for buy apple

  21. Probably picking up the new Mac book Air next year!!! I want a pink one!

  22. Annarose Lepley

    My boyfriend is a processing and automation engineer he uses his for coding and programming. Does anyone have any recommendation which MacBook would be great for him? I’d like to get it for Christmas

  23. I wait the MacBook Air with impatience. I think it would be the best MacBook Air because i think the color can be interesting.

  24. I plan to buy MacBook Air for my studies and work ☺

  25. I will buy new MacBook Air with blue color.

  26. Muhammed Dadabhai

    MacBook air 16gb

  27. Great work, I love your videos. Keep doing what you're doing !
    My first Apple product I want to buy this year is MBP 14inch. Really excited to see how this thing is working 😻

  28. Jasmine Lambert

    The MacBook Air is what will be looking at buying I definitely love the concept looks so far

  29. Hey Matt I would love win that iPhone 13 ! I also planning but my new AirMac as soon they release it just I don’t decide the colour yet 😉

  30. I would consider a macbook air next year…its just a couple of months to go…

  31. Eagerly waiting for the new MacBook Air. Wanna buy it as soon as it launches

  32. Keep us the good work mate. Thinking of going for the 14 inch Macbook Pro this year 😁

  33. I want to get the 14 inch M1 max that thing looks like a beast

  34. I am an air fan

  35. I’m getting the Macbook Pro 14 with M1 Pro to replace my 15.4 from 3 years ago.

  36. Great Video Matt! I‘m gonna buy the new Macbook Air in 2022 for sure 🙂

  37. Still not planning to buy anything on 2021 but will definitely but the macbook air on 2022

  38. Medhansh Sarathe

    Love from india…. I would buy the new MacBook Air for 2022 if I manage to save some of my money….. Till then….

  39. ann sophie gagné

    Hi Matt! First, thanks for this video, it really gaves me some informations I was looking for on the future MacBook Air. Also, I am looking to get a MacBook Air in the next months because I begin my University studies. Maybe it will be this new MacBook Air!😉

  40. in 2021 i have purchased the iphone 12 but im really trying saving up for a Max mini 🙂 thanks for the videos Matt!

  41. Subbed, notifications on. I would be looking at a m1 macbook air with 16gb ram.

  42. Cant wait for the new Mac Air next year!

  43. Carlo Isidore Salcedo

    I wonder if they come with BYD Blade batteries?

  44. Carlo Isidore Salcedo

    I will get the macbook air in 2022.
    Big fan of no fan.

  45. Prince Md Hasibul Islam

    Want to buy MacBook Air 2021 or 2022

  46. Waiting for m2 macbook air

  47. I have just bought airpods pro the next apple product I would love to have is iphone 12

  48. I would love to buy a Macbook Pro 14inch.