M1 Macbook Air UNBOXING | 8GB RAM 256GB SSD

Apple Macbook Air with M1 Processor Unboxing and Sharing my Quick Thoughts about it. 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage base line macbook air model Unboxing Video. Have any questions about buying M1 Macbook Air? Ask them in our Facebook Group.

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Why I Bought 2015 Macbook Pro in 2019? (Tamil)


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  1. Bro !! Enaku pls help panunga….crack softwares use panalama?? I am going to buy the Rosetta tmrw!!! Slungal bro!!!

    I am a civil student the AutoCAD revit and software la use pana mudima crack softwares

  2. Bro intha generation ku entha laptop vanguna nalla irukum bro enaku gaming and editing use agura laptop ethu nu konjam sollunga bro

  3. Mac book air m1 ku which will be the best hard case available in market bro…
    Also any site to buy macbook air accessories cheaper and good quality

  4. Brother macbook air m1 video editing ku useful ahh irukkuma.???

  5. Aditya Shankar Pathak


  6. Saranya Manikandan

    Apple laptop vagunala additional equipment ku naraya cost agum nu solluragalae.. is it right???

  7. 256 is enough for students or shall I go for 512GB internal storage??

  8. Avinash™ Kumar

    I have been using this laptop for almost a year. The best I have ever seen. Atlast apple moving on to their native chips.

  9. Hai bro,
    AutoCAD use panna mudiuma

  10. Bro BCA students ku use aguma

  11. Hi bro is it worth to buy m1Air now?

  12. For Windows laptop, 8gb ram is ok for multitasking?

  13. Bro students vice programming la set aaguma bro

  14. thalapathy thilagaraj

    Bro idhu la touch ID irruka?🤔🤔

  15. Bro macbook air ku enna brand usb hub vangalam ?

  16. Sir can it be used for cyber security purposes.

  17. 512 ssd na internal storage also 512 gb ah bro??

  18. Should I wait for next M2 MacBook Air or can I buy now?? Will it be worth the wait if I want to buy M2 MacBook air

  19. Hi bro ,can i install catia design software to apple MacBook

  20. Abhirami Ravichandran

    Bro oru boubt ipa college project ku lam Microsoft la Microsoft excel iruku la anda maari Mac la ena iruku

  21. rajwanth rajwanth

    Mac book air can we do live streaming. Please suggest which capture card can be used in low budget.

  22. Apple glow logo yanga??

  23. 19BVC145_ Sheflin Vincy S

    Is this best for video editing ?

  24. jagadeesan arumugam

    bro in this laptop the normal mouse was able to connect


    Mi chip windows 10 install panalama bro

  26. Ganapathi Arjunan

    Bro iwant used mackbook air m1

  27. Its best for Mechanical design work?

  28. Bro m1 chipla windows install panna mudiuma

  29. Nithish kannan m

    Sir is this good for studies …I mean students

  30. Rajaratnam Pravindhan


  31. Please tell me sir, any onlie job for mobile.i no laptop or pc.

  32. Ajay Ponchellam. A

    Hi bro can we use cracked softwares in m1 macbook air??

  33. I didn't understand the language but nice!

  34. Sticker enga pass pannanum

  35. How much

  36. Ram and storage extend option iruka

  37. Bro. What is the best MacBook to buy right now at April 2021 under one lakh. I am planning to buy tomorrow for my dad's professional and personal use. He is not a gamer or heavy user. He is using for documentation, browsing and others

  38. iRobin Bro – I bought MacBook Air Intel i5 500gb. Its fine right. Since M1 is the first gen. Please suggest.

  39. video edit pana intel mac bestta illana m1 bestta in all futures ierukanum

  40. Bro..plz do the review of macbook air m1! Bro

  41. Bro pls unbox type c hub for macbook pls

  42. Bro music production ku use pannalama

  43. Anna mac book air and mac book pro m1 comparison video podunga anna plzzz… Konjam help full ahh irukkum pla anna